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7 Replies to “German Food banks”

  1. Man, they are dumb fxxxs.
    [Shakes head in complete and utter disbelief].

    Talk about an alarm clock and dinosaurs.

    This explosion is going to be absolutely, absolutely epic.
    Way beyond Newton’s Third Law.

    I don’t know if we are actually far enough away from ground zero. On the other hand, we won’t have to use firewood to warm the house.

  2. My observations of yesterday’s visit to Wal-Mart is very much related to these German food bank goings-on. Under Florida/France. In an unexpected moment where I had the chance to observe, in isolation, the behavior of a single Muslim, rules were gleefully broken and liberties taken. All because he could. No one said a word (except for me but he simply laughed me off as he hustled by.)

    That was only one tard. Put them in packs and idestruction follows. They are the perfect battering ram.

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