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6 Replies to “Hungarian Faction leader: “In Hungary there will be no more mosques””

  1. In Hungary there will be no more mosques

    What number of Hoseas or Hallelujahs can adequately do justice to such a determined statement of opposition to Islamic predation?

    I post the video below cause I don’t know how to pour Champagne over the net.

    You just did. Capisce?

  2. Islam, like Socialism and Sexual-Identity, do not put truth first. This is why those societies fail and rely on fleecing the Dhimmi/White Oppressor/CisGender. Muhammad brought no light to the world, Communism no wealth, and Sodomites no love, yet they they claim to be bearers of each, gold, frankincense and myrrh; untainted, rich and healing.

    Get these rage-filled actors out. Or die.

    • Get these rage-filled actors out. Or die.

      Quite the bleak and binary response there, Perfectchild.

      Please know that—to a very large extent—I agree!

      Soon enough, Europe will face the stark prospect of obligatorily purging Muslim populations from its shores—or being submerged in an already constant deluge of jihadist terrorism, pedophilic grooming, physical assault, gang rape, indiscriminate murder, financial parasitism, demographic displacement, and cultural annihilation.

      As noted above, either Europeans timidly succumb to these predatory invaders or take on the distasteful—all-too often violent task—of forcibly evicting these terrorists, hoodlums and criminal abettors. Anything less will only facilitate the aforementioned demographic displacement and eventual demise of European and Western culture.

      With respect to what I said about sundry existing alternatives—they are: “bleak and binary“. Those who truly wish to live will choose accordingly.

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