The New York Times requires a new word for the deceptions it sells as information


The New York Times managed to put out a news piece on a kidnapping of two Americans and two Canadians which contains a clear lie of omission.We need a new term for this.

Maybe gap-information? Or Lapse information? But a neologism is necessary for sure to describe what the post-modern and Muslim leaning press has become.

Read the article at the times:

LAGOS, Nigeria — Gunmen ambushed two Americans and two Canadians traveling through the Nigerian state of Kaduna, kidnapping them and killing two police officers, a state police spokesman said Wednesday.

The visitors were heading south from Kafanchan in Kaduna to the capital, Abuja, on Tuesday night when they were ambushed around Kagarko, the Kaduna state police spokesman, Mukhtar Aliyu, said.

“The two police escorts attached to them engaged the kidnappers in a fierce gun battle, which resulted in the unfortunate death of the two police officers,” Mr. Aliyu said.

The Americans and Canadians are investors setting up solar stations in villages around Kafanchan, Mr. Aliyu said.

Security officers, including an anti-kidnapping unit, have been sent to the area to try to rescue the abductees, he said.”

The article continues on to mention a German pair that was also kidnapped without saying anything meaningful about by who or what. Just by some Niigerian Herdsman on a sort of jaunt, The way Portuguese people might just break out playing Fado.

Now lets look at the demography of the North of Nigeria. Although the article does not say the kidnapping was in the North, ABC News does:

From Wikipedia:

Nigeria is nearly equally divided between Christianity and Islam. The majority of Nigerian Muslims are Sunni and are concentrated in the northern, central and south-western zones of the country, while Christians dominate in some central states( especially Plateau and Benue states), and the south-east and south-south regions. Other religions practiced in Nigeria include African Traditional Religion, Hinduism, Bahai, Judaism, The Grail Message, and the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity[19]

Islam of course, has as one of its central doctrines, the time honoured tradition of kidnapping unbelievers for ransom. Something the Somali pirates are quite adept at.

How odd that all the media would fail to mention who kidnaps these people and why.

Also notice that the Canadian and Americans who were kidnapped most recently were there to set up solar electric stations,using technology invented and developed in the West, and the services from which, the locals would likely benefit greatly.

Instead, any attempt at development is met instead, with the short term strategy of ransoming for the few, those who would create long term gains for the many.

We can’t know for certain that this is an islamic thing. But we can know for certain that the government-media complex has a policy of deliberately shielding Islam from blame for its own actions, even to the extent of arresting people in some European countries who speak plainly about it.

So given the tiny amount of research into Nigerian demographics I did, its more than just a reasonable assumption.

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7 Replies to “The New York Times requires a new word for the deceptions it sells as information”

  1. I would say Propaganda but that word has been so over used by the left that it is loosing its meaning, so is misinformation. We all need to think about what to call the lie by omission when it is the legacy media doing it for a political purpose.

  2. This is interesting on two accounts. First, Nigeria is an oil rich state and, under peaceful conditions should have no problem bringing energy to everyone in their country. Second, isn’t it interesting that just this week you featured a Nigerian man telling us that Nigeria was in fact a shit hole… Well, I guess so as westerners can’t even traverse this shit hole country looking to install solar without getting kidnapped.
    A lot has been said over the past several days regarding the people of a country and the country gov’t, itself. Most of it IMO falls into the CYA category. Oh yeah, everyone is an angel and we should not fear letting everyone into the west that wants to come… If you are not fully on board with importing thousands and thousands of, in this case Nigerians, you are clearly a racist.
    There is no winning this argument because the discussion is shut down immediately. IIMO that all one can do is take a stand. Call me a racist, I don’t want illiterate Nigerians immigrating to the west. And furthermore, in the case of Nigeria they have the resources to improve their country if the brains stay inside their border. We are doing Nigeria a huge disservice by draining the best and brightest from their country.
    Ah… if I could pee standing up it would be up a rope.

    • That is what you are doing.

      The libs don’t want to bring the Third World Nations up to our standards, they want to take us down to the Third World Standards.

  3. The English language is the richest in the world for expressing nuance: in this case we have a perfectly good word: lying and phrase, lying by omission. Let us not fall into the lefty trap of creating imaginative ‘new’ situations, which are in fact situations as old as animal life – deception.

    • I agree with your premise. But jargon exists for a reason and Im glad that heart surgeons and mechanics have lots of it.
      Tons of people would die waiting for doctors to describe a problem or a tool, and your car repair bill would be five times as high.

      The terms, misinformation and disinformation is very specific.

      But they do not describe the precise thing I see everywhere today, where the media does persistent lies of omission sculpted for a very specific purpose.

      Check out this amazing work of propaganda by the Toronto Star:

      To uncover all the lies of omission in this article would take an article twice as long.

      But the main points are that it paints a sympathetic picture of someone who knowingly went to support the Islamic State in every way including I think having children of jihadis to raise more jihadis and then wanting to come home when they got beat, and it dismisses the entire history of the issue with the single sentence:

      “Daesh lost nearly all its territory last year to a coalition of Iraqi, Syrian, Kurdish and Arab forces, backed by international partners. But the conflict is far from over and while Daesh no longer occupies the land they once ruled, the group’s ideology dangerously lives on.”

      This is classic. It was a US secret government set up by Obama that created the Islamic State, which they refer to as “Daesh” in order to deflect from Islam, and it was the Russians, and then Trump’s America that defeated them.

      The amount of omissions in that one sentence is typical of new agenda driven journalism where outright lies are more rare, (except for CNN which can no longer really even be called reporting) and . feel needs a term of art or jargon to precisely nail the tactic being used.

      Rather than a leftist device, I would say precision itself is a counter-leftist device, as the left uses language to obscure and confound. It is central to Postmodern thought to relativize concepts.

      However I also love the English language and agree it is a fine fine instrument.

  4. The NYT, a dhimmi organ of propaganda, is using their Islamic master’s form of deception called kitman.

    From website:
    Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them or protect themselves. There are several forms including kitman “Lying by omission. An example would be when Muslim apologists quote only a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills “it shall be as if he had killed all mankind”) while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse (and the next) mandate murder in undefined cases of “corruption” and “mischief.”

  5. Slimes wants to convey the unique magnitude of Pal suffering. By fiddling the numbers, of course:
    U.S. Funding Cut Reignites Debate on Palestinian Refugee Agency

    After a tsunami of protest at the WILD distortion, hours later they corrected the original:
    “An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to the number of Palestinian refugees registered at Unrwa-administered camps in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Libya and Syria. It is 1.7 million, not 5.2 million.”
    On Sunday, Mahmoud Abbas pronounced the worst possible curse in the Arabic language on our President and his _bloodline_. Even Haaretz and the cult of American Reformed Rabbis were stunned by the filth spewed by this animal for over two hours.

    Yesterday the Washington comPost tried to mitigate the damage, by quoting Abbas as having called PT’s decision to recognize Jerusalem “sinful” and “ill-fated”:

    “A long-time opponent of violence, Abbas said the Palestinians “will continue to peacefully pursue our demands until we win back our rights.”

    Not quite the same, is it?

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