Tommy Robinson covering the German Women’s safety March

This video is being streamed from Bitchute. Bitchute videos do not work equally well on all browsers. This site will increasingly be using videos from this source, as Youtube increasingly censors its content. The good news is they restored Pat Condell’s newest video, but we all know that the same amount of pressure cannot be applied to every video they delete, so sooner or later the censors will win over there.

So please find which browser works best for Bitchute for each of you. As you can see, Tommy Robinson also has a channel there, as does Pat Condell and of course, this website as well.


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3 Replies to “Tommy Robinson covering the German Women’s safety March”

  1. Bitchute works flawlessly in
    – Comodo Dragon version 60.0.3112.115
    – Slimjet version
    – Opera version 51.0.2830.34
    – Vivaldi version 1.12.936.3
    – Internet Explorer version 11.0.9600.17843
    on Window 7 English x64

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