Macedonia border battle severe, Turks read Koran in Hagia Sophia, IS victories in Libya show they want it all, links 1 on April 10 – 2016

1. Film Director Calls on Moroccan Jews in Israel to Return to Morocco

Film Director Calls on Moroccan Jews in Israel to Return to Morocco

Rabat – In an interview with the Israeli channel i24, French-Moroccan director Kamal Ashkar said his new film, called “Return of the Native: Jerusalem-Tinghir,” will document Moroccan Jews in Israel returning to their ancestral homeland in North Africa and aim to invite other Moroccans living in the Jewish state to follow suit.

The director’s second film is set to be released later this year.

“We, the Muslims of Morocco, have lost a part of ourselves and the Moroccan Jews who emigrated to Israel have lost a part of themselves,” Ashkar said. “My job is to fix it.”

(Very nice sentiment. Very bad idea for any Israeli Jews who try it)

2. Serious uprising at Idomeni Greece at Macedonia

Lots more here

(What is that they are screaming in Arabic? “We just want to be peaceful member of your society? Whoops no its allah hu acbar. Easy mistake to make though. Here is the same video with the various voices leveled)

3. UK: Four Men Arrested After Terrifying Anti-Semitic Attack On Jewish Family

Four arrests have been made after an alleged anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish family in the early hours of Friday morning.

A 28-year-old Jewish man was driving through London’s  Blackwall Tunnel at 1.30am when another car began to drive alongside him.

Shomrim, a charity that patrols Jewish communities in London, said the men shouted “F***ing Jews” and “Kill the Jews” at the man, his partner and their baby before throwing eggs at the vehicle, according to Everyday Antisemitism. There was no prior contact or incident between the two cars.

(Tower Hamlets is a notoriously enriched area. This story seems to fit rather nicely with these two as well)

4. Top Saudi Cleric Reiterates Support for Ban on Women Driving

Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric has reiterated his support for the kingdom’s ban on women driving, arguing it is “a dangerous matter that exposes women to evil.”

The kingdom adheres to an ultraconservative interpretation of Islam and is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. Though no laws ban women from driving in Saudi Arabia, authorities do not issue them licenses.

(If you continue at source the reasons given are pretty funny. But not as funny as previous ones involving damage to the uterus from the steering wheel etc.)

5. An arrest was made in a recent fire at a ‘refugee’ center in Germany

(I dimly recall predicting exactly this scenario. The muslims set these fires to force the government into letting them go into the general population)

6. Libya: IS seizes Kheshum el Kheyl crossing south of Sirte and spreads out

The move, announced by civilian sources, took place as other IS forces head west, showing that the terrorist group plans to seize the entire region.

Sirte (AsiaNews) – Civilian sources told AsiaNews that the Kheshum El Kheyl crossing, south of Sirte, fell into the hands of the Islamic State (IS) group.

Libyan sources report that erday, a great movement of vehicles loaded with IS fighters and heavy weapons travelled south of Sirte.”

Some IS units were deployed along the southern road that connects the village of Abu Hadi with the town of Waddan.


7. Recitation of the Koran in the Hagia Sophia

(This is no small thing)

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9 Replies to “Macedonia border battle severe, Turks read Koran in Hagia Sophia, IS victories in Libya show they want it all, links 1 on April 10 – 2016”

  1. 2- Where do those poor Syrian refugees find strength to pick up and throw all those heavy rocks after a long day of REFUGEE-ING? Poor things. I hope that once they finally bust through that fortified border those nasty Macedonian soldiers forget about all this unfriendliness and make those poor little boys some tea and biscuits, because YOU KNOW that once they get a chance to fill out forms in Germany they all become, like, 14 year old boys even though they’ve all been shaving their eyebrow for at least 10 years. Jimminy Crickets! And just a silly thought, but where and why do they buy face masks? Is there a face mask store right there next to the Macedonia razor wire border? If not then it suggests a forethought of attacking a border defended by tear gas. Silly I know.

  2. 1/ How sweet.
    A rival suitor of a sort: Uncle Vlad has been putting out the welcome mat too. Especially to those who left Russia to settle in Germany, “Come back! We miss you!”
    Touching, isn’t it?

    Along those lines, I just watched the “Vice” series about the “exodus” of European Jews to Israel. I took the time to read the articles and comments as well. Then I flushed my caches, shut-down, restarted and wiped my screen.

    “Vice” is dirty.
    Such a sinister portrait of the Jewish Agency, Shylock-the-Demographer, and Natan Sharansky can mean only one thing: George Soros –yech,poo – is paying the bills.

    • Pretty sure you are right. Its quite stunning how fast VICE went from an uber-cool travel documentary site to the leftist shills they are now.

  3. #1 yeah, let’s please form a civilized line for those Jews willing to leave Europe for Morocco! What a great idea. BTW,leave your real estate value and your businesses behind. Sounds like something I have heard before…

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