Sibel Kekilli: “You don’t accept other people, especially not women or people of other beliefs”

The popular German actress Sibel Kekilli (born in Germany in 1980 as the daughter of immigrants), known to an international audience as ‘Shae’ in Game of Thrones, has left Instagram over harrassment mainly by Muslims.

Actress Sibel Kekilli

Bild quote her saying:

“This is the first and the last time that I will speak to the people who hate me, most of them are Turks, unfortunately.
I will no longer tolerate threats, insults and disgusting sex photos that you send me. You are full of hate and jealousy. You call yourselves Muslims, yet you don’t accept other people, especially not women or people of other beliefs. You are full of sh**… Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Stop following me. I will say goodbye for a little while.”

Sibel’s own experience as growing up as a girl in a “relatively modern” Muslim family in Germany, not being allowed to go to college, or to partake in school field trips, led her to break away from her family and champion womens’ rights.

She caused a “scandal” in 2006, when, in a speech in Berlin addressing domestic violence, she said:

“I have experienced for myself that both physical and psychological abuse are regarded as normal in a Muslim family. Sadly, violence belongs to the culture of Islam.”

Part of the audience booed her, one man interrupted her speech and yelled: “Islam has got nothing to do with violence. You humiliate our people!”, and the Turkish consul general got up and left in protest.

In a speech on behalf of Terre des Femmes on International Women’s Day, 2015, Kekilli called Islamic culture “merciless”. She said women like herself were treated “worse than murderers”, which inflicted psychological damage upon women, and asked Muslim men to let women live their lives in peace.

Sibel Kekilli: “this inhumane pressure is making you sad, hunched, depressive”

A video of that speech in German can be found on Youtube: “Sibel Kekilli über Individuelle Freiheit und Kollektiven Druck” (“Sibel Kekilli on Individual Freedom and Collective Pressure”). A Youtube user was so kind to post a full English translation below the video in the comments.

The comments under that video in (bad) German by users with Turkish names are calling her a slut, a sellout and whore.

9 Replies to “Sibel Kekilli: “You don’t accept other people, especially not women or people of other beliefs””

  1. “A Labour MP says she has hit ‘peak block, peak mute’ on Twitter, receiving hundreds of death and rape threats a day for her attack on ‘brocalists’.

    Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, called left-leaning men the ‘absolute worst sexists’ two weeks ago, as she hit out at claims Jeremy Corbyn helped lead the fight for women’s equality.

    In an interview with the Times today, she said the statements had led to hundreds of death and rape threats.”

    National Socialist (Islam) and Communist males.
    Joined, because they can’t attract a female by their own wealth.

    When one calls them out as bitches, they all want to kill her.

    • A Labour MP says she has hit ‘peak block, peak mute’ on Twitter, receiving hundreds of death and rape threats a day for her attack on ‘brocalists’.

      I do believe that you meant to type, “brocialists“. As in:

      “A male socialist or progressive who downplays women’s issues or displays a macho attitude.”

      As I have speculated about before, just the slightest indication of “testosterone poisoning” (i.e., minimal scrotal endowment), even among the supposedly most “enlightened” Leftist men, will see them promptly cast into the proverbial outer darkness with all the customary weeping and gnashing of teeth.

      The Feminazis literally are demanding that men become “male lesbians” with every last implication of emasculation and complete abandonment of traditional gender identity.

      Again, please understand how this “progressive” litmus test for men seeking admission into the Liberal ranks means that when things go all pear-shaped, the Left’s battalions of warriors will be populated by limp-wristed Nancy-boys whose idea of how to stop a rape or murder involves engaging in “sensitive nuanced dialogue” with the perpetrator.

      I can already hear the riotous laughter of Conservative gun owners and military veterans when these castrating womyn and their castrated Eloi drones come begging to be defended from rampaging Muslims and “immigrants” with firearms and ammunition that will be more precious than gold.

  2. With so many women speaking out about their suffering while in Islam you would think that the politicians would realize what an evil force they have let enter into the West. Of course their belonging to and equally evil religion (Marxism) does blind them to reality.

    • Since when did politicians ever really care about violence against women?
      Certainly, so-called feminists don’t care at all if women are beaten up and enslaved by men, as long as the men are not “white”; everyone else can go for it.

  3. I support you 100% Sibel. I say There’s no sense having these people on the planet anymore. They’ve pretty much destroyed This World by Their hatred & abuse of Women & Men.
    Greetings & regards

  4. Islam, as created and preached by Muhammad, is utterly incompatible with Western Civilization. This is simply a fact. Thomas Jefferson understood this, as did Theodore Roosevelt. The reason Muslims scream threats and insults when Islam is criticized is because they know the criticisms are true, and they do not want others to notice their true motives. Muslims by and large are adamantly opposed to assimilating into non-Muslim cultures; as with some other religions, they believe themselves to be special, above all other peoples, and to have been promised dominion over the whole world by their God.

    Islam sees the whole world as subservient to it, and needs to be eradicated from all Western countries. In fact, it will force us to do so because if we do not, it will subvert and collapse those countries, turning them into Islamic hellholes as well.

  5. Today many educated Muslims want to leave Islam but are afraid that they will be killed by their fellow religionists. Hence the Muslims must be first shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion among their fellow Muslims. See

  6. For those of you wondering why politicians continue to embrace Islam, look at what side of the political spectrum those politicians fall on and then remember the old axiom that goes “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Leftists want the destruction of Capitalism and all of the supporting sub-structures including Christianity. Islam has been trying to eradicate Christianity since before The Crusades. What Leftists foolishly believe is that Islam will not come for them as well.

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