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4 Replies to “More postmodernism replaces rule of law”

  1. The only good i see of this is that the sheep in our midst can better see the wolf without the Chicken Littles (rightfully) pointing him out. Well, hopefully…never underestimate the gullible passivity of a brainwashed leftard. (Re: Yuri Bezmenov)

  2. If this bill passes it won’t be long before the same standard will be applied to other crimes, this is one of many attacks on Western Civilization, the left knows that if they create absolute chaos in all Western nations we will be wide open for a strongman to step up and take over. They think they can ensure that the strongman will be leftist but I doubt if most of them will be, the left doesn’t have enough of the professional police and military on their side for this to happen. Strongman rule may be in the future of most Western nations but leftist strongman rule probably isn’t.

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