Cultural enrichment in *Italy* South Africa

This video, which was sent to me in good faith, is reported to be in Tuscany Italy. For a variety of reasons, this is fully believable. However I have much better information that the original source is one which consistently misrepresents events and frankly had I known, I would not have posted it. New information says that it took place in South Africa. The nation which has the distinction of being the only country on earth with a higher rape rate than Sweden.

It is a real event, but was not an action by Maghrebis in Italy.


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    • well… that was in South Africa in Pretoria in November 2015 …. and the looters are University students ….

      here the story :

      Watch: Students loot Tshwane University cafe

      A new video has emerged reportedly showing students helping themselves to goods at a canteen/cafe at the Tshwane University of Technology.

      The camera clock shows that the incident took place on November 19, 2015, shortly after 15h00.

      The video describes the incident as having taken place on the university’s west campus, while the alleged looters are believed to be protesting students.

      Academic activity was suspended at the university in October and November as students protested over issues of outsourcing and fee increases for 2016.

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