Campus leftism gets even more shrill, Riots in France over something or other, Europe tries to un-reorganize: Links 1 on June 2 – 2016

1, ‘Dirty Jew!’: Antisemitism Forces French Jews to Leave Suburbs of Paris

After the Americans, British and Canadians liberated France, Frenchmen discovered what had happened to their Jewish neighbors. They immediately made clear that they would never allow something like that to happen again. “Never again” became an international rallying cry.

Well, with “never” they apparently meant “until 2016“:

Jews who have lived peacefully in the suburbs of Paris are now having to move to other parts of the country or head for Israel to escape anti-Semitism.When Alain Benhamou walked into his apartment near Paris in July 2015 and saw the words “dirty Jew” scrawled on the wall, he knew it was time to leave.

It was his second such break-in in less than three months and the 71-year-old no longer felt welcome in Bondy, a Parisian suburb he had called home for more than 40 years.

(The Local has a similar story today)

2. Milo Y. has demonstrated once again how totalitarian the left is on American Campuses.

Today was UCLA

3. Hungarian police secure migrant camp, block protesters from leaving

(Now this is interesting)

BUDAPEST: Hungarian police secured a fenced-in migrant processing centre near the Serbian border on Wednesday to block about 300 protesting migrants from marching to Budapest, police said in a statement.

A Syrian chosen as spokesman for the protest gave a petition to officials at the camp in the town of Kiskunhalas, it said, and then urged the migrants to march to the Hungarian capital, about 150 kilometres (90 miles) to the north.

A video posted on the news website showed dozens of people chanting “freedom, freedom!” behind a high wire fence while dozens of police vehicles and officers with dogs patrolled the area to secure the perimeter of the camp.

“About 300 of the 484 detained migrants protested against closed quarters and slow processing of their cases,” said the statement. “Police have deployed significant force to secure the processing centre and the surrounding area and will stop migrants from leaving the premises of the centre.”

4. The Islamic State calls for the destruction of all satellite dishes before Ramadan.

(Now see, this is where if there were Canadians over there, there would actually be a serious uprising. Residents of Ontario in particular might remember how in the 90s, Canadians rose up with one voice to protest the negative index billing scam by Rogers Ltd. when they decided to raise everyone’s cable rates and give them tons of crap no one wanted. In order to not get the stuff and the higher rates, you had to call in and cancel fast or you were locked in. People went crazy. It was almost like they weren’t really Canadians anymore, ready to accept anything authority handed to them. And yes, Rogers had to back down. Imagine if they had to trash their satellite dishes)

Isil officials have called for satellite dishes to be destroyed in Raqqa and Mosul ahead of Ramadan, warning about the threat of intelligence agencies using them to identify airstrike targets.

In a video released on Tuesday by Welayat Nineveh, the terror group’s media office based in Mosul, two Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant officials, who identify themselves as Abu Saad al-Ansari and Abu Abdullah al-Ansari, discuss the dangers of Western media, including the risk of intelligence agencies using local TV satellite dishes to identify targets.

Video available here.

5. The Rebel gives 10 examples of why Sweden should be quarantined.

6. Philadelphia Schools Add Two Muslim Holidays

Philadelphia school district officials announced Tuesday that they will be adding two Muslim holidays to their calendar.

The two holidays to be added, which won’t take effect until 2017-2018 school year, are Eid al-Fitr, celebrated at the conclusion of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha, which concludes the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Similar to Easter, both holidays fall on different days every year and will be adjusted accordingly each calendar cycle. 

Differing Muslim sects also celebrate the holiday on different days, so Islamic leaders throughout the city will have to provide specific dates for the calendar over the next five years.  

7. Danish border control extended until November

In May, after the controls were given a sixth 30-day extension, Denmark joined Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France and Germany in writing a letter to the European Commission calling for an extension of temporary controls at the internal borders of the Schengen area, as part of efforts to more closely monitor migration flows.

With the Commission now having approved the request, both Denmark and Sweden will extend their border control measures well into the autumn.

Denmark’s government has confirmed with the European Commission, EU Parliament and fellow member states that its emergency border control will remain in place until November 12th.

As has been the case with every previous extension, Integration Minister Inger Støjberg said Denmark’s measures remain necessary.

“In the current situation, whereby no sustainable solution has yet been found for securing Europe’s outer borders, I am satisfied that we are able to maintain border control until November 12th, 2016. We must protect our own borders until mutually agreeable solutions are found at the EU level,” Støjberg said in a statement.

(Quarantine Sweden)

8. More Muslim child sex slave gangs in the UK. London:

9. British forces play Indian movie-music at Islamic State forces in order to annoy them out of town.

(I get their point but bagpipe students would work better and faster.)

The elite British special forces are ‘annoying’ Daesh fighters by playing music at them – and not just any music but Bollywood music.

According to a report by The Mirror, the forces’ strategy is aimed at ‘discrediting the extremists who claim the music is un-Islamic.’

Apparently, a Pakistani-born army intelligence officer with the British Army had told the troops that Bollywood tunes annoyed Daesh.

Special forces are in Libya training local forces in how to push out Daesh. The SBS is training troops in how to drive out Daesh from the town of Sirte and a 115-mile stretch of the Libyan coastline


Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, Johnny U., ML., and several people I may have lost track of in the frantic edit-fest and post frenzy that is my day to day existence. 

More videos to come shortly.


I must say in retrospect, President Obama is not just the smartest president the US ever had, but a brilliant orator. No wonder he sent back that bust of Churchill as his first official act after he moved is pants rack into the White House.

Obama has also had the most transparent administration in US history. 



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  1. 3 – The sensible moves against Islam are all coming from Eastern Europe. Of course Eastern Europe has recently thrown off communist dictatorship and thus has no desire to welcome in another dictatorship.

    • Even more interesting is how the average east European smells now the new dictator from a mile away while the average westerner doesn’t see the dictator kicking in their front door.

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