Denmark Drastically Tightens Controls At German Border

An original translation from Die Welt:
Every Single Person Is Scanned

Denmark Drastically Tightens Controls At German Border

December 23, 2017

In 2016, Denmark has introduced controls at the German border, because of the refugee crisis. Since September it even deploys armed soldiers. Now, the country tightens its border controls once again. Each single car is examined.

Denmark tightens the controls at the German border. The measure is part of the budget that parliament in Copenhagen adopted Friday evening.

Automatic license plate scanners will be installed at all border checkpoints. At the five large checkpoints Frøslev, Padborg, Kruså and the ferry terminals Rødby and Gedser, additional control huts will be established, according to the Danish news agency Ritzau.

At the other checkpoints, there will be sample checks with a patrol car, but, if necessary, also with civilian cars and from air. Denmark had tightened the controls at the German borders in January 2016 because of increasing numbers of refugees. The emphasis used to lay on the five large checkpoints.

Since late September, armed soldiers are deployed, to disencumber police. In October, the government extended the controls until at least May 12. Reasoning: risk of terror. The Danish government announced that they saw a risk in rejected asylum seekers from Germany.

Syrian Asylum Seeker Was Planning An Attack
Currently, Danish police have arrested a Syrian asylum seeker under terror suspicion, according to their statement, he and another Syrian who was convicted in Germany were planning an attack in Copenhagen. Police announce that the 30-year-old was apprehended in cooperation with the Danish intelligence service.

He and his 21-year-old accomplice wanted to “attack [people] with knives and after that, detonate one or multiple explosive devices” in November 2016 in Copenhagen. Their plan failed when Danish authorities refused entry to the younger of the two, and Danish police arrested him.

Denmark is bordered by Southern Sweden in the northeast, and Northern Germany to the south.

4 Replies to “Denmark Drastically Tightens Controls At German Border”

  1. Denmark is strengthening its border with Germany, the country that spawned the evil Frau Merkel, but will it be enough? It could be a case of too little, too late.

    It’s just mind-boggling that sensible people like the Danes would actually support the inundation of their country by alien savages. How did they become so STUPID as to actually obey the commie EU whore Merkel by importing HER Muslim darlings. How?. . .

  2. The resistance has to start somewhere, the question is are they starting too late? I don’t know, I do know that while large armies will be needed during this war most of the fighting will be on a local level and that local militias are necessary if the European nations are going to preserve their freedom. As the EU and the Nation States of Europe fall into disarry these militias will be formed by the people who are still capable of thinking of resisting the invaders. If this were occuring in the US (and it may) the idea would spread like wildfire but in Europe where most nations tightly control who is allowed to have firearms it will take longer.

    • Every Swiss male over the
      age of 18 has served in the military. They are required by keep their rifles so that should it be necessary, all Swiss men would be able to help defend their country, helping their standing army.

  3. Hi, i gladely am supreised over the controll, becaus the openess had been missused so many times. I think Danmark has courage to step out of the missanderstod humanity.
    Hopefully the other nations will sonn follow, for ouer humanity is a god entrance for evildoers, not only from islamic staates but all sots of them.
    Tack Dennmark för att du sticker ut possitivt.

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