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4 Replies to “Rebutting gun control fallacies at full automatic”

  1. The recording engineer’s t-shirt should read “Not Gayed” instead of “Not Gay”.
    The declaration that someone becomes a third gender is absurd. Toddler imprinting of a phobia is reversible. Reparation Therapy is just that.

    Those with a dissociation of affection, project on to you with accusations of hate for what they are doing themselves. Manufactured Hate Crimes hide actual hate crimes. .

    Clinical Psychologists are having a voice, and on the internet of ideas and evidence are exposing the foolishness of the witless, gulible and ignorant.

    ‘The truth that sets you free’ is a death and ressurection experience. It is the loneliest walk in the Shadow of Death to let go and be released from trauma.. The force that compels and disturbs people, following them all of their lives. Muslims, Socialists and Sexuals violently avoid reality and use the pride and honor of the collective as their comfort. Sending dissenters to prison at best.

    • “My name is Mohammed and I am 28 years old. I am a graduate student living in Cairo. I found Dr. Nicolosi on the Internet at a time when my life was really dark, really painful. I could not stand my same-sex attractions. My life was not going well, and I needed to stop all my bad habits and end these bad feelings about myself. During a period of two-and-a-half years I flew to the Thomas Aquinas Clinic in California, alternating with sessions in between, that I did from home in Cairo. During those visits to the U.S., I would spend two or three weeks in California, and each week when I was there, I would have a number of sessions.

      The therapy got me to look at things that happened in my life that created my unwanted attractions to guys.

      When I was eight years old my family spent our vacations at a beach in Alexandria and there was a bully who was at the time 14 or 15 years old. He used to bully me in the morning and then would come to the beach house at night and sexually abuse me. That happened for years, and I couldn’t talk to my father because basically I had no relationship with him so I didn’t trust him. My father was never around to validate my masculinity or allay my fears.”

      Like Sigmund Freud, talking therapies, in my opinion, reach only the left brain hemisphere. The people I watch interviewed, after reparation therapy, seem to be half-done. Whereas, the right brain was Carl Jung’s attempt to vocalize.

      However, because I used it for releasing my own childhood trauma, a meditation exercise to be still and know, (and not the rationalization of the author that came with it) to get to listen deeply to yourself, to repent, give up trying to fix yourself, and let the images presented reveal themselves to you, (they are your own construction), so that apology and forgiveness and handing back what you took was not yours, (and going physically to the perpetrator if they are alive), to settling old debts.

      “1 And he said, “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”

      2 Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will rule over all.””

    • So there are many outcomes from the effects of childhoods of arrested emotional and psychological development.

      Who would imagine that humans could attach themselves to characters in old books? And then die for them? Or then kill for them?

      Hit a child from below and above – and they will be guided by a narrow band of halal and haram behaviors.

      Free speech, gives the hypnotized a glance, even though their first flash of emotion is fight or flight and want to destroy you.

      There really is a freedom – without having to imagine it.

    • The first step in the right direction, is face your fears.

      “Gayed,” not “Gay”. You know it is not a Sex-reality, an illusion, but the guy has got powers to imprison you.

      “Muhammadan” not “Muslim.” You know it is a God-Delusion, but the guy has got powers to kill you.

      “Communist” not “Socialist”. You know it is an Economic-deception but the guy has got powers to silence you.

      The outraged control the dhimmis.

      The first step is to know.

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