Munich: 19-Year-old Raped In Shisha Bar

An original translation from the Munich daily newspaper t.z.:

In the night before Thursday
19-year-old raped in Shisha bar
Dec. 22, 2017
Munich – in the night before Thursday, a 19-year-old met an Iraqi (22) in front of a Shisha Bar in Leonrodstraße. Subsequently, they both went together to a basement room of that bar. There, the man became obtrusive, so that the young woman went back to the bar.

Later, when there were no other guests remaining in the bar, the man wanted to go into the basement with her, again. She refused. Upon this, the suspect violently dragged her downstairs, and raped her in the basement room of the bar, despite her massive resistance.
When he finally let go of her, she fled into a neighboring bar where her girlfriend was.

Suspect in Detention
Police detected the Iraqi on-site and preliminarily arrested him. He was taken into custody and will be presented to the committing magistrate

The Shisha Bar in Leonrodstraße, Munich.

8 Replies to “Munich: 19-Year-old Raped In Shisha Bar”

  1. Munich – in the night before Thursday, a 19-year-old met an Iraqi…

    Herein lies the most basic question:

    What “girl”, regardless of national origin, would happily invite some random Muslim male to become part of her evening “dance card”?

    At some point, the willingness of “immigrant” (or indigenous European women) to invite the slightest attentions of these cretinous—too often Muslim—assailants finally shrugs off any ostensibly deserved sense of sympathy or concern.

    As in, date (or hang out) with these slobbering vermin and your fate will match their expectations. What more can be expected from this pool of lowlife, Islamic scum?!?

  2. I didn’t know women were actually allowed in shisha bars.
    Back in 2001 my family and I were vacationing in London. Our hotel was off Edgeware Rd. and walked up and down that road to catch the tube. I noticed these shisha bars and thought it rather exotic that it was a bunch of men dressed in PJ’s sitting at low tables with a hookah in the middle. I also noticed that there were no women in there.

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