Polish journalist pushes back against fascist EU diktacrats in Germany. Again.

In late January, a Polish journalist took on the usual cabal of journalists and Eurphiles and showed them up for what they are. We translated, titled and posted that video a couple of weeks ago here at Vlad and elsewhere:

Here is the same Polish Journalist exposing the German government/EU totalitarian mindset. ‘We pay you, so you better self destruct like a good little Euro-country’.

Thank you Egri Nok for all the work that went into these clips.



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7 Replies to “Polish journalist pushes back against fascist EU diktacrats in Germany. Again.”

  1. The smug, fat-faced, arrogant (expletive) in the 2nd video is a perfect representative for the corrupt EU as a whole, believing that they always know better than the dirty common folk, and that they can buy anyone (we’ll see how well that works with the muslims when the time comes). But I loved the way she kept her cool in the face of his deliberate provocation and smoothly put him in his place (heh – I think I’m in love).

  2. Thank-you, Egri. She’s dynamite. And pretty, too.

    I’m jealous. How do we get an American Aleksandra Rybinska? Ok, she’s an unusual gift and Poland deserves the best. Which definitely seems to be in the cards.

    I bet we have classy, brilliant, and poised professionals somewhere. They’re just waiting out the miserable state of our MUG.[*] I hope Mr. Trump’s impudence encourages our best to come out for the good fight.
    [*]Media, government, politics

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