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12 Replies to “Interview with Rainer Wendt, Police union chief in Germany, about axe and knife jihadi”

  1. There is no way to stop soft target attacks by the Salafist Muslims. What’s to stop somebody from just going downtown with a suicide vest on at about 5:15 on a Friday afternoon, finding a big group of people waiting to cross at a light, and pulling the cord? How do you defend against that? It’s impossible. How about a little league baseball game on a Saturday afternoon, or a movie or any number of things? It can’t be stopped except by killing or not allowing in all the radical Muslims who want to kill us.

    The only solution is to go after the people who are doing the murdering and exterminating them until there are none left, while stopping all immigration of Sunni Muslims into Western nations. This is an extremely dangerous situation and it requires drastic action.

    Those planes flying into the World Trade Center made clear two facts: That the Jihadists will stop at nothing to get at us, and that they have gotten extremely good at terrorism over the years. If they can figure out how to kill a million Americans or Brits or French, they will certainly do it. The risk is too great not to act…

    • Chris you always make great points. I think this was the common sense thinking behind Trump’s call to halt muslim immigration. It always seems so shocking to the “progressive” mind.

      • Thank you.
        A few years after 9/11 I decided to read the Quran, for spiritual reasons, believe it or not. I used to think that all religions were basically the same and that only their methods differed. The reason I believed this is because it made me feel terribly wise and broad minded.

        On reading the Quran I found out how wrong I was. I honestly think now that the birth of Mohammad Abdallah was the most terrible thing that has happened to the human race at least since the last ice age. Worse than any war or the plague years or the Spanish Inquisition or the flu of 1918. At 200,000,000-and-counting innocent people murdered by Muslims, it’s hard to say I’m wrong.

        Of course Muslim immigration should be halted until we “figure out what’s going on”. It should have been stopped on September 12, 2001. Halting Sunni Muslim migration into the West is, I think, the only truly important task that we face. Everything else can be dealt with, but if the enemy is standing right next to you, maybe wearing the same uniform, you don’t have a chance. That’s what Lara Logan said about Afghanistan before her career was mysteriously destroyed by a mysterious man. If we keep doing what we are doing, they are going to overrun us, just like Mark Steyn said years ago…

  2. While I agree that you can’t protect yourself from everything if the governments weren’t so paranoid you could at least get a handgun, learn how to use it and stand a fighting chance to survive the next knife and axe attack unharmed.

    • Isn’t it amazing that the progressives are actually trying to disarm the public just when the need is arising to take literally all the words in the US 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. I can’t believe that is so lost on the lefties. A well regulated militia might have stopped any number of Islamist attacks all over the world, and yet the left consider such a thing out of the question. To them, only unionized government workers can handle difficult situations. They are convinced that ordinary citizens are too dumb to do anything but stand there and bleat, “Help me” as they stand petrified and pee their pants. “If they had guns they’d just shoot themselves in the foot, or worse”, they sneer. Who are these Democrats to decide that the US Constitution is just a general purpose, non-binding list of suggestions, anyway?

      In World War II the Brits made sure you had a rifle in case the Germans landed in your cabbage patch. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton think that the American people are too stupid to handle such a responsibility, labelling any effort to do so as vigilantism and hate.

      But just you watch. The Islamists are just getting started with this soft target strategy. We can expect to see more and more horrendous attacks later today, or tomorrow, or maybe next week. Let’s have a lottery to see which Western Democracy has a popular rebellion and sees their leaders dragged out of the Parliament buildings by the furious mob for so steadfastly ignoring this terrible problem. Britain? France? The US? Place your bets…

      • Their true fear of an armed citizenry is shown by the way the libs in the North East work hard trying to disarm the American Vets. These are people who are well trained in the use of weapons and in the safe handling of weapons but the left fears their reaction to lib policies so they have to work to disarm the people who are trained to protect the nation.

  3. A regular at GoV spelled out a terrific list.

    Julius O’Malley on July 18, 2016 at 5:50 pm said:
    It is harsh and shocking for people to have to hear it, but the solution is:
    1) Recognize that Islam is the problem, not “Islamism” or “radical Islam”;

    2) Ban all further Muslim immigration to the West;

    3) Intensive monitoring/profiling of all Muslims living in Western countries. A starting point would be to go through the databases of public welfare agencies, identify every recipient with an Islamic name and investigate them. Overnight the colossal extent of welfare fraud would be revealed and the savings to the public purse would be huge;

    4) Make first cousin marriages (including common law and de facto) illegal and deprive the progeny of such of all public services: education, welfare, health, drivers’ licences, etc;

    5) Repeal any and all existing concessions to Muslims, such as women only swimming hours at public swimming pools;

    6) Oblige, under threat of criminal prosecution, all imams to deliver their sermons only in the language of the country in which they reside; and

    7) On a personal level, do not buy goods or services from Muslims. Boycott them. When a taxi (cab) pulls up, ask the driver (based on appearance): “Are you a Muslim?”. If the answer is “Yes”, “What does it matter to you?” or “None of your business”, wave them on, telling them “I don’t financially support Muslims”.

    In short, make life very uncomfortable for Muslims in the West. Let them understand very clearly that they are pariahs and will be always and only ever be treated as such. Make it clear to them that a huge mistake was made in public policy in admitting them into your country in the first place.

    Within a few years, if the above measures are taken, the Muslim population in the West will shrink.


    • I suspect that that is exactly what is going to happen all by itself. A Muslim is going to go to the corner store for a quart of milk and everybody he passes is going to be stopping, staring, and putting their hands on their little nine millimeters. After a few years of that he’ll be quoting Donald Fagan to himself and saying, “I think I just got the goodbye look”. It’s sad, but it’s sure as hell not my fault…

    • This will be done but one step at a time, that is how the left got us into this mess and how we will get out of it, one step at a time.

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