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3 Replies to “Leaked Soros Documents Reveal Paid Protest Tactics and Collusion with Law Enforcement”

  1. I will bet that the people talking to the protestors didn’t use their right names and took pains to ensure that no pictures were taken.

    The reason this groups website hasn’t been updated is that that group has changed its name and is using other websites to organize their protests/riots. If I had the money that Soros does I would set up a new group to organize every protest/riot. The whole document reeks of professional agitators and professionals of this level are normally found only in government organizations. Given the fall of the Soviet Union someone with the money that Soros has can afford to find and hire former soviet agitators to organize his efforts to bring about a communist revolution in the Western Nations.

    I would love to be able to read the FBI, CIA and other law and intel groups dossiers on Soros.

    • I’m of the opinion that back in the Soviet era, Soros was deep-cover KGB. The goals and tactics are too similar to be coincidence (see Yuri Bezmenov’s presentations). As to how I reached this opinion… when he was 19 he magically walked across a well-guarded border into the West, then someone paid for his expensive London schooling. Why was he not detained at the border as would be anyone else, and who funded him? Makes sense that this is how you plant an agent. Of course then the USSR fell apart and by then he was wealthy enough to do his own thing, and the man has zero loyalty to anyone.

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