Masive influx of muslims still to come to Canada, Egyptian writer faces 3 years for questioning ritual slaughter and more: Links 1 on March 31 – 2016

1. 10,000 more muslims to be brought to Canada.

(Even in the video they explain that these people came from Lebanon)

CBC article on the new wave of muslims

2. What appear to be expat Turks, very possibly Kurds, chant “Terrorist Erdogan” and are drowned out by his personal choir

The protest against Turkey’s Caliph, Erdogan gets a little more kinetic in NYC

3. Alternative For Germany party, AFD, calls for the closure of all mosques

4. Belgium. Soldiers and police jointly do anti-terror operations in the newest affront to democracy

5. Egyptian court upholds three year jail sentence for writer Fatma Naoot

(Yes. He dared question an Islamic practice. For this he is spending 3 years in an Egyptian jail. I’m pretty sure it bears no resemblance to the digs Karla Homolka enjoyed after her deal to testify against her husband Paul Bernardo. To understand the ‘cultural practices’ the writer was questioning, see video below)

A Cairo misdemeanour court upheld Thursday a three-year jail sentence handed down on Egyptian writer Fatma Naoot for contempt of religion.

In January, Naoot was sentenced to three years in prison and fined EGP 20,000 (over $2550) after being found guilty of charges related to blasphemy.

The misdemeanor court rejected an appeal by Naoot’s defence team Thursday against the sentence, upholding the sentence and the fine. Neither Naoot nor her defence team attended today’s court session.

On Wednesday, Naoot said on her official Facebook account she was travelling to Canada to attend the “The First Egyptian-Canadian Conference in Toronto,” where several issues including blasphemy laws and freedom of expression would be discussed, according to the writer.

Thank you M. Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Richard, Yucki and so many. It is a huge news day today and yesterday. By end of day I hope to catch up but please do check the daily links post for the full set of links and op-eds posted to this site. There is a lot that hasn’t been posted yet as a lot of our time goes to editing and titling videos, a couple of which are of significant interest I think. With luck, those will be posted this evening.

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  1. What a lovely family. Now she can drop the hijab and join humanity. And her child is “mastering” English after only two months. Wow. Brilliant. I haven’t done that and it’s my native tongue. And the wife says they don’t feel like they’re doing it alone. Lovely. That’s because they’re not. Not even close. Whatever happened to all those Poles, Ukes, Italians, Germans, Huns, Swedes, English, Scots, Irish etc. who went to Canada with nothing. They were so happy to be free that working in the uranium and asbestos and nickel mines in northern Ontario was a godsend. Finally they could breath and test themselves against the hostile universe. They took up the challenge. They were given nothing but the “DP” (displaced persons) label given them by Canadians. It was a very harsh and unfriendly tag. And what did they do with it? They shrugged it off and went to work. Actually, I correct myself. They shrugged it off and built the second largest country in the world is what they did. They asked for no favors because none were available. (Remember they were DPs) So on strength of character alone they swam against the mild native tide and became millionaires and leaders. I’ve said it before and I’ll bloody well say it again. Not all human capital is created equal. If these people were the “right stuff” they’d ask for nothing. They wouldn’t want the attention. Rather, they are the friendly looking point of a very unfriendly spear. What suckers they do-gooders are.

    Idiots. And I’m not cynical bit realistic.

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