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6 Replies to “Merkel walks out off the legislature due to AfD arguments with her policies”

  1. There has been media rumours of CDU members rebelling.
    Last speaker on this report was a young CDU MP forcefully objecting- he sounded much closer to the AfD than Mama Merkel.

    It’s also very ironic that the SPU (socialists) Schultz had to resign the leadership as the price of keeping Merkel in power, and stopping another election.

    I drove through Germany to Holland last week, and things in both countries seemed “calmer” to my limited personal view than in previous years.

    Though given what’s going on the US (and none of it honestly reported by various national broadcasters here IMO), and the drip, drip, drip of m & ds provocation, it feels like the calm before the storm, a powderkeg. The veneer of civilisation is thinner than most realise. Especially if Honolulu was real.

    “May you live in interesting times”, Chinese curse.

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