Actual video of the attack in Oz yesterday

This is the attack that the Australian authorities are trying to write off as a byproduct of drugs and mental illness.

First, it should be noted that the percentage of violent antisocial behaviour by the mentally ill, is exactly the same as by the general population. The same cannot be said about Muslims.

Secondly, the excuse of drugs is precisely like saying that when a Nazi who goes and gets drunk sometimes, attacks a Synagogue or Jewish Community Centre, we blame it on the Jägermeister.



[…] However, later in the day, police said the suspect was motivated by “perceived mistreatment of Muslims” but had no known links to any terrorist groups. […] 


So the man of Afghan descent who drove his car into a crowd of Christmas shoppers because he was upset about mistreatment of Muslims still doesn’t count as a terrorist.


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  1. GUESS WHAT: Police have a motive for man who ran down shoppers in Melbourne

    As Twitchy reported early Thursday, a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent was arrested after targeting Christmas shoppers with his car. Both the driver and a second man, who was photographing the aftermath of the attack and who also reportedly had three knives on him, were arrested.

    Police initially said there was no evidence that the incident was terror-related and that the driver had a history of mental health issues.

    However, later in the day, police said the suspect was motivated by “perceived mistreatment of Muslims” but had no known links to any terrorist groups.

    Breaking: Victoria’s Acting Police Commissioner tells @SkyNewsAust the alleged Flinders Street attacker ‘attributed his actions to perceived mistreatment of muslims’ but has no known links to any extremist group

    So the man of Afghan descent who drove his car into a crowd of Christmas shoppers because he was upset about mistreatment of Muslims still doesn’t count as a terrorist.

    more :

  2. Crocodile Dundee was about civilization having lost its civilization, that the person from the Outback had more humanity than those living under the plastic PC dhimmitude called Socialism. A real man placed in a woman’s world. Heck, even the Sheila acting it married the guy.

    This lesson was not learned. Clint Eastwood had better direct the third installment about arriving in Dubai.
    Memorable quotes from the movie:
    “Call that a bomb? This is a bomb.”
    “You suck spaghetti under that niquab? Some guy’s lucky!”
    “Europe’s got rent boys that do what do what you do, and they’re allowed to like it. Why don’t you?”
    “Screwing his adopted sons wife! Muslims are very close.”

  3. Melbourne CBD attack: Who was the man in the red shirt?

    A bearded man arrested after he was found with knives in his backpack in the aftermath of the Flinders Street car rampage has been cleared of any connection to the attack.

    Not long after a car ploughed through the busy intersection of Flinders and Elizabeth streets at 4.41pm on Thursday, photos began circulating of a dark-haired man wearing a red checked shirt sitting on the ground in handcuffs.

    This came after armed police pulled Saeed Noori out of a white Suzuki SUV that had crashed into the tram stop on the western side of the intersection.

    A press release issued at 6.05pm by Victoria Police said that “the driver of the vehicle and a second man have been arrested and are in police custody”.

    The second arrest prompted a wave of speculation on social media that the two men were acting together, leading to even more conjecture that the incident was a terrorist attack.

    Photos of the red-shirted man in police custody ran on newspaper front pages, including The Age and Herald Sun, and in TV news bulletins.

    It turns out, however, that the 24-year-old man appears to have been yet another mobile-phone wielding bystander – who also happened to be allegedly carrying knives and marijuana.

    Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton told reporters in a late-night press conference that the man was seen filming the incident so his bag was searched as part of “routine policing”, leading to the alleged discovery of the weapons and drugs.

    “He had in a bag three knives, and he was taken into custody to determine whether he was in fact connected with the incident,” Mr Patton said.

    After reviewing footage of the incident, police decided that the driver was the only person in the car and that it was likely he was acting alone.

    Police have not found any clear link that the incident is politically motivated and say Mr Noori has a history of mental illness and drug use.

    Mr Patton said that no relationship had been established between the man in the red shirt and Mr Noori.

    “Obviously, a significant scene like this, he was taken into custody because of the circumstances so we can explore it,” he said.

    “It may well be that person is exonerated from any involvement in this in the end, and that is probable at this stage.”

    The man has since been released and is expected to be charged on summons with possessing cannabis and possession of a controlled weapon.

  4. As I have stated before” all of these pesudo Jihadis get their marching orders from the ‘Muslim Manefestos’ The Quran,The Suras and the Hadieths”, instructing how to deal with the Infidels. They do not need an organization,group or command structure.

  5. This is the attack that the Australian authorities are trying to write off as a byproduct of drugs and mental illness.

    What argument is there against this assessment?!?


    If the Islamic “religion” (yes, those are sneer quotes) isn’t a supreme “opiate of the masses”, then what the hell is?

    [M]ental illness:

    Is there anyone at this website willing to vociferously argue that Islamic doctrine isn’t a form of “mental illness”???


    So … between (pseudo-opiate religious) drugs and (incontrovertible psychological) mental illness(es), are there any other meaningful ways of defining Islam without avoiding reference to this pair of succinct explanations?!?

    Islam remains (along with Communism) an example of human intelligence gone so far wrong (and off-the-rails) to where there is little hope of avoiding exceptionally violent confrontations as part of averting any dominance by the pair of these depraved, lunatic, idiocies.

    Just sayin’…

  6. When the motive is clearly to maim and murder as many members of the public going about their peaceful and lawful business, then that motive is clearly inspired by an impulse to instill and inflict terror, making the perpetrator a terrorist.

    Breaking news:
    Police have charged Saeed Noori, the man accused of ploughing a car into pedestrians in central Melbourne on Thursday, with 18 counts of attempted murder and one count of conduct endangering life.
    Mr Noori is expected to face Melbourne Magistrates Court this afternoon.
    “The 32-year-old Heidelberg West man has been charged and will appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court shortly,” police said in a statement.
    He was interviewed at Melbourne West Police Station on Saturday after being discharged from hospital on Friday.
    It comes as more of the victims of the attack return home from hospital in time for Christmas. But several others are still fighting for their lives.
    Twelve people remain in hospital
    Speaking at the MCG on Saturday morning to announce security plans for upcoming major events such as Carols by Candlelight and the Boxing Day Test, Premier Daniel Andrews said three people remained in a critical condition as a result of the attack. 
    “I can confirm there are 12 people in Victorian hospitals as a result of the terrible incident at Flinders Street,” the premier said.
    “The good news there is that, steadily, people are going home having received the care that they need, we had a top I think of 20 people that were in our hospitals, we’re now down to 12.”
    “Those three that are in critical conditions though are still a real cause of concern and I’m sure all Victorians would join me with me in sending our best wishes to them and their families.”
    A spokesperson from the South Korean Consulate has confirmed that three of those injured are members of a South Korean family in Melbourne to visit a relative.
    Two of the group, both men aged 61 and 67, remained in a critical condition.
    A four-year-old South Korean boy, who is also part of the family group, was in a stable condition.
    Nine of those injured in the incident are foreign nationals, from countries including  Venezuela, India, China, Italy and Ireland.
    While the motivations of the attack are not believed to be terror-related, security has been increased across the city following Thursday.
    Victoria Police assistant commissioner Stephen Leane said a strongly increased police presence at events across the festive season would not place a strain on police resources.
    “Victoria Police have the resources and resolve to do everything that needs to be done to keep the community safe,” he said.
    Assistant commissioner Leane said police had spent months planning security for upcoming major events..
    Mr Andrews said the build-up of police resources was part of a long term plan.
    “We are recruiting more police than we have ever had in our state’s history,which means we have more resources to deal with contemporary threats.”
    Delays are expected at all public events over the Christmas period and Mr Andrews asked the public to plan ahead and be patient.
    Asked if the Victorian Government increased security for hospitals or provided funding for additional mental health beds over the holiday period, Mr Andrews said: “Hospital security arrangements are a matter for individual hospitals.”

    • “We are recruiting more police than we have ever had in our state’s history…”
      Think about that statement for a minute. Just think it over.

  7. Nazis actually gave their soldiers drugs, and invented stuff like Meths. Other armies and militias do too, especially in Africa. Drugs can be a great way of giving soldiers courage to do terrible things they otherwise wouldn’t. However they are, if anything, a means to an end, rather than the direct cause… as you say most mentally ill people don’t have a desire to drive SUVs into people. I was recently in a hospital for mentally ill people regularly visiting a relative there. Were a lot of very strange people about, but never at one point did I feel scared, or threatened.

    Funnily enough, those “mentally ill” who do violent acts seem to be disproportionately of a certain religious persuasion.

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