New Year’s Eve Mob of Cologne

An original translation by Egri Nok:

From Express.De

Red-Green takes steps against revelations

(photo caption: The committee of inquiry holds session in the room of the CDU. Here, the Cologne police officer Peter Römers is in the witness stand).

Düsseldorf — The revelations that are unfolding about Cologne on the night of New Year’s Eve provoke unusual measures. Now the red-green government majority in parliament wants to drill down on media reports by searching for “moles” in parliament.

SPD [Social Democrats] and the Greens think there was an unlawful disclosure of documents. According to EXPRESS information, on Wednesday, the government parties [Social Democrats and Greens] have submitted a request to the committee of inquiry for consignment of a letter to Parliament President Carina Gödecke (57, SPD).

They want her to give permission for prosecution by the judiciary. SPD chairman Hans-Willi Körfges (61) wants to discuss these issues “in the non-public part of the next meeting”:

“Whoever publishes confidential documents is violating laws, and endangers clearance efforts. There is a strong impression that there is unfair play for political calculations by undue deliberate indiscretions. VS documents (VS = classified information, note of editor) must remain strictly confidential”. According to Körfges, they “partially contain personal data of victims that should not be made public.”

However, Red-Green take as examples reports of “EXPRESS” and the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” of 6 and 30 April, that were not at all about “personal data of victims”.

The EXPRESS had exclusively reported, among other things, that Cologne CID officials have noted in January that there had been an attempt by the National Police Agency on New Year’s day to delete the term “rape” from an internal police report to the interior ministry — according to them on “the Ministry’s request.”

Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (55, Social Democrats) immediately “strongly” rejected this.

But this Monday, the CID officials testifying as witnesses before the committee corroborated the facts and confirmed the revelations. For Jäger, himself scheduled as a witness next Monday, these are unpleasant descriptions. SPD and the Greens apparently assume that the press reports were based on “VS only for internal use” documents, which “only members of parliament and a limited staff can view”.

“According to preliminary legal assessment, both are in any case a violation of professional secrecy according to § 353b of the Criminal Code,”, the complaint says.

Matthi Bolte (30), the chairman of the Greens in the committee of inquiry in parliament, said to the EXPRESS: “Freedom of the press is a valuable commodity. If, however, through targeted indiscretions the ability of the committee of inquiry to work is at risk, this must be clearly identified.” For a violation of official secrets, if convicted, a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine is impending.

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    • You got that right, this is what the left always does, try to destroy those who report on their crimes while shielding the criminals.

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