Stephen Coughlin points out the growing totalitarianism at the OSCE

There is a great deal going on this week already that requires editing and attention. So while there may be fewer posts, they are quite labour intensive.

Here is a spoiler for one which I feel is very very important. The clip below by Stephen Coughlin, is from today’s intervention at the OSCE meeting in Warsaw, the group that seeks to write policy for European, and somehow also Canada and the US, governments which seem to become law or at least regulations. Most of these are anti-democratic and often downright core totalitarian.

I am looking for video of the events Stephen refers to in this video and if and when I find it, a new post will be made available with this clip, the one from last night he refers to, and more explanation about this whole thing. But even as a stand-alone, Stephen’s presentation today is of a high degree of clarity and obvious importance.

Multiple watchings are recommended.

Here is a link to Gates of Vienna which details the events Stephen describes in this video. I hope to have footage of the actual event in a few days.

For a lot of important news, please remember to check the comments under the Reader’s links post. The headlines are there. Post today are likely based on the OSCE event and other interviews and specific items not found elsewhere as of yet. Normal posting of news should resume later in the week.

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  1. The only problem is that he is using logic, the left doesn’t want thinking they want emoting. When they can get us to turn off the logical portions of our brains they can manipulate our emotions to allow them victory. Think about things and don’t feel about them.

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