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6 Replies to “A tard encounter of the turd kind”

  1. Civil war is the only answer for Germany at this point before it is too late. I hesitate to advocate bloodshed, but it is bleedingly obvious to anyone with a brain that the situation has gone well past a peaceful solution. The German Government has been enthusiastically complicit in the impending genocide of the native population of Germany…

  2. That video by the German mother is shocking. Breitbart London should get it. I hope Gates of Vienna post it. The story of the betrayal and suppression of the German people by those who should be protecting them encapsulated in one event.

    I was struck by how calmly she told her story – but you could sense she was seething with outrage under the surface.

  3. The pot is boiling and the governments of the Western European nations keep feeding the fire, if they don’t realize what they are doing (and it is probably too late for them to change course) there will be a massive upraising that will spread from nation to nation as the Europeans seek justice and safety.

  4. Until the citizenry ‘takes care of business’ this De Facto Islamic supremacy will continue, and only get worse. these inbred mutants are in need of ‘behavior modification’ administered without government oversight or approval. That is the only thing they understand.

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