Official release of Orban speech

This is a Hungarian Government release of a recent 45 minute speech by Viktor Orban.

If any of our readers would like to watch it and mark out the times where the bits of interest to our readers may be, I will edit those parts out for a shorter excerpt later today. Please leave times and general subject matter in comments if anyone is so inclined to take that on. After skimming it lightly it looked interesting.

H/T Cross Ware

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  2. 2:01 Therefore I must now do something which at other times in my line of business in prohibited and which all advisors counsel against : I shall tell you what I think about the European situation…so I shall choose a style of speech which in Europe today is prohibited: straight talking.

    25:30 We opted to ask our support institution – called Századvég – to conduct a European public opinion poll about what people actually think: on whether there is a correlation between terrorism and migration, for instance.
    And, Ladies and Gentlemen, this was a survey across the twenty-eight Member States, so it was a pan-European survey, not only a Hungarian one. We obtained the following absolutely clear figures, which I shall quote right now.
    More than sixty percent of people saw an absolutely clear and direct correlation between the rise in migration and rises in terrorism and crime. Similarly, on the question of whether immigration changes the culture of a country, sixty-three percent of the citizens of the twenty-eight Member States believe that it does. Meanwhile, the European elites claim that this is not so, and that these correlations do not exist. [snip] Migration poses a threat, increases terrorism and increases crime. Mass migration fundamentally changes Europe’s cultural make-up. Mass migration destroys national culture.
    If we do not accept this view, if this does not become the European position, we will be unable to act against this threat.

    37:50 Ladies and Gentlemen, in summary of what I said before, I have to say that Europe has lost its global role, and has become a regional player. It is unable to protect its own citizens; it is unable to protect its external borders; it is unable to keep the community together, as Britain, the United Kingdom, has just left.
    What more is needed for one to openly declare that Europe’s political leadership has failed?
    It is unable to achieve a single one of its goals.

  3. The results of the commissioned survey seem self-evident to me. Of course increased migration of Muslims increases terrorism. Of course mass migration destroys culture. Of course the elites don’t see it this way. (Merkel refuses to change Germany’s immigration policy even in the face of admitted catastrophic failure.)

    But then when you know there’s a leftist argument out there for even the most self-evident facts, you really have to state your case.

    Orban is a true patriot. Everything in his delivery says so. And he knows that to be a true patriot he must help Europe survive. He said something that included “steely resolve”, or the like. This means that under his watch they will not give in. This statement may prevent the bloody civil war soon to envelope the west.

  4. 6:24 Bishop tells him don’t be afraid, fight. from Nehemiah.
    thru 10:06 sums up nicely the economic status of the west.

    24.55 – terrorism and muz hordes…

    27.25 ends the money quote. you can pick but, back up a few tics from here and you have a neat and tidy summation of the fact

    from about 30.0 he explains how the west wrecked north africa and the middle east.
    Does this guy know that his life is now in danger. Some don’t want the truth.

  5. The Hungarian bishop seems to have broken away from the church. This isn’t the first time his comments have been divergent from the leftist pope.

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