More footage from Nice, Muslim ‘Counting Coup’ in 2005 in Greece, more: Links 2 on July 20 – 2016

Quite a list today.

1, Here is an extraordinary video of the truck coming towards people in Nice France. For some reason, LiveLeak may have deleted it but the video is available to be seen here. It is not gory. But it does show the truck coming AT people.

2. Turns out the Muslim gang rape, gang grope ad gang harass of women has been going on in Europe since at least 2005 when this video was shot in Greece. That is over 10 years before the now famous case in Cologne Germany.

The Rebel Media refers to this practice as “The Pervert’s version of Counting Coup”. That fits.

3. London Mayor seems to be implementing sharia by stealth

4. A truck appears to have exploded in Berlin, but it didnt appear to damage anything but the truck. So may not be terror.

5. Yet another skyscraper burns in Dubai. Perhaps they should change the name to, “dontbuy”

A residential skyscraper caught fire in Dubai’s densely populated Marina district on Wednesday, sending thick plumes of smoke into the air and burning chunks of the building tumbling to the streets below.

It was the latest in a string of dramatic infernos that have raced up the sides of skyscrapers in and around the Mideast’s commercial hub, which is home to the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa.

The afternoon blaze began several stories off the ground of the 945-foot (288 meter) Sulafa Tower and spread rapidly as hot wind gusts fanned the flames. Hundreds of Marina residents fled to the cavernous streets around the tower as firefighters raced to the scene.

“It was really scary,” said Nora Maki, who lives across the street. She said the flames “spread like wildfire” but said emergency crews did a good job of getting it under control.

Previous skyscraper fires in the last couple of years in Dubai have been quite spectacular.

6. 100 jihadis still entering Syria from Turkey each week – Le Figaro

Reuters) – French military intelligence estimates that about 100 foreigners continue to enter Syria from Turkey each week to join Islamic State, French daily Le Figaro reported on Wednesday.

France’s foreign minister said on Sunday that questions needed to be asked on whether Turkey was a viable partner in the fight against Islamic State in Syria and would raise the issue in a coalition meeting in Washington this week

7. Turkey coup attempt: Charges laid against 99 generals and admirals

(Erdogan is cashing in on his moment of opportunity ferociously. If I was leader of a foreign army I would pick now to attack Turkey as his own military has to be pretty demoralized just at the moment)

Turkey has formally charged 99 generals and admirals in connection with the weekend’s thwarted coup attempt, just under a third of the country’s 356 top military officers.

Authorities have banned all academics from travelling abroad, as the purge of state employees suspected of being connected to the failed coup continues.

8. France ratcheting up for civil war. But against who?

It is a geopolitical axiom that wars do not happen because people are different. They happen because different people are forced to mix. What else did France expect?

From Express.UK: ‘They’re getting ready for war’ France on brink of bloody civil conflict, warns politician

Jonathan Miller, an elected city councilor in southern France, said “the mood is turning nasty” after the country was hit by its third terror attack in 18 months.

Mr Miller said: “Normally, it takes quite a bit to excite my neighbors under the languid southern sun, but as one horror has followed another, I am no longer taking for granted that they will put up with this much longer.

Thank you GB., M., Xanthippa, The Rebel Media, Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., M., and all who sent in materials. 

More material is already in the works and will be posted shortly short of another tard attack somewhere.

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11 Replies to “More footage from Nice, Muslim ‘Counting Coup’ in 2005 in Greece, more: Links 2 on July 20 – 2016”

    • Given how the French government is acting a civilian upraising would be a guerilla fight with no public organization that could be contributed to. It won’t be like the US civil war with large scale armies and massive clashes, it will be small units and assassination units attacking their enemies. Think the South American civil wars of the last half of the 20th Century.

      • Of course, I was not referring to the government, why would I ever give money to the government I give those bastards enough as it is. I had groups which fly below the radar in mind, the identitarians for example.

    • The best way you can help is by telling the truth and getting at least one liberal to see the light and stop being a blind idiot. A few years ago hardly anybody knew about the real dangers of Islam. Now, I see that tens-of-thousands of people know what “Jihad” and “Taqiyya” and “Taharrush” mean.

      I can’t imagine any reasonable person refusing to get on board once they realize the truth about Islam. They simply do not know. They think that it’s wrong to even discuss such things – like being a Holocaust denier or something. Churchill said that some secrets are so important that they must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies. Well, Islam has 1.5 lying bodyguards to keep it safe.

      • The majority of people have way too much invested in the kumbaya approach, things will have to get far worse if they are to get on side

  1. 4/ I think Germany should taste more of that. Till it catches up with France, at least.
    Such that it manifests itself directly to every ethnic German. Even Stassi can’t keep a lid on scores of civilian casualties.

    • No they can’t, once the civil war starts in one European nation it will spread to all of the others and spread quickly. The Swiss may manage to set out the war as neutrals but I doubt this will happen.

        • I wish I had the military firearms collections some families have, when they leave the Army they get to keep the rifle and handguns they were issued. Some families have the military firearms their forefathers were issued going back into the 1800s and possibly into the 1700s.

  2. About your comment on now being a good time to attack Turkey, if I were Putin I would wait a few months to see more officers either run or be arrested, then I would invade. That was what Hitler did to Stalin, sign a non aggression pact and then let Stalin destroy the Soviet Army. I hadn’t thought about this possibility until you mentioned it. Also with Obama and Kerry giving operational control of our forces in the mideast to Putin he can order them to stand down with some expectation of being obeyed.

    • Putin doesn’t want a lot of dead Russian youngsters.
      He’s acutely conscious of the demographic threat. Maybe he’ll incite some rival pack of tards, he’ll definitely try. But he’s not about to throw his country’s future into a meat grinder.

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