Al Jazeera reporters on crash site minutes after Russian heli brought down

Al Jazeera reporters on scene minutes after a fatal crash of a Russian Heli. Russians wondering why.

The most creative explanation is at the Twitter link above:

Al jazeera pokemon

WARNING: Very disturbing video of the savages dragging a Russian helicopter crew member who’s clothes have burned off behind them chanting the only phrase muslims seem to know while he is followed by what I think are Al Jazeera reporters.

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19 Replies to “Al Jazeera reporters on crash site minutes after Russian heli brought down”

  1. In every photo series of this kind there will always be one image of the victim with their buttocks exposed. Every. Single. Time

    • Yes! The most disturbing part, ever! Humiliation of the corpses. Humiliation of the manhood. Is there anything they don’t get a hard on off? I hope Russians response will be adequate – 5000 jihadis per killed and humiliated pilot, minimum.

      • Do those guys really think the Russians aren’t going to find out who every last one of them is? Who their families are – their mothers and fathers? They’d better get all their laughs in now ’cause they’re not going to be laughing when the Russian agents throw them into the back of a van and take them to their leader. Suicide might just be the least painful option at this point…

    • shaggin’ a burning corpse ?? wonder what the specific prayer
      for this occasion is or do they just have a general multi-use one that will
      serve in a pinch .. ??

    • In many instances such as this, the dead have been sodomised. This way the Muslim believes he shows his superiority over the Kuffar.

      Primitive savages with iPhones.

  2. UK- Yahoo – Russia must restrain itself, Assad from offensive Syria strikes – Kerry

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Russia must not conduct offensive operations in Syria and must keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government from doing so, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday.

    “It is critical, obviously, that Russia restrain both itself and the Assad regime from conducting offensive operations, just as it is our responsibility to get the opposition to refrain from engaging in those operations,” Kerry told a news conference with Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin.

  3. The Long War Journal – Analysis: Deterring Gulf States from backing the new Al Nusrah Front

    Al Nusrah Front – Al Qaeda’s largest branch in its history – announced yesterday that it was changing its name to the Levant Conquest Front, a group it claimed would have “no relationship with any foreign party.” As a result, Qatar and some other Gulf states may soon send material support to the organization, a carrot they allegedly offered its leader last year, according to sources cited by Reuters. As these states’ main security guarantor, Washington may be the only actor capable of urgently deterring them from legitimizing a group that – despite its rebranding – is still a dangerous, extremist force.

    Shortly before announcing its new name, Al Nusrah released an audio recording attributed to Abu al Khayr al Masri, whom it identified as al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri’s deputy. In it, Al Masri authorized Al Nusrah Front “to proceed with that which safeguards the interests of Islam and Muslims, and protects the jihad of the people of the Levant.”

    more :

    The CIA’s top spy in Syria knew nothing about Syria

    Douglas Laux claims he was the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) top spy operative in Syria, tasked with drawing up plans for regime change during the crucial early years (2012-2013) of Syria’s grinding civil conflict. He was considered the CIA’s “eyes and ears on the ground” in war-torn Syria. Yet it turns out he knew very little, if anything, about the country.

    more :

  4. Russia will play the terror game as it always has, with great skill. We can expect the Russians to do everything to humiliate the Moslems that we have discussed over the years. And they will probably do many that we thought were too nasty to discus. The Soviets were chased out of Afghanistan by the Star Wars program, their research was soaking up the money needed to finance the conquest and occupation. This fact is ignored by all Arabs and most in the west, without out the pressure the US was putting on the Soviets elsewhere they would have never left Afghanistan.

    The big question is does Edrogan think he is big enough and strong enough to resist Russia on his own or is he counting on Obama and Kerry to bring NATO on on his side? The LSM is doing their best to ignore what is happening because the Turkish actions will hurt Hillary in the election. This is what I have been expecting, not Turkey and their actions but massive Islamic attacks and problems around the world that will make the election hing on foreign policy and protecting the US rather then the internal policy the Dems want it to be about.

  5. anyone think these are the man-pad rockets (5000 of ’em) that caused everyone to
    freak & was one of the reasons for Bengazi that shot down this helo ??

    • Them or some we gave to Iraq that were later seized by various groups.

      How long is it going to be before some of them are used in the US or Europe? Commercial jets will have to drop flares when taking off or landing.

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