Muslims in Germany chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah hu Ackbar” in rapid succession

Doesn’t this story go well together with this one from the UK?


This may be from last year and even possibly 2014. The event is genuine, but it may not be from this month

Here is probably the event



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14 Replies to “Muslims in Germany chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah hu Ackbar” in rapid succession”

  1. These Merkel-Muslims actually also shout: “Tod den Juden” (Death to the Jews).

    “Denk’ ich an Deutschland in der Nacht,
    dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht…”

    (When I think of Germany during the Night, sleep escapes me)

    From a poem by Heinrich Heine, one of Germany’s greatest poets of whom Nietzsche said: “He is the only German who does not make me ashamed” (or words to that effect). Heine was Jewish.

    MERKEL, what have you done to Germany !!!

    • She has brought the Fascists back into power, they are beginning to remove their masks and show the world that Fascism is a leftist philosophy. The world needs to pay attention to what is happening because the various nationalist groups that are opposing the Islamic conquest are facing some very nasty times.

      • This will end up showing us how much of the Golden Dawn is true movement fascist and how much is nationalist joining Golden Dawn because they are the only group working to defend Greece.

      • @ Richard – Merkel needs to be schlepped before a Nürnberg style court even more if the video is from before the time when she invited exactly “people” like those shown in the clip to invade Germany.

    • I suspect there are Jew-haters on both sides. There’re off-notes, bits of unsavory performance art here and there.

      But it really doesn’t change things for the Jews. They’ll have to get out anyway, just too many Muslims there now.

      It’s an altogether unwholesome atmosphere, what with Kurds fighting Turks in the streets, Afghanis gang-raping little boys, motorcycle gangs going mano-a-mano.

      • @ yucki: “I suspect there are Jew-haters on both sides…”
        unfortunately they are on ALL sides because terminal stupidity is going global:

        “…But it really doesn’t change things for the Jews. They’ll have to get out anyway, just too many Muslims there now….”

        Any country who loses its Jews is doomed ! A country who “replaces” its Jews with Muslims has no hope of redemption whatsoever, I mourn Germany already (or perhaps I should say: “again” ):(

        A little consolation for you, yucki – there seem to be a few “decent” and “intelligent” pockets left in the new arab/islamo/fascist colonies:

        • The little yellow fellow has a home as a folder-icon!

          The Contrarian is refreshing. I realize and appreciate the sane voices.

          Rita, I know this ugliness causes you great pain.

          So I’ll tell you about some very special Christians. They give of themselves to Jews with none of the usual creepy agenda – to convert us or cast us in Apocalypse-fantasy roles – this is entirely different. I’ve only begun to appreciate it.

          These people have genuine affinity to Jews as brethren. No ulterior motives, they love Jesus and we’re kin. It’s a mystic bond tighter than blood. It doesn’t matter if we recognize it or not, they do and they act accordingly.

          They’re Zionist to the bone: Israel belongs to the Jewish people by right, not merely as an insurance policy for Diaspora Jews. Their PAC [political action group] represents three million Christians; many more are unaffiliated. Their support for Israel is unconditional.

          The tribe finds it just about impossible to understand. That doesn’t seem to matter to these truly spiritual Christians. I admire them more than any religious group I’ve ever encountered. They give me great comfort.

          And they make me think of you, dear Rita.

      • Jew Hatred always peaks just before and during major wars, this is one of the signs to look for when predicting wars.

        Yes they need to leave and pray that their new nations don’t get as bad as Germany is, I probably should add France to the bad list.

  2. @ Eeyore
    I can but express my admiration for such research. Thank you.
    Yes the short clip comes indeed from that video (min. 3.00) and while I feel physically sick (just look @ min. 3.50 +) seeing these ghastly hordes in in the streets of my native country, this video should be circulated widely again, because the event just MUST have been known to Merkel and yet she is now systematically flooding Germany with this kind of effluent multiplied a thousand times and more.

    • Watching these clips I have a new understanding on how the people felt during the lead up and during WWII, and the way they had a hard time believing the reports of the death camps. Intellectually I know what I am seeing is real but emotionally I have a hard time reconciling the videos of current events with my memories of the very civilized Germans I met during my tour of duty in Germany.

      History says that this one is going to be much worse then WWII, and much longer, WWII lasted from 1938 to 1945. This one will last many decades and before it is over all nations will routinely do things that are currently forbidden by international law and the elites ideas of civilization.

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