One of the best conspiracy theories of all time

The Rebel has a write up on this guy here. 

Very easy to confuse that fellow with this other Canadian-Jamaican “hate preacher” who says about the same stuff cause its from the exact same source.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate MEMERI for changing to a post 1970s aspect ratio on their videos as well.

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  1. “Genuine Zamzam water comes from a sacred well in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to export the water or to sell it commercially, therefore any water outside Saudi Arabia which claims to be Zamzam water should be treated with suspicion.

    However, the BBC report found that large quantities of the water were being sold to the Muslim communities in east and south London and also in Luton in the UK. Dr Duncan Campbell, president of the Association of Public Analysts noted that the water was poisonous, particularly if consumed regularly.

    Zamzam water is believed to be sacred as it is taken from a well discovered by the prophet Ismail when he was a baby when his mother, Hajar, the wife of the Prophet Ebrahim, was desperately searching for water in the desert.

    It is believed that the water has healing properties and it is drunk by Muslims across the world. Many pilgrims returning from hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage in Mecca, will usually bring small amounts of Zamzam water as gifts for their friends and family.

    Reports from the UK’s Food Standards Agency has been warning Muslim consumers not to drink bottled ‘Zamzam’ water since 2005 due to concerns over the high levels of arsenic found in the water.

    During Ramadan in 2010, the Agency told Muslims to consider avoiding all drinking bottle water described or labelled as Zamzam water as “tests carried out on water described as Zam Zam in the UK over the past few years, including water brought into the country for personal consumption, have indicated the presence of arsenic at almost three times the legal limit.””

    The source is poison. The Pain of Islam is to blame.

  2. This one is about as good as the one that was running around Sudan several years to a decade ago, it said that there were westerners in Sudan that if you shook their hand you private parts would shrivel up and drop off. I think there were some riots over that story.

    • This was found from a fragment of poems by D W Williams. circa 1941.

      “Africa said it’ll not take Jamaicans back,
      Mecca no Negroes enter;
      Israel kills Jews if they’re Black”
      These lives from the placenta.”

      No soil, no city, or heaven’s rest
      The curse for being sane,
      From those who fear the stranger’s jest
      Think the Sun has beat our name.”

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