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  1. Jordanian Writer Gunned Down Outside Courthouse (abcnews, Sep 25, 2016)

    “A prominent and outspoken Jordanian writer on Sunday was shot dead in front of the courthouse where he had been on trial for sharing a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam.

    There were no immediate details on the identity or motive of the gunman. But a witness described the shooter, who was immediately arrested, as wearing a long grey robe and long beard characteristic of conservative Muslims. The shooting was the latest in a string of deadly security lapses in Jordan.

    Witnesses and police said Nahed Hattar, 56, was preparing to enter the courthouse for a hearing when the lone gunman shot him at close range.

    “He was standing at a short distance of about one meter (yard) in front of Nahed on the stairs of the Supreme Court,” the witness told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, fearing repercussions. The official Petra News Agency said Hattar was shot three times.

    Government spokesman Mohammad Momani condemned the killing as a “heinous crime.”

    “The government will strike with an iron hand all those who exploit this crime to broadcast speeches of hatred to our community,” he told the Petra agency.

    But supporters of Hattar said they held the government responsible for the shooting, accusing Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki of creating a hostile atmosphere that encouraged violence against the writer…”

  2. Six people stabbed in Boston’s Theater District

    Six people were stabbed early Sunday on Tremont Street in the Theater District, according to Boston police.

    Aimee Ortiz/Globe Staff

    One of those wounded is critical and in surgery, police said.

    Boston Police Superintendent Bernard O’Rourke said police have identified a suspect. Emerson College sent an alert to its students stating that two suspects were at large.

    Police responded to the scene around 2:15 a.m., according to O’Rourke. The area has a number of bars and clubs that close at 2 a.m.

    Upon arriving for a report of a fight, officers came across stabbing victims, the O’Rourke said.

    • Six injured in stabbing incident near Emerson College campus in Boston
      Hotnews Add comments
      Sep 252016

      Six people have been stabbed with knifes and bottles in an attack that broke out on Tremont Street in Boston’s Theater District early Sunday, according to local news outlets. Police said one suspect was taken into custody while the second one is still on the loose.

      Of the 6 victims, one suffered critical injuries and underwent a surgical intervention.

      Initial reports revealed that the victims were stabbed by two suspects who are still at large, however police said that one of the aggressors was meanwhile arrested. The officers told media they apprehended one suspect – the person was apparently among those injured and “survived some wounds.” But they are still searching for the other one.

  3. British jihadi warns ISIS is training children for war as he brands British Army ‘cowards’ (express, Sep 25, 2016)

    “ISIS is training children to torture and kill prisoners in preparation for a clash with the West, a British jihadi has warned.

    Omar Hussain, a former Morrisons security guard, said the terror group wanted to normalise war in the eyes of its youngest recruits so that they don’t grow up to be “cowards”.

    Hussain, formerly from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, now goes by the name Abu Saeed al Britani.

    He said ISIS was training a new army of children to be “accustomed to war” and claimed he would volunteer his own child to carry out the group’s sickening filmed executions.

    The 30-year-old told Daily Star Sunday: “Many kids nowadays would probably faint seeing a cow get butchered, so it’s a way of bringing them up not to fear war.

    “Otherwise they’ll grow up to be cowards.”

    Asked about using his child in as killing, he replied: “Personally, I would.”

    Hussain first came to prominence when he appeared in a propaganda video, urging former prime minister David Cameron to deploy troops to fight ISIS.

    The shop-worker-turned-ISIS-recruiter told of his excitement at the prospect of hand-to-hand combat with the British Army…”

  4. Police arrest gang of six migrants after woman, 26, is ‘abducted and raped’ (express, Sep 25, 2016)

    “SUNDERLAND police have arrested six men after a woman claimed she had been drugged and raped by a gang of migrants.

    The six men, from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain have been bailed over the incident which is claimed to have occurred on 4 September.

    The 26-year-old woman claims to have woken up in a strange house and suffering from cuts and bruises after her drink had been spiked during a night out and believes she was abducted and sexually assaulted.

    The incident sparked violent protests a week later in the city and the windows of the terrace house the woman claimed she was attacked in were smashed.

    During the protest two Asian men were injured and five men were arrested for various offences, including affray.

    Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott last night called for calm.

    Southern Area Command chief inspector Paul Milner said: “We know the woman had been in Sunderland City Centre on Saturday night before waking up in a strange address in Peel Street with cuts and bruises.

    “She managed to leave the house and get to a family member’s home at around 5am on Sunday morning.

    “The victim believes her drink may have been spiked.

    “This is obviously a very serious incident and something we know the local community will be concerned about and we will have officers on patrol to offer reassurance to anyone who may be concerned and answer any queries they may have.”

    The six men are on bail until 17 October.”

    • DAILY MAIL – Mother-of-three, 26, ‘abducted and raped by a gang of six migrants from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain after her drink was spiked’

      The 26-year-old said she woke up in a strange house with cuts and bruises
      She believes her drink had been spiked on a night out in Sunderland
      The attack provoked far-right protesters to demonstrate in the city
      Police arrested six men from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain over the rape

      A mother-of-three has allegedly been drugged and raped by a gang of migrants – sparking violent demonstrations.

      The 26-year-old said she woke up in a strange house with cuts and bruises, and believes her drink had been spiked on a night out before she was abducted and sexually assaulted.

      Police arrested and bailed six men – aged between 20-30 – from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain over the September 4 attack in Sunderland.

      the sun – GROUP SEX ATTACK’ Woman claims she was raped after her drink was spiked by gang of Middle Eastern migrants and she woke up in a strange house

      A GANG of migrants allegedly drugged, abducted and raped a mother-of-three in Sunderland, sparking violent unrest from locals and far-right supporters.

      Police are investigating the “serious assault” of a 26-year-old woman, who said she woke up in a strange house with cuts and bruises and believes her drink was spiked.

      The woman had been enjoying a night out in the city before she was allegedly drugged and taken back to a house in Peel Street, Hedon.

      Six men – aged between 20-30 – from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain have been arrested and bailed in connection with the attack that occurred on September 4, but news of the incident lead to violent outbreaks across the area.

      Members of the Sunderland Defence League smashed the windows at the terraced house where the woman says she was attacked.

      Two Asian men were injured at the scene when counter protests, led by the Asian community, clashed with the demonstration.

  5. If Hillary loses, Democrats face a long time in exile

    There’s been lots of speculation about the fate of the Republican Party if (as most of the prognosticators expect and hope) Donald Trump loses. There’s been less speculation, though recent polling suggests it may be in order, about the fate of the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton loses.

    Certainly there’s reason to think — or fear — the Republican Party will change. Republicans likely won’t supply the bulk of support for free-trade agreements as they increasingly have for 40 years. Prominent Republicans probably won’t press for mass legalization of illegal immigrants, as they did in 2006, 2007 and 2013.

    If Trump loses, the Republican electorate will have become more downscale and elderly — a continuation of a process that’s been in train since the middle 1990s. The long-term migration of voters southward along Interstate 95 will have made the East Coast just about as solidly Democratic as the West Coast, leaving a Republican rump in the interior South and the Great Plains.

  6. Obama opens new African American Museum amid national racial strife

    Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama hailed Saturday the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, a long-awaited testament to black suffering and triumph in the United States.

    The first black president of the United States cut the ribbon to inaugurate the striking 400,000-square-foot (37,000-square-meter) bronze-clad edifice before thousands of spectators gathered in the US capital at a time of growing racial friction.

    “African American history is not somehow separate from our larger American story. It’s not the underside of the American story,” said Obama. “It is central to the American story.”

    The star-studded public ceremony, just four months before Obama leaves office, included Stevie Wonder and Oprah Winfrey.

    The Smithsonian’s 19th addition to its sprawling museum and research complex is the first national museum tasked with documenting the uncomfortable truths of the country’s systematic oppression of black people, while also honoring the integral role of African American culture.

  7. Growing Number Of Race Riots Leave A Dark Mark On Obama’s Legacy

    Read more:

    The violent riots that broke out in Charlotte after a black police officer shot and killed a black man fall into a line of similar race-related riots that mark President Barack Obama’s legacy.

    Under Obama, the number of both white and black Americans who believe race relations are good has declined, and a July Rasmussen poll found 60 percent of Americans think race relations are worse; a growing number of violent riots across the country seem to back up that sentiment.

    Here are more than 10 riots that have occurred since Obama took office in 2008.

    Read more:

  8. Do ‘White Lives Matter’ in Charlotte? Internet Outrage Grows After Protests Turn Violent

    The ongoing protests in Charlotte over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott has some outraged observers wondering if “white lives matter.”

    Influential finance blogger Zero Hedge, among others, have drawn attention to a video posted on social media that appears to show Charlotte protestors “beating, dragging, stripping, and laughing at an innocent white man.”

    video at site


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – To much of the world, Charlotte is the Queen City — a gleaming downtown, state-of-the-art stadiums, sparkling new mass transit, the nation’s banking capital.

    But a very different Charlotte came into the spotlight in the past few days.

    Move outside the city’s core and there are neighborhoods such as the one where a black police officer shot and killed a black man, Keith Scott, setting off violent protests. Places where residents tire of seeing police only when teams of officers sweep in to make arrests, and remember well other blacks killed by police officers who did not face punishment.

    Their anger at Scott’s death made its way downtown. Rioting in Charlotte’s center killed one protester, shattered windows and rattled finance executives whose salaries boost the city’s median income to $10,000 above the national average. They told their workers in the skyscrapers to stay home.

    To the protesters, home is a world away from those skyscrapers.

  10. Name Them and Shame Them=> Charlotte Police Post Photos, Mugshots of Looters Online

    Jim Hoft Sep 24th, 2016 5:15 pm 303 Comments

    Violent Charlotte “protesters” rioted, injured police officers, hurled rocks at reporters and cars, looted and torched trucks on the interstate, looted Walmart and trashed a police cruiser on Tuesday night.

  11. China air force holds drills in Western Pacific for second time this month

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s air force said on Sunday it had flown more than 40 bombers and other fighter planes through a strait between Japanese islands on their way to drills in the Western Pacific.

    Regular long range drills in the Western Pacific and patrols over the East China Sea air defense identification zone were for the Air Force to protect China’s sovereignty and national security, China’s air force spokesman Shen Jinke said, according to a statement posted on the Ministry of Defence website.

    China drew condemnation from Japan and the United States in 2013 when it imposed an Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea, in which aircraft are supposed to identify themselves to Chinese authorities.

    The patrols were to “carefully monitor and judge the foreign military aircraft that enter the anti-aircraft defense zone, to take measures to respond to different threats in the sky and to protect national airspace,” the statement said.

    Aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army did the exercises after flying over the Miyako Strait, a body of water between Japan’s islands of Miyako and Okinawa, the air force statement said.

    This comes as China has been increasingly asserting itself in territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas.

    China’s ties with Japan have been strained by a longstanding territorial dispute over a string of islets in the East China Sea, known in China as the Diaoyu and in Japan as the Senkaku.

  12. House GOP rep: FBI immunity deals for Clinton aides ‘strangest stuff I’ve ever seen’
    By J.E. Dyer September 24, 2016

    A Congress full of lawyers thinks the immunity deals made by the FBI with at least five of Hillary Clinton’s aides are, let’s say, quite unusual. Another way to put it: the deals stink.

    The conclusion many House members are coming to is that the FBI mishandled the process, granting immunity unnecessarily for forms of “cooperation” the agency would just compel, by typical means (e.g., seizure of electronics), from ordinary citizens.

    The House Oversight Committee keyed on the deals for two of Clinton’s top aides this week:

    • Read the full article it explains what has happened with the FBI investigation into Hillarys emails. And points out that the only way to get the facts now is for a future President to appoint an honest Attorney General who will go after Comey and Lynch and bring them down to destroy their deals with the Clinton people. To do this will create a major Constitutional Crisis and open a real big can or worms that must be opened if the US is to be a nation of laws rather then a dictatorship with special laws for the self proclaimed elite.

  13. DAILY MAIL – British aid worker marrying her young Syrian refugee lover after they fell in love in the Calais Jungle DENIES claims that female volunteers are heading to the camp looking for sex

    Volunteer Sarah Gayton met refugee Hamoude Kahlil in Calais, France
    The couple quickly fell in love whilst helping charities distribute food
    Miss Gayton says she wasn’t looking for love and their relationship is true

    A former British aid worker is to marry a younger Syrian refugee, after they fell in love in the jungle migrant camp.

    Sarah Gayton, 41, from Chiswick, in west London, quit her job five days after meeting Hamoude Kahlil, a law student who had fled the city of Aleppo, in Syria, in 2014.

    THE SUNDAY TIMES – Love in the Jungle — UK aid worker to wed Calais refugee

    Despite uncorroborated claims last week that some British women were volunteering to work in the camp so they could have sex with migrants, Gayton insisted she was “definitely not looking for love” when she crossed the Channel and that the couple’s love was genuine.

  14. Hungary manhunt in Budapest blast that wounded 2 officers

    BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s police chief says that authorities are hunting for a man who set off a homemade fragmentation bomb that seriously wounded two officers in central Budapest.

    National police chief Karoly Papp said Sunday that police were the targets in the blast late Saturday, saying that the suspect “wanted to execute my police officers.” Papp didn’t say why the suspect wanted to harm police officers, but he didn’t rule out terrorism.

    Police offered a 10-million-forint ($36,700) reward for information leading to the capture of the suspect, believed to be 20-25 years old and 170 centimeters (around 5’6″) tall.

    A 23-year-old female officer suffered life-threatening injuries while her 26-year-old male partner was also seriously wounded while they were on foot patrol. Both were recuperating in intensive care after surgery.

  15. Marc Wabafiyebazu, Canadian diplomat’s son, deported from Florida

    Teen had pleaded no contest to reduced charges of felony 3rd-degree murder

    A teenager caught up in a double shooting in Florida that left his older brother dead has been quietly deported to Canada following a remarkable standoff between U.S. federal authorities and the state judge who sentenced him.

    […]Now 16, Wabafiyebazu is back home in Ottawa studying privately for his high school equivalency and reconnecting with family and friends as he relaunches his life shattered by the gunfire in March last year that killed Jean Wabafiyebazu, 18, and another teen.

    […]Federal laws outweigh state laws

    For several weeks, Pooler appeared to be exploring every legal avenue to keep the teen behind bars. On Friday, Sept. 2, however, she relented. Wabafiyebazu had adhered to the terms of his plea deal and federal laws took precedence over state laws.

    “The court realizing that and having checked the law said, ‘Well, good luck to you, and I hope you learned a lesson from this’,” Obront said. “I’ve been doing this 33 years and I’ve never seen anything quite like this; the whole thing is surrealistic.”

    Two days later, agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement spirited the teen from prison to a secret location. He was flown back to Canada Sept. 6.

    Although his probation continues to run in Florida, Wabafiyebazu is free to pursue his life without restriction in Canada, although he remains inadmissible to the U.S. If his probation, which could be reduced to five years, passes without incident, he will have no criminal record. A violation could see him jailed for up to 60 years.

    […]his mother believes the rigours of boot camp were good for him and he has grown as a person — even as the six-foot-tall teen lost 50 pounds in the process.

    “I really see a child or a young man who wants to make a contribution to society in a good way,” said Dube, who’s now Global Affairs’ director general of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute based in Ottawa.

    Diplomat’s teen son escapes 5-year probation in Miami
    September 25, 2016

    The son of a Canadian diplomat Roxanne Dube has been sent back to Canada after a rancorous legal fight between Canadian authorities and the State of Florida. Mark Wabafiyebazu, then 15, and his brother, 17-year-old Jean, took their mother’s BMW in April, 2015, and, both armed with handguns, went to rob a drug dealer in Miami. They had been in the City a few days with their mother, who was the recently appointed Consul General. In the botched robbery, both Jean and the local drug dealer who was being hit, were shot to death. Mark, who was sitting in the BMW, finally pleaded guilty to third degree murder. But Florida wanted him to serve a minimum five year probation in the state, not at home in Ottawa. It appears Ottawa and Washington did a deal.

    Diplomat says she felt like a ‘bad mother’ after son’s death

  16. Saudi Arabia Injects $5.3 Billion in Bank System Amid Crunch
    Alaa Shahine
    Stefania Bianchi

    Saudi Arabia’s central bank stepped up efforts to support lenders in the Arab world’s biggest economy as they grapple with the effects of low oil prices.

    The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, as the central bank is known, said it decided to give banks about 20 billion riyals ($5.3 billion) in the form of time deposits “on behalf of government entities.” It’s also introducing seven-day and 28-day repurchase agreements, as part of its “supportive monetary policy.”

    The plunge in oil prices over the past two years forced the government to draw down on its deposits in the banking system, squeezing domestic liquidity. That’s pushed up the three-month Saudi Interbank Offered Rate, a key benchmark used for pricing loans, to the highest level since 2009. The central bank was said to have offered lenders 15 billion riyals in short-term loans in June to help ease liquidity constraints.

  17. The FBI Investigation of EmailGate Was a Sham
    NSA Analyst: We now have incontrovertible proof the Bureau never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton

    From the moment the EmailGate scandal went public more than a year ago, it was obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation never had much enthusiasm for prosecuting Hillary Clinton or her friends. Under President Obama, the FBI grew so politicized that it became impossible for the Bureau to do its job – at least where high-ranking Democrats are concerned.

    As I observed in early July, when Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not be seeking prosecution of anyone on Team Clinton over EmailGate, the Bureau had turned its back on its own traditions of floating above partisan politics in the pursuit of justice. “Malfeasance by the FBI, its bending to political winds, is a matter that should concern all Americans, regardless of their politics,” I stated, noting that it’s never a healthy turn of events in a democracy when your secret police force gets tarnished by politics.

    • ” it’s never a healthy turn of events in a democracy when your secret police force gets tarnished by politics.”

      No, it never is, and unless Trump is elected and cracks down hard… We are headed to tyranny.

      The latest “Friday night email dump” pretty much confirms the corruption of our current admin. The very fact that the FBI did a Friday night email dump speaks of the political corruption. This tactic used to be reserved by highly partisan politicians. Now, the FBI is using it, going so far as to “interview” Ms. Clinton on 4th of July weekend!

      Ms. Mills sat in on the HRC interview while she was already given immunity… This is corruption at its highest. I can’t imagine what Mr. Comey was offered or, what they had on him to allow this freak show.

      If you want this to continue, which I must say has been taken to new heights, vote Clinton.

      If you want to say a prayer and hope that this will stop, vote Trump.

      BTW, Trump was never my candidate and I still abhor his loutish ways. I guess I fall into the never Hillary faction and I will vote for him because the alternative is just simply destruction of America as we know and want it to be.

      • As far as I can tell it was money paid to him though his brother that got Comy to let Hillary off.

        The US isn’t the nation I was born into in 1946, we don’t have the freedom that my parents had in the 50s and 60s and we are on a downward spiral. Trump wasn’t my first choice but I understand a binary solution, if not Trump then Hillary. Trumps election will stop the downward spiral for the time he is in office and his appointment of Judges that will enforce the laws and not write them will given enough time reverse the spiral. The problem is that so many people will expect him to work many miracles and reverse everything over night when the reversal will take a long time. Over the past 100+ years the left has worked hard to indoctrinate people to believe that big government is the solution to every problem and to make people dependent on big government for everything. Reversing this attitude will take time and will require that we regain control of our educational system and start teaching the children the facts of history and how freedom works from childhood on instead of teaching the to be to look to the government for everything and to hate private businesses that make our standard of living possible.

  18. Syrian poet Adonis says poetry ‘can save Arab world’ (france24, Sep 25, 2016)

    Noted Syrian poet Adonis, whose name surfaces regularly as a top contender for the Nobel literature prize, says religious fanaticism is “destroying the heart of the Arab world”, but sees salvation in poetry.

    The 86-year-old lives in exile and is equally scathing about the West’s role in the conflict in his homeland which has claimed more than 300,000 lives over five years.

    “The Americans are not looking for solutions, they are seeking problems,” he told AFP in an interview at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

    “The Americans do not have a coherent vision. Neither do the Russians, who are only driven by self-interest. The Arab world is strategic, an area of riches and the Arab people are just a means,” to oil wealth, he said

    The poet, who is Alawite, the sect to which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad belongs, wrote to the leader in 2011 calling for a democratic transition.

    Now he sees hope in poetry.

    “Poetry cannot slit a child’s throat, nor kill a man or destroy a museum,” said Adonis, whose real name is Ali Ahmad Saïd Esber.

    Calling for a separation between the state and religion, he said poets could play an important role in bringing this about.

    “Arab poetry has always been against God,” he said. There are no great poets in our history who were great believers like for example (Paul) Claudel in France.”

    – ‘Future lies in securalism’ –

    “The future lies in secularism,” he said. “I had said one cannot stage a secular revolution with people emerging from the mosque to demonstrate. A revoution is one thing and the mosque another.”

    Adonis said poetry would never be stifled.

    “As long as death is there — and death exists — there will be poetry,” he said. “Poetry will never be silenced.”

    Adonis, who is also an acclaimed critic, painter and essayist, moved to Paris in 1985 and has been named a Commander of France’s Order of Arts and Letters.

    He was Ladbroke’s favourite as Nobel Literature Prize winner in the year of the Arab Spring in 2011.

    His name frequently comes up in the annual run-up to the top literary award but it has eluded him so far.

    Born to a farming family and with no formal schooling in his early years, Adonis has come a long way from the poor western Syrian village where he spent his early years.

    “I’d never seen a car, electricity or a telephone till I was 13. I always ask myself how I was transformed into this other person; it was almost miraculous,” he had said in an interview a few years ago.”

    • “The Americans do not have a coherent vision. Neither do the Russians, who are only driven by self-interest. The Arab world is strategic, an area of riches and the Arab people are just a means,” to oil wealth, he said

      And the sooner we become oil independent of the middle east the better. China will step in and support any dictator or tyrant willing to give them unfettered access to the oil.
      Watch what happens then. (It won’t be pretty)

      • We are close to being energy independent right now, this was achieved by the oil industry ignoring DC and buying up oil leases on privately owned land. They did this despite all of the obstacles that Obama and company put in their way. This includes stopping the Keystone pipeline to try and ensure that the US will have to keep buying oil in the Middle East.

        We will be forced to become more energy independent when WWIII goes kinetic.

        FYI, one of the reasons that Japan tried to conquer the Far East was to secure permanent control of the resources that were owned by the other nations. China is working to take over the South China Sea for the same reason. While the left is working to ensure that the US doesn’t exploit the mineral resources that we have, they want us to be dependent.

  19. Two teenage girls held in France over ‘terror plot’ (thelocal, Sep 25, 2016)

    “Two teenage girls from the French city of Nice are being held on suspicion of planning an attack directed by a notorious Syria-based French jihadist, a source close to the investigation said Sunday.

    The suspects, aged 17 and 19, live in the same area of Nice as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the radicalised Tunisian man who drove the truck that killed 86 people in the city on July 14.

    Searches failed to find any weapons at their homes. The teenagers have told investigators they had been in contact with Rachid Kassim, a French jihadist based in the areas of Syria and Iraq held by the Islamic State group.

    “They admitted they had been planning a violent attack under the influence of Rachid Kassim before abandoning their plans,” a source in the investigation said…”

  20. Masked men on mopeds shoot four in Malmö (thelocal, Sep 25, 2016)

    “At least four people have been injured in a shooting in southern Malmö carried out by masked men on mopeds.

    The shooting took place in the inner courtyard of an apartment building in the Fosie suburb.

    One of the injured was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, with the other three making their own way, Malmö police said in a statement. Police are treating it as a murder attempt.

    The shooting took place at around 6.50pm on Sunday, with the police alerted shortly after 7pm.

    Witnesses reported hearing several loud bangs, after which two people were carried away to cars which then fled the scene. “The feet were sticking out of the car windows,” one witness said…”

  21. Linguists seek to preserve endangered regional German dialects (DW, Sep 25, 2016)

    “Often looked down upon as “pidgin German,” dialects are an important part of cultural memory and diversity. Researchers say the vibrant spectrum of regional variations of German is under threat.

    One recurring assertion in the debates about refugees in Germany has been the demand that migrants have to be fluent in German in order to integrate into, and function within, the society.

    Standard or High German is what’s meant. But amidst the drive to get everyone who lives in Germany speaking “Hochdeutsch,” others are concerned with preserving the many diverse regional dialects inside and outside the country.

    On Wednesday, September 28, the University of Erlangen is to host a four-day conference devoted to German dialects. Organizers say fewer and fewer Germans speak dialects, and many of those have lost some of their local color.

    “For example, when we looked at Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg, we found that instead of the great number of local dialects there used to be, there are now two main ones that cover a large area,” University of Erlangen linguistic professor Sebastian Kürschner told the DPA news agency.

    The number of German dialects depends on how the term is defined, but by any reckoning dozens of them exist. What’s also certain, however, is that there used to be far more.

    The original Low German dialects of the Ruhr Valley, for instance, died out when the region was industrialized, with a large number of non-speakers moving there. And school authorities in Hamburg once estimated that the speakers of traditional northern variant of Low German declined from 29 to 10 between 1984 and 2007.

    Currently, UNESCO considers seven dialects, including Bavarian, to be “vulnerable.” Four, including Yiddish, are deemed “definitely endangered,” and two (Saterlandic and North Frisian) “critically endangered.”

    Increased mobility and the omnipresence of mass media are just two reasons why dialects go extinct. And that raises the question: Do dialects have anything to offer in the globalized world?

    Diversity of language and thought

    One of the obvious advantages of using a standard idiom like High German is that it allows speakers to communicate with larger numbers of other people. But precisely because they are spoken by smaller, more homogenous groups, dialects can be more complex in some respects.

    The irony – some might say the paradox – is that standardized languages allowing large, heterogeneous groups to communicate threaten the existence of smaller languages and dialects crucial to the overall linguistic heterogeneity. UNESCO estimates that half of the 6,000 languages spoken in the world right now might disappear by the end of the century, and sees that as a threat to humankind’s “cultural wealth.”

    Dialects are a major part of this linguistic diversity. Distinctions between dialects and languages often have more to do with political expediency than with any objective differences. Northern German Frisian, for instance, differs more from Bavarian in southern Germany than Spanish does from Portugese – even thought the former pair are considered dialects and the latter as two separate languages.

    A simple example suffices to illustrate the point. Standard High German for “It rained and I got wet” would be “Es regnete und ich wurde nass.” A translation into the sort of Low German spoken near Bremen might read “Dat het pladdert en ik bin wiet worn,” while a southern German would tend to say something like “Es hat rengt und i bin nass gwordn.”

    No wonder that northern and southern Germans often had difficulty communicating.

    German with a Texas drawl

    It rains far more in northern Germany than down south in Bavaria, which may be why Low German has more idiosyncratic ways of saying that water is pouring down from the sky. Dialectics are repositories of local specificity.

    “Dialect has a lot of do with regional culture,” Kürchner said. “Naturally, when the special form of expression of a region disappears, a part of regional culture goes lost.”

    Dialects of German also reflect the history of those who speak them and provide valuable information about the evolution of languages. Some of the more interesting examples come from Europe. Recognized German dialects exist in countries ranging from Romania to Chile to the United States.

    One well-documented dialect outside German-speaking Europe is “Texas German,” a variant with many grammatical irregularities and Anglicisms used in parts of the American state like the town of Weimar (pronounced “WHY-mur”). It’s a remnant of a thriving German immigrant culture from the 19th century. According to the Texas State Historical Association, Germans represented the largest ethnic group in the state deriving solely from Europe and constituted more than 5 percent of the population.

    Today, so few people still know this variation of German that one of the state’s main universities has started recording speakers of it to “preserve the Texas German dialect as it reflects the rich cultural and linguistic traditions of its residents” and to “gather basic research information about language variety in order to understand the nature of language variation and change.”

    No one, of course, would suggest that newly arrived migrants in Germany be confronted with the full linguistic complexity of the native language’s many dialects. At the same time, though, many scholars and lovers of language feel that the world would be a poorer place if there were no more Texans speaking their characteristically drawled version of the tongue of Goethe and Schiller.”

    • And we will lose this argument without a devastating atrocity on western lands.

      We have a very vocal part of society that refuses to acknowledge the cultural changes that are taking place every day and the huge price, meaning money, having to be appropriated to this change in terms of security.

      They don’t seem to be aware or care that there is a limited amount that you can tax the citizenry in terms of money and freedom before they revolt. As we see more frequently, citizens are revolting by open conflicts with young, military age muslims in their town squares and the so called “refugee” hostels in their communities.

      As an aside, I find it interesting that most reports say the muslim immigrates are drunk or drugged up. I thought that was haram in the muslim faith and yet, they are fighting for allah?

      • Dying in the jihad against the infidel wipes away all sins, this leaves the jihadists free to do anything they want secure in the knowledge that dying in the jihad will ensure they go to heaven.

      • You said: And we will lose this argument without a devastating atrocity on western lands.

        You can rest assured that the jihadists will get through with a minimum of one major atrocity in the future, probably the near future.

  22. Swedish police lose control amid refugee crisis as number of ‘no-go zones’ rises to 55

    The inflow of asylum seekers in Sweden, a country with one of the most liberal laws towards refugees, is putting an increasing strain on the country’s police. There are now reportedly 55 areas in the country, where the law is not fully upheld.

  23. Hungary: ‘Officers were wanted executed’ – Police Chief on Budapest explosion

    The Hungarian Chief of Police Karoly Papp confirmed in Budapest on Sunday, that police officers were the specific target of the bomb detonated on Saturday evening in the Hungarian capital. Papp stated “without a doubt” the perpetrator wanted to “execute” the officers.

    SOT, Karoly Papp, Chief of Police (Hungarian): “In front of the 2-4 Teréz Boulevard in the 7th district in Budapest yesterday at 22.36 was the time when the explosion happened. It was homemade and filled with nails.”

    SOT, Karoly Papp, Chief of Police (Hungarian): “The description of the perpetrator is the following: 170cm tall, 20-25 years old, wearing a light fishing hat, dark linen jacket, blue jeans and a white sneakers.”

    SOT, Karoly Papp, Chief of Police (Hungarian): “Without doubt we identified that our police officers were the targets of this attack. The attack on them, was an attack on the entire Hungarian police. My police officers were wanted executed. The National Police Headquarters with the other law enforcement organizations will assure comprehensive cooperation for the investigation and for the prosecution. My message is that we will find the perpetrator. We will know his motivation. More than hundreds of my colleagues and police officers are on this case.”

    SOT, Karoly Papp, Chief of Police (Hungarian): “We have 14 declarations so far. The investigators are prepared to receive declarations for 24 hours. I would like to announce that I have set a 10 million forints (32951.87 euro) award for the apprehension of the perpetrator.”

  24. Elizabeth Warren Is Setting Up a Shadow Cabinet for Hillary Clinton’s Administration

    By Emily Zanotti | 4:43 pm, September 23, 2016

    When Elizabeth Warren agreed to serve as one of Hillary Clinton’s primary surrogates, it left some progressives scratching their heads. After all, what could Elizabeth Warren, whose policies more closely align with Bernie Sanders’s than the designated nominee’s, get out of a Hillary Clinton alliance?

    It turns out that Elizabeth Warren’s deal with the Clinton campaign gives her more control than progressives could have reasonably expected.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Warren has been working overtime behind the scenes, using her alliances with left-leaning special interest groups and non-profits to scout out potential progressive new hires for a Clinton administration. In a recent speech to the Center for American Progress, she touted her plan to make

  25. Meet the influencers bringing modest fashion to the mainstream

    Garments that were once considered conservative have given way to a host of cool, cosmopolitan designs that recognise the needs and values of a new generation of Muslim women. In this film, we speak to the designers and influencers who are presenting modest-inspired clothing such as the hijab, the abaya, the burka and the burkini in a new and exciting light.

  26. Österreich Frau nahm Darm ihres toten Mannes ins Flugzeug mit

    Kurioser Fund am Flughafen Graz: Frau checkte in Marokko die Gedärme ihres Mannes in zwei Kunststoffschüsseln in ihrem Fluggepäck ein. Sie wollte hier den Mord an ihrem Mann beweisen.

    Es ist wohl der kurioseste Fund der letzten Jahre am Flughafen Graz: Bei einer Zollkontrolle wurde das Gepäck einer Marokkanerin untersucht. Mitten unter ihrer Kleidung waren auch „Tupperware-ähnliche“ Schüsseln, heißt es. Als die Zollbeamten diese Gefäße öffneten, staunten sie nicht schlecht: Darin befanden sich die Gedärme eines Menschen.

    Die Frau schien dabei dem Vernehmen nach erstaunlich gelassen zu sein. Sie gab ohne Umschweife Auskunft und führte zu ihrer Erklärung an: Sie wolle anhand der Gedärme beweisen, dass ihr Mann in Marokko vergiftet worden sei. Nach einer Operation wäre er im Spital verstorben. Nun wolle sie die Gedärme ihres Mannes in Graz untersuchen lassen.

    In der Folge wurde es einigermaßen kompliziert: Wer ist für so einen Fall überhaupt zuständig? Nach der „Beschau“ der Gedärme durch einen Arzt wollte man zuerst bei der Gerichtsmedizin eine Analyse veranlassen.

    Keine Leiche, keine Analyse

    Aber „nur“ mit einem Darm ohne dazugehörige Leiche könne keine aussagekräftige toxikologische Untersuchung über eine mögliche Vergiftung erfolgen, wurde erklärt. Dann versuchte man verschiedene Behörden in dem Fall beizuziehen, um ihn aufzuklären.

    Vom Mann, dessen Gedärme die Frau im Fluggepäck nach Graz gebracht hatte, ist bekannt, dass dieser 1976 geboren worden sei und aus Marokko stammt. Aber eben ohne Leiche und ohne klare behördlich autorisierte Erkenntnisse aus Marokko gestalten sich die Untersuchungen naturgemäß etwas schwierig.

    Die Gedärme wurden von der Bestattung, wo sie zwischenzeitlich „gelagert“ waren, zu einer pathologischen Untersuchung gebracht.

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