Car jihad in Spain, 13 dead and more: Links 1 on Aug. 17, 17

1. To The Press, The Pols And The Rest

(A short punchy essay that is important and to the point on American’s 1st amendment rights, and what their suspension will mean.)

2. What muslim migrants say to each other in Austria.

3. Seattle Washington: Rational people resort to obvious tactic, but does it help us or them?

I funny get why they do this, and the temptation is to call for the ripping off of all Che Guevara T shirts whoever you may see them. But this creates two problems. Do you want to see the bare gut of thousands of old idiot hippies all over the West, and are we helping freedom of speech when we start to take advantage of the new system the fascist left has foisted upon us? This is a lose lose situation. If they don’t tear down the icons of leftist horror, then that is all we have left and it will be spun as the intolerant, the muslims and the postmodernists, would spin it. If we do, then we add fuel to the fire they started.

In any case, I appreciate this effort, misguided or not.

4. Jihad attack in Barcelona

Thirteen dead, many injured in what police are indeed calling an attack. 

(Must be because of all those confederate statues in Spain)

Im going to cut this post here and focus on Spain for a short while.

Thank you GB, EN., M., and all who sent in materials, there will be a lot more posted today.


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  1. The essay is to the point as are your comments on the video about the Lenin Statue, sadly the left in the media and the government on all levels are going to ignore the many warnings until the violence erupts on a scale that will probably surpass the First Civil War by several orders of magnitude. There then both sides believed in honor and honorable treatment of their enemies. Both sides condemned John Browns murders and the murders of the Southern Guerillas in the Trans Mississippi theater of operations. This time the left has sown that they have no idea about what honor is and are going to tear down all of civilization to further their cause. Those of us who survive the coming civil war (although wars is probably the correct word) will end up losing most of our civilized attitudes and wil revert to barbarism so we and some semblance of freedom can survive.

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