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30 Replies to “German integration board member, fed up with muslim migrant violence, antisocial behaviour”

  1. So, that “German integration board member, is fed up with muslim migrant violence, antisocial behaviour” ? And she is disappointed/surprised ? She was obviously part of that moronic, virtue signalling welcome-culture and now bawls for what she helped create ! Arrrrrghhhhh !!!!!!!!

    I have said it before that the right to say “we told you so” has to be the most unsatisfactory entitlement ! Vlad, Eeyore, and all of us who follow here have that right now, which means:

    It’s too bloody late !

      • @Richard – One of my favorite journalists and brightest minds in France and brilliant historian, Eric Zemmour , goes even further than you and says this has been brewing (building up or building down?) for decades.

        • He is right, the far left started working to destroy Western Civilization before WWII but didn’t make many gains until the 1960s, that was when the found they could corrupt the collage students with drugs and stated making gains in their goals of taking over the educational systems. Once this started they moved in small increments to take over, the conservatives don’t want to be involved in politics that long and thus are at a massive disadvantage when fighting them. It has taken the left many decades to gain enough power to create this situtation we are now fighting. This fight is going to take a long time and I doubt either of us will live long enough to see the end.

  2. Talk about clueless!! What a bunch of idiots- they pretty much deserve everything they get as far as I’m concerned. In fact, the whole country does if they vote in the criminal Merkel again. Does this nice lady and the earnest policeman honestly think they savage barbarian invaders give a damn about integration or doing anything else besides cutting off Infidel heads?

    I have lost all patience with Germany. They have caused the problem by recklessly importing millions of Islamic terrorists into Europe and the west under the guise of humanitarian efforts. Now the dogs are biting the hands that feed them. And more.

    • @ Seneca the Elder:

      While I agree with you, there are Germans like Pegida, whom Merkel contemptuously calls “the Pack”, who dont deserve it. They marched this Monday again, but you will not see that in any media in Germany – the Merkel Censors sharpened their teeth in the work shops of the Stasi. (e.g. Lutz Bachman, the founder of PEGIDA, can see his facebook/twitter and other postings in places like China and Russia…not in Germany)

      I find the choice of their music heart wrenching, because they know and I know, that Merkel will win on 24. September 2017.

        • You would have recognised the German National Anthem. The second piece of music touched me the most: it’s the Hebrew Slaves Chorus from Nabucco:

          The title in German will speak to the German, slave/prisoner in Merkel’s Germany:
          “Teure Heimat wann seh’ ich Dich wieder”:
          (Dear Homeland when will I see you again?!)

          This version has english subtitles, enjoy!

  3. Total befuddlement about Mohammedan attitudes & kuffar-hatred. And yet I can’t feel sorry for these fools who “only want to help people” and who hope against hope that it will soon be peaceful again.

  4. The text on the banner at minute 3.58 (approx) reads:

    “Global High Finance, Soros, Rothschild, etc., as well as the UN and EU global strategists, organise and finance, with a clear aim the mass immigration. Green-Red- [communist]-Merkel are the vassals in the execution.”

    And, while the character assassination of PEGIDA from Merkel and her mafia included accusations of “they are Nazis”, I liked them from the very start, not least because there always was also the flag of Israel present in their marches. Here you see it from around Minute 5.05.

  5. How were these virtue-signaling idiots able to convince themselves that somehow, by bringing these uncultured savages from some of the world’s very worst sh!tholes that they would suddenly walk upright and behave in an orderly manner?

    Their countries-of-origin are such sh!tholes precisely because of this barbarous behavior by youth and adults alike. All that the Germans have managed to do is import this same degeneracy into their own nation. There will be no “acculturation” or assimilation. There will only be constant violence and thuggery until all of these cretins are expelled.

    Pushback against deportations will ignite the very worst violence. Not just due to immigrant resistance but because Antifa goons will adopt the cause and ratchet up every most brutal and ugly aspect of these situations.

    Merkel’s looming reelection is the final cup of hemlock for Germany. The damage already done is stupefying. Another four years of this will be the complete undoing of the German people.

    • NorseRadish said:
      …Merkel’s looming reelection is the final cup of hemlock for Germany. The damage already done is stupefying. Another four years of this will be the complete undoing of the German people.”

      I fully agree !

      • At the end of WW2, Germany was about 1 city block of rubble. A few years later it was the economic powerhouse of Europe.

        “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

        Yes, Hamlet had a dalliance with post modern thought but had a point. If the German mind gets fixed, the state of Germany will be fixed. The question is, how badly has leftist destroyed the German capacity for reason?

        • I don’t know, I have been thinking that Germany would break apart into the Germanic States that Bismark united to make Germany. I know they can rebuild a new Germany but will they have enough loyalty to remaining one nation for this to happen. And will they find someone who will start an intellectual Marshal Program to recreate the old Europe?

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