Germany: Another Day, Another Knife Attack At Cottbus Shopping Center

Another stabbing attack occurred today at a shopping center in Cottbus. Last Friday, Syrian teenagers attacked a German couple there (Syrian “Youths” Attack Couple, When Wife Refuses To “Show Respect”).

An original translation from Lausitzer Rundschau:

Another Knife-Attack at Blechen-Carré in Cottbus

January 17, 2018

Police Action at Blechen-Carré in Cottbus. Paramedics tend to an injured person. Photo: Medienhaus Lausitzer Rundschau

Cottbus. On Wednesday, another knife attack took place at Blechen-Carré in Cottbus. A Syrian youth wounded a 16-year-old from Cottbus. Police are still hunting for the perpetrator.
By Bodo Baumert

As police announce tonight, the incident took place just after 3 PM. The officers were alerted to a grievous battery at the street tram station Stadtpromenade. “According to first investigations, a brawl ensued after a verbal confrontation and an insult. From a group of Syrian and German youths between 16 and 18 years old, who superficially knew each other from school and leisure time, a 16-year-old boy from Cottbus was pressed against a standing tram by a Syrian youth”, says police spokesman Torsten Wendt. In doing so, a knife slash was inflicted upon the left side of the youth’s face. After the incident, the 16-year-old ran into Blechen-Carré, looking for help. “The victim was tended to by paramedics there and then taken to CTK hospital for further treatment”, says Wendt.

Police did not announce further details. Criminal Police took over investigations. A police search for the suspect, who is still on the loose, and his accomplices, is still ongoing. Several witnesses of the incident were already interviewed in the early evening hours.

Translator’s note:
In answer to Friday’s knife attack on the married German couple, one of the Syrian attackers, a 15-year-old, was expelled from the city of Cottbus and the whole parish, along with his father. The head of the municipal public order office stated that this was the first time ever the city has taken to this harsh measure, as the youth was already prior known for violent offenses: “We declare the integration of the youth a failure.”
Also, an attack by unknown perpetrators on a refugee accommodation was reported.
As a response to Friday’s stabbing, even before this new stabbing, police have already announced to increase their presence.

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  1. 20 years ago I realized that we could no longer live in Southern California. The crime rate had shot up, the school system had crashed along with other public services like the library, parks and medical care.
    We moved diagonally across the country and deliberately ensconced ourselves in a white/Asian enclave. The crime rate is about zero and the schools are excellent. I live without fear as I did 50 years ago when I was a child.
    Just today I heard an ad on the radio for some kind of a doorbell thing that includes cameras all over the place. I guess because you can even train them on your neighbor’s property to catch slime bags lurching around…
    I can’t imagine that anyone wants to live that way. I know I don’t.
    The downside is that taxes are through the roof. Not everyone can afford to live here. Which I guess is the point. But we too won’t be able to live here when we retire.
    So we are now looking at TN or SC, somewhere the population density is low along with the crime rate. We would like to stay on the east coast (next to our son who, God willing, will have children)…
    Any thoughts?
    I bring this up on this thread because once again the people of Germany are faced with very unpalatable choices. Hold a revolution and drive the miscreants out of your communities or be subject to attack while doing nothing more than going to the grocery or transit stop. I couldn’t abide it 20 years ago and no doorbell/camera thingy will help it.

    • I live in rural Missouri, the town has a low but slowly growing crime rate that has slowed a lot since the State went to Constitutional Carry. Anyone who isn’t a criminal can carry a gun open or concealed. A woman and her husband moved in from Calif and was asking why we have soe many guns when things are so peaceful. I wish I had a picture of her face when I said things are so peaceful because we have so many guns. My advice find a small town you like in a state with decent (few) gun laws and that allows people to carry. There will still be some crime but not much. You also need to check and see where the laws in that state stand on self defense? Do they have some form of a Castle Law? (You don’t have to run out of your house when it is broken into, you can fight back) Does it have a stand your ground law? (If you have a legal right to be some place and are attack you can fight back, you don’t have to run). The libs hate these laws but they reduce crime, especially in the small towns where most of the people hunt and know what they are doing with firearms. Find out how many retired military personnel there are in the region, areas they are in are peaceful unless there is a lot of gang activity. Columbia Missouri is a good example, parents wanting to keep their kids out of the gangs moved from KC and St. Louis to Columbia. The problem is some of the kids were already in the gangs and that City has a nasty gang problem around the black areas. Find a town 20 to 25 miles away and the problem doesn’t exist.

  2. The problem I see, Babs, is it’s hard to find a place that’s good now that will stay good. Regardless, reliable info tells me check out Crestview Florida and environs up in panhandle area. For various obvious reasons which i won’t bother with but which we all understand, it is good.

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