Germany: An Udderly Ruthless Attack on Federal Police

An original translation from a German Federal Police press release.

BPOLD-B: Federal Police Officers Squirted with Breast Milk
08.12.2017 – 12:55
Jüterbog (Teltow-Fläming) (ots) – Federal Police Officers experienced an unusual attack at the train station Jüterborg last Thursday. Two persons had used the regional express to Jüterborg without a necessary train ticket. At the ensuing control by the Federal Police, the 30-year old woman stripped down completely naked, and squirted breast milk on the officers.

Around 11:30h noontime, Federal Police were called to the train station Jüterborg, to control two persons who had been using the regional express train from Wannsee train station to Jüterborg without a valid train ticket. When the officers wanted to establish the identity of the duo from Cameroon, the 20-year-old and his 30-year-old female companion refused to identify themselves to the officers. On the way to the official vehicle, the young man dropped to the ground, resisted the police, and struck at the officers. Upon this, his 30-year-old companion began screaming loudly, and stripped down completely naked in public. While the officers were handcuffing the 20-year-old, she squirted breast milk from her breasts onto the officers.

After the officers managed to calm down the situation they were able to establish the identity of the two persons. The officers opened investigations for obtaining services surreptitiously. The 20-year-old will have to answer for resisting officers. An investigation for battery is opened against his 30-year-old female companion. After the police procedures were completed, the duo was able to continue their journey.

(Translator’s note: Thank you for the headline, Baron Bodissey.)

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