“Mom, do not go out Monday in Belgium”:

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From this Belgian news source:

Published Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 16:10News


This new threat is said to have been uttered by a jihadist who left to fight in Syria. He is said to have phoned his mother to tell her not to appear in places with many people …

This SMS was published by numerous medias on Friday, with all the usual
precautions. But the police, who indeed know the identity of the mother and her
son, take the matter very seriously and additional troops provide security in public
places (cinema, party rooms, Shopping centres) in the city dear to Bart De
Wever. “It is, however, difficult to judge whether these threats are serious or not,” Wouter
Bruyns, spokesman of the Antwerp police, told our colleagues from

But many experts insist that such threats must not be taken lightly.
“It is possible that new arrests Friday signify the end of the Paris and Brussels
terror cell. But it is clear that the risk of attacks is not completely ruled out ” according to Michel Liegeois, specialist in international relations and terrorism.
“Like after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, we have to ask whether the fact that Abrini is
behind bars will not encourage some of its potential accomplices, unknown until now
and feeling cornered by the investigators, to
take action. They might have the urge to act before being arrested, ” according to the Professor and researcher at the center for the study of crisis and international conflicts (UCL).

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  1. Threats like this one are more believable then the ones ISIS and other groups make publicly. It may be that the kid is listening to a rumor that has no basis in fact and it may be that the threat is real but the response will force the jihadists to cancel the attack. The latter is a very real possibility so no attack doesn’t mean that the info was wrong.

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