Weak kneed and whiny

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks.

From this German website:

How pathetic. A Tunisian mows down 84 happy and innocent people celebrating Bastille day, injures dozens heavily, women and children are laying on the street bloodied – and the only reaction that immediately follows is the same old threadbare phrases just like after Toulouse and Brussels, Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan.

One knows them by heart. Consternation, bewilderment, shock, pre-cut empathy and feigned grief, solidarity and partnership and thoughts and prayers and so on and on and on. Flowers and stuffed animals in front of the embassies, spotlights in the national colors of the at the moment affected country’s buildings, Facebook profile pictures with “je suis something” – messages, the rituals are as practiced as they are helpless.

Where is the righteous anger, the determined and absolute call to the terrorists followed by actions, instead of the ever same phrases and hang-in-there rallying calls? “We strongly stand on France’s side”, sounds exactly like the phrase machine from the chancellor, regardless of whether she resides in Berlin or in Ulan Bator.

The return to normalcy is shorter every time

The reactions are all a little short of everything, when the frequently invoked oldest ally gets hit in the core. And whether they are responsible or not, the ‘islamic state’ is rolling on the floor laughing over the West’s whiny, weak kneed and spineless reactions. There is not much to fear of such enemies.

This was a “attack on our values”, blathers the President of Germany, Gauck and his US-counterpart Obama in synchrony. No, it was not. It was an attack on France and the french, on Europe and the European people, as well as on our country and our nation [Writer is German, so he speaks of Germany]

It may be that these attacks in one or the other case really have nothing to do with islam. But they have to do with the Arabic-North African conquest. We won’t let our freedom and our lifestyle be taken from us? But we already have let it be taken. France just prolonged the state of emergency. The return to normalcy gets shorter and shorter, because the attacks come ever closer and in ever faster succession.

Symbolic actions

Whoever wantonly declares his country as a welcome paradise for hundreds of thousands or even millions of angry young men from other cultures, of which not just a few hate us as the enemy and despise us, will in accompaniment receive the development of a police state while still not being able to protect themselves from terrorism. When the festivities in the capitol city are protected with military security, then the attacks will just take place on the unprotected belly of the country.

All of this is of course not spoken about by the politicians and the media and their pseudo scientific accomplices, which at this time are once again are bloviating and beating around the bush on all channels. If they did, they would have to admit that they committed deadly mistakes and covered them up and because of that are indirectly co-responsible for the attacks.

Only when one recognizes errors can they be corrected. Only once one knows where the enemy stands, can then correctly be lead on the fight against terror, minus all the cheap and ineffective phrases and symbolic actions. Not somewhere in the middle East but in our own country. Then we could at least try to dry out the hostile parallel societies, the hate preaching mosques and conspirators, the violent- and terror inclined subcultures and infrastructures.

What else has to happen?

Then we can begin to reject and denaturalize those immigrants that come to our countries and hate and fight against our way of life, we can close and control our borders and slam the door in the face of those who try to intrude with hostile intentions. For the protection and the safety of our own citizens, but also for those immigrants who are really peaceful and want to assimilate.

What else has to happen until very necessary measures are taken?

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  1. (What else has to happen until very necessary measures are taken?)

    What else? The ordinary people have to revolt, either at the ballot box or physically. The elites our self proclaimed political masters have proven that they don’t care about the people they are suppose to protect. They have proven that as far as they (the far left) are concerned the people are idiots that are there only to serve the <em"betters", not to live the way the individuals want but to live and work at what the self proclaimed elites want. In Britain the Brexit vote was a warning shot across the bows of the British self proclaimed elites just as the nomination of Donald Trump was in the US. What is going to happen in Germany and France?

  2. Lots of pain and vigils yet to come. The governments can’t/won’t do anything but Islam will be an active ignition point in its own destruction. If they shut down power over large areas as they should do if they want to bring the west to its knees, there will be no one to set up an orderly expulsion of Islam. Just very angry nobodies with guns, clubs and blades.

    • You dont have to do that, you just have to SAY you do that. If you actually do it, you buy into that shit. If you just SAY you do it and burn the bodies instead or throw them in a ditch and cover them with lye you get the mesage out in all ways possible. Say it like you mean it, make up pics of one or two people you really do that to and then the rest don’t bother.
      If you really do it you are signaling to your own people that there may be something to that BS they teach.

      • You would have to do it to enough to give the others the idea that you will do this to all. Although I don’t think doing this would give most people the idea that there is something to Islam.

        • We don’t know for sure to this day if Blackjack Pershing actually buried dead Moros with pig carcasses, but the Muslims believed it.

          When people say “you can’t do this” and “you can’t do that”, what they are really saying is, “I am willing to accept defeat if we can’t win by rules that I approve of.” Like when David Cameron said it was “impossible” to stem the flow of immigrants coming into the UK. Impossible? Not likely. What Dave meant was that he was willing to accept defeat.

          In WWII they dropped the word “impossible” unless it really was impossible, not just that it might make the governing party look bad in the mid-term bi-elections. What we need now is leaders who realize the seriousness of the problems we face and are unwilling to accept defeat under any circumstances. Let’s all get together and kill this snake – regardless of how “impossible” that might be…

      • Mate they will work out pretty quickly if it’s faked and that would backfire. The time for political correctness is over. This is total war and while all women and children must be protected, adult Moslem males must be taken out if this planet is to survive.

        As the main character states in my novel “AS DARKNESS DESCENDS” – “there is no need for Guantanamo Bay, corpses need cemeteries, not prisons.”

        • The pig stuff was done as a warning to the surrounding Muslims. This time there will be no muslims left around that need warning.

  3. I don’t think there’s going to be the need for any violent revolutions in the West. Starting right this very minute, the reign of Donald Trump is beginning, even though he is a few months from the election. I’ll bet he’s talked to Putin already, or done so through a proxy. The world doesn’t have time to wait for idiots Obama and Kerry to go away. And ISIS must know that it won’t be Hillary they’ll be facing, but the full force of the guys who beat the Nazis and the Japanese in WWII. Hopefully, they’ll hunt every one of the Jihadist bastards down, right to their Mom’s kitchens in Sydney if necessary, interrogate them most enhancedly, then hang them up like barbeque ducks – all in a row, nice and neat.

    Donald is like the little boy in the Hans Christian Anderson story who says, “But the Emperor isn’t wearing anything at all…”. The Trump is going to start a worldwide revolution. Millions of people from all over the world are going to let loose their pent up frustrations and speak their minds for the first time in years. By his example, Donald is going to reintroduce the concept of “freedom of speech”, and people are going to eat it up. It’s going to be great. Angela Merkel isn’t going to be Chancellor for long. Theresa May beware…

    • The left is going to start a violent revolution in the US, and the left isn’t going to peacefully give up power in Europe. It would be nice if they would but they won’t.

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