Diana West and Katie Hopkins at CPAC 2018

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There is a powerful lot of interesting and important news links in today’s Reader’s Links post. Please dive in if you have a few minutes. Far more than I have had time to post today, but much deserving of being featured.

Here are two videos from CSP’s event at CPAC that are worth watching. Diana West, and Katie Hopkins, both of whom are worthy of the time.



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3 Replies to “Diana West and Katie Hopkins at CPAC 2018”

  1. Diana West summed up the problem we have, we are faced with the problem of ensuring that the facts of history survive to be taught to the future generations. We are seeing people wake up to the danger from the Red Green alliance and we are seeing the beginning of the civil wars that will be fought for the next Century. Eventually freedom will win and our descendants will be faced with the problem of sorting the lies from the truth about what has happened, what led up to the current mess and how so many people were lulled into sleeping through first the Marxist infiltration and then the Islamic infiltration. Freedom requires eternal vigilance because there are always wanna be tyrants scheming to force us to live the way they want instead of the way we want.

    Never disarm and never surrender, while we in the US are fighting to keep the private ownership of firearms legal most of the other western nations have to one degree or another taken a natural right and made it a privilege to be granted by the government. 3D printers that print in metal instead of plastic and computer controlled milling machines that are small enough and cheap enough for the hobbyist to afford are either already on the market or coming on the market in the near future. these will be the sources of weapons for those who are living in nations that have lost the right to be armed. Remember this is a fight that we can’t lose unless we decide we have already lost.

  2. Of course, if leadership had been up to honest, moral, semi-sentient beings, we wouldn’t be in this position, we be on the moon.

    Instead of trying to civilise troglodytes and make bad actors good against their nature.

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