Meeting at Stockholm city planning meeting shows Swedes have had enough of Muslims

The Swedes seem to be the Golden Retrievers of Europe. Always cooperative and accepting. When Swedes start to actually want to defend themselves from anything it has to be really bad.

First, an interview with a Swedish journalist who was at the meeting and explains the significance of the event. He describes himself as having been a member of the establishment and then saw the light on certain issues, mostly Islam, and returned to classical liberalism, or in other words, islam-critical positions.

Now a video that is from the actual meeting. Only the translated parts are here. The cuts are marked with a dip-to-black transitions. The whole video can be seen here for those who speak Swedish. If anyone watches the whole video and there are parts that matter which are not in this, please let us know in the comments.

It is worth noting in advance, that the man who appears to be chairing the meeting is a Muslim migrant to Sweden, and city councilor for the Green party.

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2 Replies to “Meeting at Stockholm city planning meeting shows Swedes have had enough of Muslims”

  1. Baby steps heading toward the train station. Eventually they will get there. Leaps and bounds are what is required.
    Great post.

    • After so many decades of living in a politically correct nation it takes time for people to realize they can defend themselves.

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