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6 Replies to “How not to get raped in the EU”

  1. Who said women can’t be funny? (Yes, you late Christopher Hitchens).

    To make Muslims go elsewhere
    Use clothes that block their stare
    Travel in a pair
    And hide away your hair.

    Give Islam’s Creed a care
    (A first-cousin affair)
    Where every seed they share
    Downgrades the humanware.

    So resist with wisdom fair
    These desperate in despair.
    Healthy children make them swear
    “By Allah, take this mare!”

    And damaged beyond repair
    Talk of freedom should they share
    Five-times-die daily blare
    Taqiyya’s Call to Prayer.

  2. How to avoid rape: 1) don’t live in Sweden; 2) don’t live in Germany, especially on New Year’s Eve; 3) don’t live in the UK, especially if you’re under 16; 4) move to Hungary or Poland.

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