Britain continues to ARREST people for RACISM for burning a BOOK because of objections to the contents

This is truly totalitarian. And worse as there are no clear laws on it. People are just supposed to know you can’t do this. If someone burned Mein Kampf one can be certain there would be no arrests. No trials, no jail.

From the Daily Mail:

Police have arrested two people on suspicion of racial hatred after a video appeared online showing a man burning a copy of the Koran.

The video, which MailOnline has chosen not to publish, shows a tattooed man standing in a kitchen complaining about being unable to start a fire.

Speaking into the camera, he says: ‘I’ve been trying to get my poxy fire started for half-hour wondering what s**t I can get it going with.’

Holding a paperback copy of the Koran up to the camera, he adds: ‘And then I found this.’

Two videos were posted on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday and are still available today on various pages.

The second shows the man standing outside tearing pages from the holy book and throwing them on a bonfire.

He says to the camera: ‘And it worked, all I’ve got left is the poxy, sh***y cover and look, that’s on the fire as well.’

The Daily mail has decided not to publish the videos. They do publish videos of Muslims stabbing, shooting and blowing up people. But people burning the instruction book that tells believers to do these things, that is too much for the Daily Mail. Here they are:

South Park did a brave and creative attempt some years ago to solve problems like this. They put forth two ideas in a 1 episode series called, “Cartoon Wars” several years ago.

The two solutions were that people could all decide to draw Mohammad, the great taboo of that time, and then the thugs, bullies and muslim supremacists would know their tactics didn’t work and it would just go away. Or, everyone could bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem just kinda goes away on its own.

The people of South Park, just like the people of Canada and Great Britain, have decided on the bury the heads option.

This problem could be solved permanently and bloodlessly if a large fraction of the people of the UK filmed themselves burning Korans. Perhaps they could also burn a copy of some other book they find repugnant. Maybe a copy of one of Obama’s ‘autobiographies’. Or Rules for radicals. But the fact is, if enough people do it, they will have to make a law which is clear, and let people know they have lost their liberal democracy, or they will have to abandon the notion that the state can do forced mind control without bothering to tell people exactly what it is they are not allowed to say, think or do.

I was hoping to embed the South Park clip here, as it used to be on YT but there is nary a trace of it. Even the suggestion that people resits this totalitarian evolution is getting hard to find. But for those of you who know how to bit torrent, the 2 episode series of Cartoon wars, in fact all  4 or 5 banned episodes of South Park can be obtained. All of them I believe, deal with the child raping, mass murdering, slave raping Mohammad. Although they don’t mention that in South Park. They just deal with the concept of not being able to depict him, even if, and here quoting one of the characters in the show, Muslims are forbidden to draw him perhaps, but we, are not.

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  1. This is another sign that civilization is or already has fallen, we can rebuild civilization but only if we manage to regain our freedom.

  2. “West Mercia Police have confirmed they have arrested two people in connection with the video.

    Detectives said a 45-year-old man from Worcestershire was arrested on suspicion of posting videos or images likely to cause racial hatred and a 45-year-old woman from Evesham has also been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred” – Daily Mail. This Working Man’s Tracey Emin

    “Before sharks swam in formaldehyde, there was Piss Christ. With this work in 1987, Andres Serrano created what is surely the visual manifesto and original prototype of the use of shock in contemporary art.”

    The Guardian Intellectuals used to love this sort of thing.

    What could have changed their livers?


    “Yet there is one experience which most sincere ex-Communists share, whether or not they go only part way to the end of the question it poses. The daughter of a former German diplomat in Moscow was trying to explain to me why her father, who, as an enlightened modern man, had been extremely pro-Communist, had become an implacable anti-Communist. It was hard for her because, as an enlightened modern girl, she shared the Communist vision without being a Communist. But she loved her father and the irrationality of his defection embarrassed her. ‘He was immensely pro-Soviet,’ she said,’ and then — you will laugh at me — but you must not laugh at my father — and then — one night — in Moscow — he heard screams. That’s all. Simply one night he heard screams.’

    A child of Reason and the 20th century, she knew that there is a logic of the mind. She did not know that the soul has a logic that may be more compelling than the mind’s. She did not know at all that she had swept away the logic of the mind, the logic of history, the logic of politics, the myth of the 20th century, with five annihilating words: one night he heard screams.”
    ? Whittaker Chambers, Witness

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