“Rambo” Gauthier doubts the veracity of the fire of the car of Labidi Jean-Frédéric Moreau

An original translation by Ava Lon with much thanks!

From this Quebec news source:

Published on 30 August 2017 at 19:38 | Updated at 7:38 pm


(Quebec) The spokesman for the ruling party Citizens [Citizens], Côte-Nord union leader Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier, publicly seemed to question the veracity of the arson of the car of the president of the Islamic Cultural Center Quebec, Mohamed Labidi.

[Gauthier] The one who runs for the 2018 provincial elections has published an unequivocal message Wednesday on his Facebook page.

“It might turn out it was he who burned it, or ordered it done!! Mean Quebecoi RACIST. Anything in the name of sensationalism!” Bernard Gauthier wrote in reference to Radio-Canada’s report on this subject.

He also accuses the journalist of using the terms “attack” or “terrorist act”.

The spokesman of the ruling Citoyens Party recently said that the line of thought of the identity group La Meute was close to his views, and that he was part of the Facebook group of La Meute since its foundation.

“I read a little what they do, I can’t say that I agree with everything they say, because I don’t read everything,” Bernard Gauthier told Le Soleil earlier this month.

[Below, a video from La Meute demonstration against mass illegal border crashings, into Quebec and the ANTIFA Nazi like counter-demo]

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5 Replies to ““Rambo” Gauthier doubts the veracity of the fire of the car of Labidi Jean-Frédéric Moreau”

    • … but if you call them what they are (Nazis), they’ll curb-stomp your head with their jackboots to show who’s the real “Nazi”.

  1. The fire started inside the car.
    Knowing this, who would take the chance of getting caught breaking into the car and then setting out the equipment to start the fire while being in the car? Just saying…
    IMHO, this fire might have been lit by remote control and I doubt an Infidel would go through all that trouble when so many other and easier options are available in matters of vandalism.

      • Also, why didn’t he report it to the police when it occurred?

        For the insurer to pay up, a police report is required. It’s quite obvious he wanted to avoid police involvement and expected a quick pay-up from his insurer.

        Since the insurer hasn’t paid him yet for lack of a police report, he had no choice than to file the police report in order to get the insurance payment.

        Now he’s stuck, real stuck, since a police investigation is underway.
        Since the car is burned to a crisp inside and out, clues were also destroyed. The whole story sounds like an insurance scam.

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