Sympathies for ISIS, Sharia Police, and Missing Teenage Girl Converts – What’s Trending in Al’ Lemania Today

1. 1 in 3 Muslim students in Germany willing to fight and die for Islam

A survey of schools in the German region of Lower Saxony has shown that close to 10 per cent of Muslim students have direct sympathies for radical Islamic groups like Islamic State and some even support acts of terrorism.
One in three of the Muslim students who responded to the survey said that they would be willing to fight and die for Islam.

Twenty-seven per cent said they agreed with the statement: “The Islamic laws of Sharia, according to which, for example, adultery or homosexuality are severely punished, are much better than the German laws.

Read the whole article at Breitbart.

2. German Court Overturns Sharia Police Acquittal

“Sharia Police” in Wuppertal, North-Rhine Westphalia. Photo: self representation.

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice ruled Thursday that a regional court had erred when deciding in November 2016 to acquit the Muslim vigilantes, because the chamber had not examined the impact of the vigilantes’ actions on the public.

The case revision had been sought by public prosecutors.

The seven men, put initially on trial in Wuppertal for falsely wearing uniforms, had patrolled the western German city of Wuppertal at night in September 2014, wearing orange warning vests bearing the words “Sharia Police.”

The Wuppertal regional court subsequently ruled that the vigilantes had not broken German law simply by approaching people while wearing the emblazoned vests.

Read more at Deutsche Welle.

3. Convert Teen Who Had Gone Missing Surfaced in Algeria

A Hamburg teenage girl named Juliane Hippel, who had fallen in love with an Algerian “refugee”, and disappeared after his deportation, seems to have surfaced in Algeria. According to her father, she has called him. Police Germany have been searching for the girl since December 2.

In her father’s words:

„Suddenly she walked around with headscarf and long rags. She used to be a normal teenager, went to dance class,  and swimming, and wanted to become a veterinarian.“


16-year-old Juliane from Hamburg, before she had met “refugee” Morchid Dridi.

“Refugee” Morchid Dridi with Jule on Facebook: “My wife forever”. Source: Facebook

According to Bild, her best friend says:

“Jule blundered into this. She thought the Koran and all that was cool. She just didn’t like that Morchid beat her in public.”

Let’s hope that the Germans get her out there, in case her feelings for Morchid should wane (or maybe just her senses come back), and she might decide to leave him. We have documented too many cases of Sharia “break-ups”.


18 Replies to “Sympathies for ISIS, Sharia Police, and Missing Teenage Girl Converts – What’s Trending in Al’ Lemania Today”

  1. I hope she gets what she deserves !! I believe that she is a brainless person !! When the news comes that she has been killed I will feel no sympathy for her !! I feel sorrow for her family !!

    • Of course she is utterly silly, but unlike ISIS brides, she hasn’t gone underground to kill innocent people, or to procreate with sadistic murderers.

      • “procreate with sadistic murderers”

        Not yet but then he is muslim and she has left Germany for what reason than jihad? to see his parents?? You joke of course.

    • The teenage years are not what they were even five years ago: there is an overwheling search for identity and yearning for acceptance and difection with an uncersored marketplace of harmless and harmful possibilities. One week my 12-year old is fascinated by his classmate who is now a wiccan bisexual; another week I overhear my boys discussing why the guidance counselor introduced the concept of “preferred pronouns” along with a new classmate. Who knows what happens in other countries? You can brainstorm what to do so each of us tries to support transmitting traditional cultural values in a peer-supportive environment. What does it help to pronounce judgement on someone you will never meet? Pray, if you still can.

      • I’d take a wiccan bisexual over an Algerian wife-beating dope-dealing faux refugee any day of the week. Beware of the fur-lined coats!

      • I am afraid that your perception of the present teen years is one that is structured by leftist dogma now pushed at schools and just more evidence for the decadence of the west. You may find it heart warming that the Romans too complained about their children, being spoilt rotten totally, and who also had lost their way and were obsessed by such banalities that only the well fed, well sheltered & unthreatened can afford. Most teenagers who do NOT take the western affluence for granted, work quite hard to achieve some comfort but then throw it all away by lavishing this affluence onto their children who then take it for granted. Buying love by doing such is destroying any inherent respect that one should earn as a parent ,. I add that the obsession with teenagers and youth only occurred in the late 1940s when the US companies found that they could NOT make the now affluent US citizens waste their money on consumer goods as most had everything that they needed. so the teenager was created as a vehicle to drag money from these parents and this proved so successful(thanks to Hollywood) that the scale has now slid down into children who can barely talk but are now avid consumers thanks to leftist indoctrination and TV. The arrogant pouting face of the make up strewn 14 yo is now the stigmata of the leftist corruption of Hollywood and proof of the total lack of respect that parents now receive. In the movie “the War of the worlds” those two children almost destroyed what had the potential to be a very good movie. Wells would have rolled in his grave at its premiere. The Left has been at work destroying the west from its roots up for nearly 50 years and they have done a very good job.

    • peer conformity trumps parental input – that is why so many parents opt out of public schooling. Germany has a record of persecuting parents who try to do so.

    • Given the state of the Chinese economy I doubt the Yaun will be much of a threat to the Dollar. The Keynesian actions of the previous Fed Board and the efforts of those who still work there to ensure that we don’t change the previous practices are a much greater threat.

      I doubt that the Chinese are making a serious move to replace the Dollar, weaken it yes replace it no. Given the way the worlds economy is truly a world economy any major more against the Dollar would collapse the Worlds economy. This would mean that China would fall much further then the US and would probably break into several separate nations. The Chinese are big gamblers but I doubt that they will gamble that big.

      • I think you’re right to an extent, Richard. Having the world reserve currency is like a hot potato–after a hundred years it’s long in the tooth. The Chinese will want to be dominant in the IMF’s coming basket of currencies called Special Drawing Rights. –More fiat but “new and improved”,

  2. Germany…where Hitler was elected and millions of Humans were
    Executed. How can a nation be so numb or dumb?
    Political correctness is killing your
    Children . Inbreeding, ignoring what is happening in civilized country.
    How can a beautiful girl like this, born in freedom converted to Islam?
    Because she lives in a country who do not stand for real GOD.
    10 commandments : you should not kill…
    Hitler was impressed with KKK. Read : The power elite and the Nazi secret plan, by Dennis L. Cuddly, PHD.

    • with teens, it’s more helpful to ask what went right with all the other girls rather than what went wrong here
      Edith Wharton and Gertrude Bell were what in their early 20’s when they clung to oriental exoticism to seek “My most excellent adventure abroad.” Something must have made this girl fleetingly happy, so she naiively assumes that the feeling will continue.

  3. Oh and by the way Muslims believed in « He » and « She ». There is no « it ».
    For young girls and boys it must be reassuring to know.

    • I think you mention something very important there.
      From my observations, that is one of the reasons why some teenage girls fall for douchebags like this one. He, she, “you are mine”. U Jane me Tarzan.
      While a good German boy of her age will assure her that sexes and traditional monogamous relationships are just a social construct.
      That is probably not how the German boy feels, but he is thoroughly beaten into displaying such opinions.

  4. 2. German Court Overturns Sharia Police Acquittal

    Wouldn’t it be a genuine tragedy if enraged locals used some ax handles to soften up these wannabe sharia police? I certainly can vouch for how it would simply rip my heart out.

    Moreover, last I checked, walking around in public in matching outfits that identify you as “Police” constitutes impersonating an officer, to whatever degree.

    It’s long overdue to start playing whack-a-mole whenever these sharia police vermin rear their ugly heads.

    • The district court judges who ruled that walking around in such vests and reminding people on the streets not to drink alcohol have a special place in my heart, too.

      • I could not agree more. These berobed pontificators are amongst the most primary enablers of this oppressive bull hockey. Via their judicial influence, they are able to legitimize what any workaday person would instantly identify as thug behavior. Buy stock in piano wire manufacturing.

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