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9 Replies to “Day two of the trial of the Afghan ‘youth’ who murdered and raped Maria L.”

  1. They won’t show the face of the savage rapist. The dumb Antifa girl protests against the people who would defend her against the rapists claiming they are anti Feminine, anti women. The Germans seem to bend over backwards to defend the murderers, rapists and destroyers of their country. They deserve everything they get. No more pity from me. F***k all of them.

    • Not quite.
      RT is being asked to disclose funding from a foreign govt. They’ll carry the label ‘foreign propaganda’. So what? They are. So is CNN- MSNBC- CBC-, BBC-, et al. That could be made more explicit via an alternative media campaign.

      We’re largely marginalized as “far right” and “fake” already. Sooner or later those who rely on social media are going to break out of the MSM straight-jacket. We’ll never reach those who dare not look outside the bubble anyway.

      RT goes where the news happens. They have a huge budget and it shows.
      It doesn’t hurt to know that “RT” = Russia and “Sputnik” = Russia.
      That “Press TV” = Iran and “The Global Times” = Red China.

    • You have to keep the Russian ownership in mind when you are reading their media outlets, just as you have to keep the liberal ownership in mind when reading or watching the Legacy Media in the US. Personally I find the Russians more skilled at hiding their bias then the US media.

      • It helps to understand the story if you know who owns what, what’s the angle. Not that they want you to put all those pieces together…

        Russia’s invested so much money!
        Huge coverage, they’ve still got correspondents on location in places everyone else has left.

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