Unhappy With Accommodation: Refugee “Youths” Demolish Hostel and Police Car

Germany – Unhappy with being placed in a small town, four Afghan refugees vandalized their accommodation with chains and wood laths. They then smashed the windshield of the arriving police car and fled into the nearby forest. There, a large police contingent was able to arrest the youths. The affected accommodation is a therapeutic living group for traumatized, under-aged refugees. It remains uninhabitable for the time being.

An original translation from Straubinger Wochenblatt:

18.11.2017, 16:28 h (CET)
Disturbing pictures from Falkenfels: “People Are Terrified”

County Commissioner Josef Laumer and Member of Parliament Alois Rainer visited the refugee accommodation in Falkenfels.
FALKENFELS After four residents vandalized an accommodation for unaccompanied underaged refugees in the district Hirschberg of Falkenfels (Wochenblatt reported), a crisis summit was held. County Commissioner Josef Laumer and representatives of the operating society, of police, municipality, the office for youth and foreigners, and of the government of Lower Bavaria’s supervision for accommodations, discussed the current situation and determined the line of approach for the future.

In the meantime, the County Commissioner and the Member of Parliament Alois Rainer and Mayor Ludwig Ettl visited the scene.

„This must be prevented by all means in the future, and must not happen again“, said Laumer. „People in the village don’t feel safe anymore. But it is our job to be there for the people in our region. The protection of the public has got utmost priority for me. Therefore I pressed for the three main culprits not returning here. Not to reward them, but out of consideration for the locals’ fears and concerns. Besides, there are many points where we hope for help from Berlin.“

The rioters are four youths (15, 16) from Afghanistan. Three leaders of the gang won’t return to Hirschberg, the administrative district office announced. Besides, there will be a reworked „Crisis and Protection Concept“. Among others, the maximum occupancy in the institution will be six persons. At the time of the riot, seven youths were accommodated there, who had been sent from different youth welfare offices in Bavaria. The accommodation is designed for traumatized, and psychologically conspicuous young people, and is the sole therapeutic institution for underaged refugees in Lower Bavaria.

The executive director of the “Care Association 1:1 Social Partnership registered society“ who operates the accommodation raised eyebrows.
While police had initially estimated the property damage inside and on the building, and at the police car, with 20,000 Euros, the manager now quantified the damage as roughly 3,000 Euro. Wochenblatt have obtained further photo material from the havoc inside the accommodation, which remains uninhabitable. It remains open as to whether the institution will open in Hirschberg again, after the damage is fixed. The operating society announced to relocate the accommodation, as soon as “a suitable location is found elsewhere”, the County Commissioner said.

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  1. People in the village don’t feel safe anymore.

    Nor will they ever be again until all of these immigrant cretins are drop-kicked back to their countries of origin.

    • Might as well (and appropriately) throw in an “R” there Matt and make it
      FRIBIES.Feral Rapist Islamic Barbarian Inbred Enemies of the State..(here for freebies)
      Enjoy your writing and admire the cut of your jib!
      Calm seas ahead for ya Matt!

  2. The problem of the Feral Children is going to get worse as long as the political leaders of the West refuse to live in the real world. They and the useful idiots that vote for them will have to wake up and face reality before any lasting solution to the problem can be implemented.

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