A few thoughts on events of the past few days

So two major events have taken place. Nice, obviously, and the failed Turkish coup, probably engineered by Gulen and therefore the possible outcomes were all bad. Gullen would be every bit as bad as Erdogan except possibly Gulen is a better salesman of Islamic norms so would be more effective than the current Turkish despot at spreading the disease which is Islam.

Nice of course was a prelude to a teddy bear picnic. Here in Ottawa, the French embassy had the flags of France and Europe at half mast and a few bored looking overpaid members of the Ministry of Truth were hanging around looking for a photo op with the embassy talking head.

The CBC of course is sending out the message that the best thing about the Attack was Muslims and the real victims of this attack are Muslims and that the really sad thing is that Muslims aren’t fully accepted in France and we should use this attack in Nice to focus on ponying up more rights and freedoms and customs and culture to make France more like Saudi Arabia.



The response to massive Islamic terror is a formula now.

The response to a geopolitical event like a coup, always has been. Now there is a purge. Erdogan and his entitled followers will make the streets slick with the blood of the rebellious. Already a soldier was decapitated on a famous bridge in Ankara.

42 are reported dead already in the cleansing.

Here is an amazing story:

The US airbase in Turkey, the one that contains 80 Nuclear Weapons. How we come to know that would be interesting, I would think thats highly classified information but apparently it has 80 Nuclear Weapons, has been shut down by the Turks. The electricity was shut off and I believe there are access issues as well.

Makes one wonder…

Anyone ever see the movie, Octopussy? Its an older James Bond book come movie.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT — SKIP NEXT BIT if you want to see it

The basic plot is that a rogue Russian General during the cold war, had an idea. If he could sneak a nuke that had a basic design similar to a US made nuke into a US airbase in Berlin and detonate it, the American and Western leftists would demand unilateral disarmament and then the Russians could roll a few hundred thousand tanks into West Europe and take over under their own nuclear umbrella.

Well what if the Western-left, notices 80 Nuclear Weapons in a US airbase in unstable, coup-riddled, Islamic motivated Turkey. How hard would it be to get Obama to move all those weapons far far away from the Russian border?

Just thinking out loud. After all, Obama only has a few months left of his super-mandate as he explained it to Putin’s assistant, Medvedev back in 2012.



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  1. Your scenario is plausible to say the least. Let me add this to the things to think about, Putin was pissed at Erdagon but wants the nukes out of Turkey more then he wants quick revenge on Erdagon. He tells Erdagon about the purposed coup in return for the promise to do everything possible to get the nukes out of Turkey. Putin would have a twofer going here, he gets the nukes away from Russia and he gets them out of the area he would love to invade. As long as the air base had the nukes the US would be very touchy about Russian troops taking over Turkey. Even Obama would be forced to scream about this.

    Just thinking about what Putin got in return for his sudden change in attitude towards Erdagon.

    • Putin doesn’t want to take over Turkey.

      At the conclusion of Passover, you say: Next year in Jerusalem!
      I was little, listening here as Israel emerged victorious from a war.
      - I asked, "Next year in Cairo?!"
      And all the adults shouted at the same time:
      - "NO! Who wants to govern all those Arab enemies?"

      Putin wants his borders not so much enlarged as relaxed, most certainly docile. Respectful.

      We don’t hear much about Muslim mischief within Russia because RT doesn’t give it the kind of coverage it gives, say, riots in Greece or columns of “asylum seekers” en route to Germany. But all those internal migrants from the Caucasus are an urban headache.

      As is the demographic nightmare. We have a sense of the heft from scenes of pray-ins that fill Moscow’s streets. They’re like parades of tanks and bombers May Day, Soviet Union-style.

      State-controlled mosques aren’t nearly enough. Turks and Saudis can turn the taps for civic unrest on -full, or almost -off. The Saudis blackmailed Putin explicitly just before the Sochi Olympics. That’s a score to settle, all in good time.

      He’d like the Black Sea to be a Russian lake, but he’ll settle for generous hospitality. Khrushchev didn’t like nukes from just across the water in Turkey aimed at his dacha, and neither does Uncle Vlad. That still rankles.

      Putin is devoting considerable energy to cultivating friendships on the Mediterranean. He’s getting warm responses from orphaned American allies. Feckless Greece, slapped around by Merkel as well, is looking for a Godfather. And regional Muslim saturation makes Christian Cyprus clamor for Daddy.

      He also wants in on the development of the enormous gas fields – and recently discovered oil reserves – in the eastern Mediterranean. His navy will be providing the umbrella for those fields.

      The pipeline issue is playing large as well. Or pipelines – the routes will depend on how the war across the Mideast plays out. Conjugate that with China’s Silk Road initiative, etc.

  2. Eeyore asked…“Well what if the Western-left, notices 80 Nuclear Weapons in a US airbase in unstable, coup-riddled, Islamic motivated Turkey. How hard would it be to get Obama to move all those weapons far far away from the Russian border?”

    Well…as for coup-riddled instability…consider:
    UKExpress: Turkey threatens WAR with America over cleric blamed for masterminding failed coup He said: “Any country that protects Fethullah Gulen will be an enemy to Turkey.”

    Motivation for Obama…not necessary, given yet another all too convenient coincidence:
    Obama Plans More Nuclear Disarmament in Final Days (via NewsMax)

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