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3 Replies to “An hour after the demo. ‘antifa’ attacked proud boys from behind”

  1. I’m not sure if this is the right link but check it out.
    Crowder went undercover with antifa to expose their violence. Interesting thing is that no MSM wanted their footage!
    So, here is the best link I can do…


    There are better links, I just don’t know how to get to them. Through Lowderwithcrowder.com

    The cultural rot in our society has become very visible. I am reminded of my son, an Ap student and tenor in a state winning chorus going into NYC to have a stud inserted in his toungue…
    Funny how his father wanted to “think this thing out” while I insisted that the alien object be immediately removed from my son’s mouth… Funny how I was so non- negotiable about it… I went so far as to take him to his Dr. to check out his tongue… Even my husband who I have been together with for 40 years wanted to “talk through” our son mutilating himself… I love my husband but that is really how far the rot has become.

    • The clarity and non-negotiableness(?) to which you refer is indicative behavior of a certain breed found at Vladtepes. Quite often we don’t realize we are a breed apart and wonder why all the other dogs are in the other park and don’t want to play with us.

  2. An hour after the demo. ‘antifa’ attacked proud boys from behind

    Of course they did! Please pardon my brutal candor, but(t) what other orifice would they aim for?!?

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