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5 Replies to “Two Muslim immigrants to Germany explain why the German people should not vote AfD”

  1. The invaders seemed to be confused, he loved Hitler but called the man questioning him a Nazi.

    The man was honest about him being the boss who sets back and does nothing but takes the money.

    • We’ve got to think in terms of Kindertransport soon.

      Large-scale, and more than Kinder. Your link today about the Christians dying out in Germany, grim. Ethnic German kids are learning Islam in school NOW. Many parents – most, probably – don’t see Russia as a viable alternative. Protestants won’t look East.

      We have a huge, grand German component in our own population. The churches should be mobilizing for ‘Refugees Welcome’ to the USA. There’s plenty of expertise – they need only ask any of our rescue agencies.

      • I agree, I am not sure how to go about getting the Protestant Churches to start working on this issue. Perhaps you know of some influential Protestants who will take the lead in this action?

        • The only ones I know are making money off the refugee resettlement racket. I’m not in a part of the country strong on Christian values.
          Except for my Jesuit friends, there are some Sikhs…
          My father would’ve known – I’ll give it some thought.

    • What I understood (in German) is that they were dealers, but are bosses now and have others that do the dealing and they just colllect the money from them.

      However, I wouldn’t be surprised if this illegal income is in addition to the social welfare benefits they receive monthly from the government (tax payer money).

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