Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas Rushed To Baltimore’s Hopkins Hospital

Funny how they always run to either the great Satan or the little Satan when their lives depend on it.

Jewish Breaking News:

Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas has been taken to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after some sort of ‘medical event’ while meeting with the Palestinian Authority delegation in Washington, DC. It is not known if this is a scheduled hospital visit or some sort of emergency.

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  1. only source I’ve found has a timestamp from someplace:
    Palestinian leader Abbas treated at Baltimore hospital
    Feb 22, 2018 @ 21:25
    Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, 83, was seen Thursday receiving medical treatment at John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. There is no information about the reason for his admittance to hospital. His Boeing 737 landed at Baltimore after a short flight from White Plains, New York, the day after he made a speech at the UN Security Council.

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