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      • That anyone living in the west would defend FGM makes me so sick

        Look no further than ultra-feminist, Germaine Greer:

        MPs attack Greer on female circumcision

        In her recent book, The Whole Woman, Ms Greer argued that attempts to outlaw the practice amounted to “an attack on cultural identity”, adding: “One man’s beautification is another man’s mutilation.”

        Estimated percentage of girls and women circumcised by country
        Djibouti and Somalia 98
        Eritrea, Eithiopia and Sierra Leone 90
        Sudan 89
        Mali 75
        Burkina Faso 70
        Source: UNICEF

        She said that women should have the right to undergo genital mutilation as a form of “self-decoration” and posed the question: “If an Ohio punk has the right to have her genitalia operated on, why has not the Somali woman the same right?”

        This worthless vaginal cavity neglects to note how most young girls are FORCED TO UNDERGO FGM AGAINST THEIR WILL.

        And, just like Greer, the majority of those who perform these mutilations ARE OTHER WOMEN. Vomit.

  1. Spain: Police detain three terror suspects in Madrid
    Police officers detained three Morrocan citizens suspected of having ties to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) in Madrid, Tuesday night.

    The suspects were arrested during the raid near a house close to Atocha train station where all of the suspects were residing.

    According to officials at the Interior Ministry, the detainees were planning a ‘suicide attack’. During the raid in the apartment, the police officers discovered and seized a large number of Islamic State training materials.

    Reportedly, police also found a link between one of the suspects and militants operating in the Syrian-Iraqi war zone.

  2. A member of European parliament proposes that we “send whole Syrian villages ” to Eastern Europe, because people prefer to live among others from their nation / others they self-identify with. I fully agree, but I wonder if it also applies to Eastern Europeans as well (let us not ask ourselves that question about other Europeans…)
    Also, I wonder why she mentions just “Syrian villages”. Is it because there would be no Afghan, Ethiopian, Moroccan, etc… villages , or could it be because Europeans are more inclined to consider them refugees, and the rest better not be mentioned…

  3. Battle for Mosul: IS ‘blows up’ al-Nuri mosque (BBC, Jun 21, 2017)

    “So-called Islamic State (IS) has blown up the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraqi forces say.

    The historic landmark was where the group’s leader proclaimed a “caliphate” in 2014.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the commander of Iraqi forces told the BBC they were 15m from the mosque, as they pushed ahead with their offensive to retake the jihadists’ main stronghold in Iraq…”

    • Towards the end of hte video she says that if the governments don’t control the migration the people will. Yes they will and part of that control is probably going to be forcing large numbers of migrants out of the country.

  4. ‘War on terror has left us at breaking point’, warn police (express, Jun 21, 2017)

    “POLICE chiefs are gearing up for a clash with the Government over funding as they tackle the unprecedented threat from Islamist terrorists.

    Investigating four atrocities since March and smashing five suspected plots have stretched resources to near breaking point, say senior officers.

    And the strain on manpower means counter-terror police may not be so successful in stopping future attacks.

    Officers have been taken off other operations to deal with the workload and some non-terrorist investigations have been halted, Britain’s top police officer revealed today.

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick told the London Assembly: “The counter-terrorism network is certainly stretched.

    “They have now had four major attacks to deal with and also disrupted five other plots.

    “Those all take a great deal of backward-looking investigative resources and it takes potentially away from the proactive and forward-looking intelligence work.

    “We have supplemented the national counter-terrorism network from some of our crime resources nationally and within London and we need to do that. This does have an impact on other, for example, investigations, we have had to pause some, we have had to slow down on some, and that is just a necessity.”

    The Metropolitan Police has lost £600million from its budget in recent years and faces losing another £400million by 2021.

    Ms Dick said the overtime bill for the June 3 attack at London Bridge currently stands at £1.2million.

    She also revealed 260 investigators are working on the probe into the Grenfell Tower fire.

    Ms Dick spoke after a letter from Britain’s most senior anti-terror officer to Home Secretary Amber Rudd was leaked to the BBC.

    Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley warned other policing priorities in England and Wales could be at “significant” risk if resources are diverted to fight terrorism.

    But First Secretary of State Damian Green told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme: “There are no police cuts. We have protected police budgets in this parliament. We have increased, hugely, the counter-terrorism budget.”

    The Home Office said spending on armed policing and the security services would be boosted. The National Police Chiefs Council said the UK was facing “an unprecedented terror threat”….”

  5. The migration spokesman for the Greens in the European Union (EU) Parliament has called for Brussels to resettle “whole villages” of migrants in Eastern Europe.
    Vice-President of the Greens-European Free Alliance group, Ska Keller, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that it is essential the EU implement a “solidarity distribution” system because migrants should be spread throughout Europe.

    Noting how a large proportion of the migrants resettled in Baltic states like Lithuania quickly left to seek higher welfare payments in countries like Germany, the Green MEP said Brussels should send migrants to Eastern Europe in much greater numbers.

    Keller suggested the EU could resettle “a whole Syrian village” in Latvia, “for example, if refugees are not wanting to move to a country without any other refugees”.

    “People like to go where they can be among their own countrymen,” she explained, and claimed that moving migrants in huge numbers would improve integration.

    • “people like to be among their own countrymen”,but we are not allowed to,this love of like kind is universal,why are Europeans excluded?

  6. ‘Cruellest’ Muslim father laughs as he gives his son, 5, a mock execution in front of his young siblings as punishment for running at the mosque during prayers
    A Muslim man has been jailed after threatening to execute his five-year-old son
    The man was angered by his son’s behaviour at the mosque earlier that day
    The court heard the man forced his son to get a hammer and kneel on sheets
    He told his other children to look away so they didn’t see the blood

  7. BREITBART – UK Man Arrested over Finsbury Attack Facebook Post

    Police arrested a man over comments made on Facebook about the Monday van attack against worshipers at a London mosque.
    The BBC reports that Richard Evans has been arrested for posting offensive content to Facebook related to the attack on Muslims outside a mosque in Finsbury, UK. Richard Evans is the son of Lee Evans, who owns the company whose vehicle was used in the attack. Evans allegedly wrote a Facebook post reading, “It’s a shame they don’t hire out steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.” Police have said that a 37-year-old man has been held under “suspicion of displaying threatening, abusive, insulting written material with intent that is likely to stir up racial hatred.”

    The posts were made under the Facebook account name “Richard Gear Evans” and included comments such as, “Glad I’m not running the van hire the police wouldn’t like what my answer would be,” and, “it’s my dad’s company I don’t get involved it’s a shame they don’t hire out steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.” The account and comments posted by the account have since been deleted.

    Lee Evans, the father of Richard Evans, strongly condemned his sons alleged remarks saying, “I want to condemn in the strongest possible terms these ill-considered comments, which in no way reflect my own view or indeed those of anyone else in the family.” He continued to say, “the attack in Finsbury Park was shocking and cowardly. Together with all the staff at Pontyclun Van Hire, I am doing everything I can to assist the Metropolitan Police in their inquiries.”

    The suspect in the Finsbury Park attack has reportedly been named as Darren Osborne, a 47-year-old man from Cardiff. An unidentified man told The Daily Mail, “I’ve known him for 35 years, I grew up with him. It’s 100% him. He lives in Wales, he has four kids and his partner.” Osborne reportedly grew up in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, but later moved to Wales. Osborne was arrested on terrorism and attempted murder charges on Monday.

    • 10 min video on this page :

      Hostages Kevin King and Timothy Weeks Plead for Help in Newly Released Taliban Video

      An Australian and an American, Timothy Weeks and Kevin King, professors abducted in Kabul in August 2016, urged their governments to open talks with their captors, the Taliban, in order to secure their releases, in a video released on June 21.The two men, who said in the video they were being treated fairly by their captors, including being given access to medical care and given food, urged their government leaders to be cautious of any military actions in Afghanistan that could lead directly to their executions.In a strangely edited portion of Mr King’s speech, he says, “First Lady Trump, Ms Ivanka Trump, and Mr. Jarard Kushner, my best wishes from captivity. I hope that you can help me save my life and secure my release. I really need your help. Please recommend my release to the president.” The edits in the video, as well as the mispronunciation of Jared Kushner’s first name are hints that the statements read by both men were written directly by their Taliban captors, who have kept the two men for nearly 10 months.Both were abducted from their vehicle while traveling in Kabul on August 7, 2016, according to an FBI report on the kidnapping

  8. New Indonesian law to allow 15 years’ jail for returning militants (asiancorrespondent, Jun 21, 2017)

    “INDONESIA is set to approve a law allowing authorities to jail for up to 15 years citizens coming home after joining militant groups abroad, lawmakers said on Wednesday.

    The tightening of anti-terrorism laws in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country comes as concern grows about the spread of influence of Islamic State, and fears it wants a foothold in Southeast Asia as it loses territory in the Middle East.

    “The new criminal code adopts the principle of universality, which means that wherever anIndonesian citizen commits a crime, they can be legally processed in Indonesia,” said lawmaker Arsul Sani, referring to terrorism.

    “They can face up to 15 years in prison,” he said.

    The legislation was likely to be approved in September, legislators said…”

  9. Militants use watermelon for explosions sparks concerns among Afghans (khaama, Jun 21, 2017)

    “The use of fresh fruits for conducting explosions by the militants in Afghanistan has sparked concerns among as pictures showing the use of watermelon for conducting attacks have gone viral on social media during the recent days.

    A man, believed to be a member of the militants groups, is shown in the pictures placing explosives inside a watermelon, apparently aiming to carry out an attack against the security forces or the civilians.

    There are no further information available regarding the location where the pictures have been taken or the militant group using the new technique for the attacks.

    However, the violence is on the rise, mainly due to the insurgency led by the Taliban group across the country.

    The Taliban insurgents frequently use IEDs as the weapon of their choice to target the security forces and government officials but in majority of such incidents the ordinary civilians are targeted…”

  10. Canadian woman refuses to get son treated by ‘Paki doctor with brown teeth’ (tribune, Jun 21, 2017)

    “A Canadian woman caused a stir in a clinic in Mississauga, Ontario when she refused to get her sick son treated by “Paki doctors”.

    The woman was caught on video repeatedly asking staff for a white doctor to treat her son for chest pain. After a staff member told her that her son needed to see a pediatrician and that no one on their staff met her demands, things quickly escalated. Staff members told her to go to a hospital instead of the clinic, but the woman said she had already been there but they only had “Paki doctors” with “brown teeth”….”

    • Same thing happened to me,when I asked for an English doctor at the surgery,full blown virtue signalling,telling me that I can not choose,so I suggested that we contact the BMA ,British medical association,to see what their opinion was,the receptionist declined,and gave me an appointment,however when I actually saw this doctor ,he grudgingly,refered me to the hospital as I wanted,but spent the rest of the interview vilifying me as a racist.

  11. Teachers in US to be trained to use guns (gulfnews, Jun 21, 2017)

    “Teachers in Colorado are being trained to use guns, which they will be allowed to carry in classrooms to fire back in the event of a school shooting.

    A group of 17 teachers and staff in Weld County are taking part in a three-day course this week organized by the conservative organization Coloradans for Civil Liberties.

    Laura Carno, the founder of the group, told AFP that the so-called FASTER training is carried out by off-duty police officers who teach participants how to respond in the event of an emergency.

    FASTER is the acronym for “Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response,” a program created in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 children as well as six staff members were killed.

    “The reason why (carrying weapons in schools) is developing is because it’s a dangerous world,” Carno said, referring to some of the mass shootings that have taken place in the United States in recent years.

    Under Colorado law, staff at schools can carry concealed weapons as long as they have a permit and are designated as security officers.

    Carno said the majority of those taking part in the training this week work in rural districts where a police response could take 30 to 45 minutes.

    The training involves lessons about gun safety and use as well as emergency response and how to overcome a threat as students flee a classroom that comes under attack…”

  12. Man arrested in Geneva suspected of being recruiter for terror groups (thelocal, Jun 21, 2017)

    “The Swiss public prosecutor has confirmed that the man arrested in Geneva last week is being held on suspicion of supporting terror groups, according to news reports.

    The man, a Tunisian citizen, was arrested at his home in the Meyrin area of Geneva – near to Cointrin airport – on June 14th in a joint operation between the Swiss federal police and Geneva cantonal police.

    A spokesman for the public prosecutor, Anthony Brovarone, told the media the Tunisian man was arrested on suspicion of breaking the Swiss law that bans terror groups Al-Qaida and Islamic State and any activity supporting them.

    No further details were given…”

  13. France spells out four ways it plans to step up fight against terrorism (thelocal, Jun 21, 2017)

    “The French government has laid out four ways it plans to boost the fight against terrorism as part of a new drive that it is hoped will replace the country’s state of emergency, when or if it ever comes to an end.

    France’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, the man tasked with the crucial job of creating new measures to combat terrorism in France, will be presenting his proposal to the government on Thursday.

    The unveiling of the new proposals comes just days after after an attempted terror attack on the Champs-Elysees in Paris by an armed man who crashed his car into a police van.

    President Emmanuel Macron wants to once again extend the state of emergency that has been in place since the Paris attacks of November 2015 and has been heavily criticized by rights groups.

    It is due to end on July 15th but Macron wants parliament to extend it until November this year after which it will be replaced by the new measures announced by his Interior Minister.

    Collomb revealed the outline of the measures in an interview published by Le Figaro on Tuesday, saying that the project must rise to the challenge of observing “a true balance between necessary security for our citizens and the protection of individual liberties.”

    Here’s what the government plans to do:

    1. Establish cordons around protected areas

    Terrorists have targeted concerts, sporting events and national events in France at the Bataclan, the Stade de France and at the Bastille Day fireworks celebration in Nice. To fight against this, the government wants to allow police to establish areas of protection around places judged to be at risk of a terrorist act. Whether these perimeters will be temporary or permanent is unclear.

    For the Euro 2016 tournament authorities built a huge fence around the Stade de France.

    “For example, the starting points of the Tour de France, or big festivals, the police chief will allow a very visible security presence and baggage inspection,” Collomb told Le Figaro.

    Vehicles present around these events will also be susceptible to searches by security forces. If the driver refuses to comply, he will obliged to leave the area.

    2. The power to close places of worship

    Several mosques in France have been found to be spreading radical ideology and jihadism and many have been closed since the state of emergency was first introduced, including the “Rahma” mosque in the greater Paris region of the Ile-de-France.

    If the new measures go ahead as planned, local authorities rather than the Interior Ministry will be able to take the decision to shut mosques where followers are being encouraged to commit acts of terrorism.

    “Authorities will be able to decide whether to close places of worship from the moment that they are found to inciting terrorism,” the Interior Minister said.

    Computers and phones can also be confiscated.

    3. House arrest to be replaced by surveillance of individuals

    The Interior Minister said in the interview that he plans to replace house arrest with the surveillance of individuals in new measures that will only be employed to fight terrorism.

    “House arrest will be replaced, notably by an obligation not to move beyond a set geographical area, allowing the person to maintain their professional and family life,” he said.

    “The area cannot be smaller than the town. Equally, there exists the possibility, for these people, with their agreement, to wear electronic tags,” the Interior Minister continued.

    4. Police raids

    The Interior Minister also addressed the role of police raids in the country’s fight against terrorism.

    “The measures foresee the possibility of authorities ordering visits that will be systematically subject to the authorisation of a judicial judge – the Paris judge of liberties and detention who will alone be in charge of these requests,” he said.

    These “visits” will only be possible in the name of “preventing acts of terrorism” and if the individual concerned represents “a particularly serious threat to security and public order.”

    “Where cases require it, the authorisation to use seized documents will be under the control of the same judge, with the possibility of an appeal,” he added.

    The measures are a response to a string of terrorist attacks in France that have included the targeting of soldiers and police officers on patrol at popular tourist spots in Paris, like Notre-Dame, the Louvre, Orly airport, as well as two incidences on the Champs-Elysees.

    So far, France’s anti-terrorism measures haven’t been well-received by everyone. In its attempt to crackdown on incidents of terrorism, the French government was recently blasted by international human rights group Amnesty International who have said that the current measures are being used to curb legitimate protests.”

  14. Professor Calls Whites ‘Inhuman A**holes,’ Tells Blacks to ‘Let Them F*cking Die’

    Mere days after a Bernie Sanders supporter shot Congressman Steve Scalise and two black members of his police detail, a Connecticut professor posted a Medium article on Facebook declaring: “Let Them F*cking Die.” The professor went on to write that white people are “inhuman a**holes” who still prop up a “white supremacy system,” so black people should not help them if their lives are in danger.

    “I’m fed the f*ck up with self identified ‘white’s’ [sic] daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslim, and sexual and racially oppressed people,” Johnny Eric Williams, associate professor of sociology at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., posted on Facebook Sunday, Campus Reform reported. “The time is now to confront these inhuman a**holes and end this now.”

    How should the allegedly oppressed “end this now”? Another post explained that. “It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be ‘white’ will not do, put end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system,” Williams added in another post, including the hashtag #LetThemF*ckingDie.

  15. LOCK HER UP Hillary BACK Under Investigation!

    During an Oct. 9 presidential debate, then-Republican nominee Donald Trump vowed that, if elected to the presidency, he would have someone look into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information.

    Six months into his presidency, Trump has made good on that promise, as the State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether Clinton and her aides violated government protocols by using her private server to receive, hold and transmit classified and top-secret government documents, according to Fox News.

    Depending on the results of the department’s probe, Clinton and her aides could lose their still-active security clearances — and their access to sensitive government information.?

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, confirmed that the State Department was looking into Clinton’s handling of emails, and his committee also began an inquiry into the situation in March.?


    Richard: Now we are going to find out if there are still honest people in the State Department and if Comey gave her immunity? We all know that the evidence calls for her being tried and put in the pen but Comey might have given her immunity like he did so many others.

    Another question that needs to be answered is can it be proven that Comey sabotaged the investigation into Hillary and granted immunity to her people to avoid having to recommend prosecution? Of course that isn’t part of the FBI’s job description that is up to Assistant US Attorney’s.

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