Mediterranean Illegal Immigration: Is Europe finally beginning to protect itself?

An original translation from German magazine Der Spiegel. Please note that due to their political bias, Der Spiegel here depict measures as drastic and excessive that one might see as quite reasonable.

EU Documents
Migrants to be deported to Niger

Europea increasingly seals itself off from migrants. According to internal documents, people in need of protection are to be flown back to Niger. The Federal Government [of Germany] supports this.
By Markus Becker, Brussels
September 6, 2017
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The European Union is increasing their efforts to keep refugees and migrants from Africa away – and it appears they are ready for increasingly drastic measures. This is what internal papers and answers to parliamentary inquiries prove that Spiegel have obtained.

The core of the plans is to stop migrants long before they venture from Libya and other Northern African countries out on the Mediterranean. It is already known that the EU intends to achieve this with development aid, the military buildup of African military and police units, and a stronger surveillance of the Mediterranean. The new documents show just how far the Europeans are ready to go.

One of the central points is the retransition of people to their homelands. Even “migrants in particular need of protection” are not to be brought into the EU from Libya, but flown to Niger. Allegedly, the UNO refugee relief organization UNHCR agreed upon such deal with the government of Niger. This is what the answer of the Federal Government [of Germany] to a ‘small inquiry’ of The Left [Die Linke] in the Bundestag says.

In Niger, the need for protection of the migrants then is supposed to be thoroughly examined, and perhaps the possibility of bringing them into the EU might be considered. But the paper leaves open why such an examination would be necessary in Niger, when the need for protection has already been established in Libya – as well as the question who is going to carry out the examination in Niger. Upon repeated inquiry, the Foreign Ministry referred to the UNHCR.

EU Commission to enforce retraction agreemend “with all means”

The Left strongly criticise the plans. “The long-cherished dream of European hardliners will become true under Angela Merkel, architect of the fortress Europe – the establishment of European camps on the African continent”, says the speaker for European policies of The Left, Andrej Hunko. The UNHCR were making themselves “the helpman of the European migrant Abwehr”. Constantin Hruschka, jurist in Bielefeld, voices concerns, too. The right to an asylum procedure were an “essential part of the right to protection from persecution or torture or inhumane or humiliating treatment”. If the access to such procedure were denied, this were a breach of those rights.

A speaker of the UNHCR refuted the accusations. One were only reacting to the humanitarian emergency in Libya. To bring some of them to Niger were a “humanitarian answer”. The question of a resettlement of migrants to Europe were a discussion which needed to be held subsequently. “We want a legal way to Europe for these people.”

The commission just shortly ago showed how serious they are about the retraction of rejected asylum seekers. At the end of July, the authorities in Brussels detailed to the embassies of the member countries how they planned to implement their new migration action plan. The internal letter says that retraction agreements and “practical agreements” with third party countries were to be introduced – “using all means”.

According to the commission’s plan, Libya is to be provided with information: the starting points of migration in third-party countries were to be monitored more closely, suspicious vehicles detected and traced by satellite and aerial images. To stay up to date about new trafficking routes, the EU asylum authority Easo could surveil traffickers and migrants, and the “discourse on asylum”, in social media – in Arabic, Farsi, Dari and Pashto, the implementation plan which was obtained by Spiegel says.

The strenghening of military and security forces in African states, too, is to go further than previously known. At the end of July, the EU commission and Italy agreed to provide Libya with training, vessels and land vehicles, communication equipment, and the setup of command centres. It appears that a new project comes in addition, a “pilot activity” on the Libyan southern border, the “exact organization” of which is to be set after an exploratory mission, the Federal Government’s answer to the inquiry by The Left says.

The EU might take more action in Niger, too, which 90 percent of all migrants from Western Africa pass through, as an internal document from the EU exterior agency EAD reveals. The EU mission Eucap, which is training security forces in Niger for their fight against terror and organized crime, “made noteworthy progress on a strategic level” in the first half of the year. At the same time, EAD suggests to their member states to more strongly support the operations in Niger against human, drug, and weapons trafficking.

Armament in the Fight against Migration

The militarization of the fight against migration is advancing. A “G5 Sahel Joint Force” was agreed upon – a joint military unit of the states of Mali, Niger, Chad, Mauretania, and Burkina Faso, to intercept migrants before Libya. Germany and France want to send money, materials and ammunition for the troop of 5000, which, according to information of the Federal Government [of Germany] is expected to cost 423 million Euro. The EU commission in its implementation plan suggests “joint patrols” and coordination between the G5 force and the Libyan authorities – of course with the help of the EU.

It remains to be seen if this will suffice to seal off the Libyan southern border. The problem is that the border basically just exists on the map. In reality, it stretches for hundreds of kilometres of Sahara, surveillance without a gap is hardly possible. “Instead, the measures will lead ot more deaths, as the refugees will be forced to take longer routes through the desert”, criticizes The Left politician Hunko.

Still, the Federal Government [of Germany] endorses the commission’s plan. The Foreign Office set a clear goal in a directive to the embassy in Brussels: the “swift implementation” of the undertaking and a “concentrated action” of the EU and the member states. Berlin thus wants to prevent a “solo action of Italy” which feels let down by the rest of the EU in the migration crisis.

Summary: The EU wants to increase their efforts to stop migrants and refugees from Africa – long before they reach the Mediterranean. Even people in need of protection are to be flown from Libya to Niger. Additionally, the EU wants to strengthen military and police forces in African states with many millions of Euros, to avert migrants.

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  1. Please consider this:

    The above photo showing that single boatload of “rapefugees” represents—ALL BY ITS LITTLE, WIDDLE SELF—an easy ONE BILLION EUROS in hard-earned wealth. All squandered on attempting to assimilate however of these many violent, semi-retarded, perpetually inbred, criminally-oriented, low IQ, Antisemitic, misogynistic, wife-beating, sexually-assaulting, anti-Western, homophobic, genocidal, polygamist, child-raping, unproductive, pro-FGM, ranks of obsolete farm equipment. Here are just a few of the rapefugeeimmigrant-related” cost centers:

    Induction – Imagine the costly apparatchik paperwork per “immigranteconomic tourist

    Social Benefits – Somewhere around $30K USD per person, per year

    Law Enforcement – Curbing (in every sense of the word) “immigrant” festivities

    Incarceration – Again, somewhere around $30K USD per person, per year

    Rehabilitation – Who-the-fü¢k knows and don’t get me fü¢king started

    Family Reunification – Multiply everything by four or five times EASY

    Health Care Costs – Remember, inbreeding skyrockets medically-related expenses by 10X

    Infrastructure – Yes, infrastructure … as in, who’s paying for all those foot-washing stations

    Policy – What’s the cost charged TAXED to enact pro-Islamic laws & other crap

    Interdiction – Airports, trains, transit, law enforcement … how many crimes go un-investigated

    Judicial – Court costs and public defenders, all alone that’s gotta be farking bazillions

    Terrorist Attacks – Remember, the Tampa nightclub slaughter went over FIVE MILLION $USD

    Social Services – Wife-beating, child abuse, malnutrition, rape gangs, FGM, rickets, you name it

    Public Works – Vandalism, cleanup, decontamination, firefighting, emergency response…

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    Whatever the Fü¢k Deals with Islam – Don’t get me fü¢king started AT ALL

    Criticizing this Comment – Don’t get me fü¢king started

    Capiche?!? – Don’t get me fü¢king started

    Just in case I neglected to mention it – Don’t even, ever get me fü¢king started.

    Warmest personal regards,


    • NorseRadish,
      You have to much common sense. Politicians get paid to “create ” conflict all over the world. After September 11, 2001; I questioned everything. After it he invasion of Iraq, i do not believe anything .
      Until politicians become accountable nothing will change.
      Homeless people in California:130,000 , Miami : 1000. Reported by MSM. It is probably 10 times higher.

      It is a great idea to bring more poor, angry people.
      Remember the movie: Law Abiding Citizen…?

  2. “Even people in need of protection are to be flown from Libya to Niger.”

    Retarded hubris.

    It is the Europeans who need protection. And if the EU truly wanted to “protect” bedraggled Africans they would make a big show of shooting a few young military-grade candidates at southern exterior Schengen border crossings. This is the humanitarian thing to do.

    Word would travel quickly. The big push for Europe would end immediately. Suffering by thousands at the hands of ruthless human smugglers would stop. Abuse of women and children forced to cohabitate in camps with predators from hostile tribes would stop. No more drownings in the Mediterranean. No more threat of EU disintegration by a departing V4. No more blackmail at the hands of wannabe caliphate fuhrer Erdogan. No more importing a rape wave. No more squandering of valuable, hard-earned capital by clueless politicians. These are billions that could otherwise pay native European women to stay home and have children if they wished, eliminating the false population supplement arguement justifying mass Muslim immigration.

    And all for what? The cost of a few bullets and crocodile tears shed for possible jihadis who were on their way to kill innocent Europeans.

    So many and so much could be saved with what amounts to mere ounces of lead and conviction.

    Instead, we are supposed to believe the same EU architects who designed this chaos? They’d rather wallow in deep, dark, corrupt Africa wasting fortunes and European soldiers’ lives. Pretending to save the world.

    All because they cannot man up. All because of neurotic progressive guilt and cowardice.

    • And don’t forget that those who had children who had to be raised by strangers who had specific training .
      Godless , genderless, worthless education= Disable society.

  3. This is a small but important step, once they start sending everyone back the step to remove people already in Europe is a logical extension of that program and the European people will start working to get this done. It won’t happen quickly but it will happen.

    • Yes ,Richard there is hope when people from Québec wishes they had Trump instead of Trudeau in office. Open borders is simply insanity!

      • The length of time the world has had open borders and in some cases unlimited immigration are the main reason I think that during the next hundred years or so we will see nations break up and 2 or 3 new nations taking their place. This process will continue until the invaders and their descendants are removed from Europe and North America. It will be a long and bloody process but in the end Europe and North America will be free.

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