European citizens may want to pay more attention to Brussels: Links 2 on May 5 – 2016

1, FOX on irregularities in benghazi commission report.

2. Germany: Antifa stage protest in front of home of AfD’s Hoecke

(Pretty sure this would be a criminal matter if non-leftists harassed say, a Muslim Hate preacher or a left-wing leader this way)

3. David Wood: Women in the Koran

4. Cameron steps up curbs on extremists with new bill in the Queen’s Speech that aims to ban organisations and gag individuals

David Cameron will put curbing Islamic extremism at the heart of the Queen’s Speech amid concerns about his legacy.

The Prime Minister will introduce an Extremism Bill later this month which will include measures to ban organisations, gag individuals and close down premises used to ‘promote hatred’.

The crackdown will begin with the launch of an independent review of how Sharia courts are operating in Britain, according to the Times.

Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to announce the inquiry in the next fortnight.

(I think we can all be quite confident that this will backfire horribly and be used to stifle true and valid criticism of Islam and its deleterious effects on Western liberalism. This tool, like all tools that limit freedom of speech, can only serve the interests of totalitarianism)

5. President of the European commission complains that national leaders listen to their constituents when they should be submissive to the EU

(The time really has come for revolution against these dictators)

Prime Ministers must stop listening so much to their voters and instead act as “full time Europeans”, according to Jean-Claude Juncker.

Elected leaders are making life “difficult” because they spend too much time thinking about what they can get out of EU and kowtowing to public opinion, rather than working on “historic” projects such as the Euro, he said.

The president of the European Commission ridiculed British leaders for acting on “national reflexes” and telling voters they had successfully defended the country’s national interest in post-summit press conferences, rather than “speaking over Europe in the proper way”.

He said: “I remember the highly exciting period when we were preparing the Maastricht treaty, and step by step we were moving in the direction of the single currency… It was a shared sentiment of foreign ministers and Prime Ministers that we were in charge of a big piece of history. This has totally gone.”

(No not totally. Give us a couple of years. Then it will be totally gone)

6. Ticket to Europe: Refugee Crisis Focus Shifts to North Africa

Hundreds of thousands of Africans are preparing to test their luck on the voyage across the Mediterranean to Europe. As the weather begins improving, the number of arrivals will rise — as will the number of deaths.

Abdul Kadir Mohamed Moalim has seen hell. Originally from Somalia, a country ravaged by civil war, he traveled via a refugee camp in Yemen and then to Libya. From there, he crossed the Mediterranean to Europe.

(Hundreds, of thousands…)

7. The European Union appears to be wanting to form its own army. Why?

EU Police and Military Force Rehearses for Civil War in Germany

by Stefan Schubert
May 2, 2016

Screened from public view in North Rhine-Westphalia, units of European police and military have carried out a major exercise in putting down unrest and civil war-like actions. It is especially the financing of this exercise by the EU Commission that has prompted questions. The suspicion arises that EU functionaries are in the process of developing a Europe-wide anti-insurgency troop directly answerable to them.

Although a member of [the North Rhine-Westphalian] parliament repeatedly requested and finally pressed to be an observer, he was rudely repulsed. The major exercise took place two weeks ago in the Westphalian district of Weeze, with ca. 600 police and military.


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Malca, Yucki, Gates of Vienna, Kathy, SC., and all who send in links. 

Travel warning for Americans in Afghanistan March 5

Travel warning for Americans in Afghanistan May 5



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One Reply to “European citizens may want to pay more attention to Brussels: Links 2 on May 5 – 2016”

  1. Combine 5 and 7 and look at the picture it paints. The real danger of a EU wide paramilitary police unit is that it allows the transfer of personal from one nation to another, a large number of Dutch police and military won’t oppress the Dutch but would be more willing in Spain or Portugal. The Chinese have used this technique for years they don’t station troops anywhere near their home area so they will obey orders when told tu crush civilian unrest.

    The above situation is why people who sue to be considered paranoid fools are worried about Obama building a national police force. While there are indications he is trying to achieve this goal he has waited too long, it can’t be done while he is in office but if Hillary is elected this could be done over the 4 to 8 years of her time in office.

    Yes I know I am sounding crazy and a candidate fot the tinfoil had brigade but just about everything happening in Europe and the US sound that way.

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