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15 Replies to “In one Swedish town, police admit they cannot protect the women”

  1. Well, what do you expect ! Those Swedes, where do they think they are !!! Really !

    Women should not be allowed to go out alone. They should always be chaperoned by a brother or a male cousin. They should not be allowed to drive. And then, they are just ASKING FOR IT ! They should chador up, if they dont want to be like “uncovered meat” to a cat. Allah-u-akbar !!!

    • I would put it that the police are admitting they have lost control and aren’t going to be allowed to regain control unless the swedes are the attackers.

      • But the trouble is that if the Swedes do try to defend themselves directly that very cop will be ordered to go out and give them the full force of the law, complete with full descriptions of how white they are and how far, far right wing they are and how terribly racist they are for acting like brownshirt vigilantes. And it will be that cop’s job to prevent the Swedish People from defending themselves. Untenable…

        • When the Swedes start to defend themselves the civil war will have started, neither side will probably realize this but the historians will.

    • Yes! Those Swedish police are sitting there, plain as you like, advising the public to start adopting Sharia Law immediately, and they don’t seem terribly happy about it.

      Have you ever seen a man with his manhood so utterly crushed as that poor cop? There he is admitting that he and his guys are not man enough to protect their own women, and then having to show that they are not even man enough to name the Muslim bastards or to give their descriptions to the public. They might as well have cut his balls off and made him eat them right there. Absolute humiliation. But he has a family to feed and he will lose his job if he fights back.

      Do you think that poor guy isn’t going to stand up and cheer himself hoarse when Donald Trump becomes President and starts saying the things that he lacks the courage to say himself? Political correctness is the biggest bully in the land and The Donald is going to go and give it a couple of black eyes and a cauliflower ear. The world really, really needs Donald Trump to end political correctness forever. Let freedom reign!

      • He and others like him may go rogue and help the resistance, it is 50-50 on which way he will go, full Janissary or full patriot helping the resistance. the sidethe police and military choose is the one that will win and if they are split on which side they support it will take time before their true loyalty is known.

        • Sweden? Not 50-50.
          Belgium? Dead men walking.

          Giulio Meotti hits it on the head in “European Nihilism opens the Door & Islam steps in; Europeans do not see a future for themselves so have no reason to resist an Islamic takeover.”:

          “[…] Many other nations are experiencing similar rates of Islamization, but Belgium is unique: it is the first nation blending appeasement to Islam and a suicidal form of nihilism.”

          In Belgium euthanasia is out of control. In 2015, a record number of people were killed by lethal injection. Over 2,000 “mercy” killings. The population of Belgium is about 11 million. If the same rate of euthanasia were registered in the United States (330 million), it would amount to 60,000 killings annually. There is something deeply sick in Belgium, a great country that has given us the Adoration of Van Eyck and the beautiful Flemish architecture.

          Belgium is the the country with the highest per capita number of volunteers for the Caliphate.

          Brussels is “the capital of the Jihad”, as well as the European Union. The black banner crying “No God but Allah” is marching over the ruins of European nihilism. This is what Belgium means: those who “suffer life” will be conquered by those who abhor life.”


          • Once again I say google “Deep Ecology” and read what the left really thinks. They want between 70 and 80% of the worlds population dead. The euthanasia is just one of the tactics they are using to achieve their goal, abortion is another and if any of them can lay their hands on lethal bio weapons they will use them.

            Europe has let them indoctrinate the population more then the US has, that is why there are more resistors in the US then in Europe.

            • I just looked it up, even copied their cute logo to start a file. Having read about it, no file. Everything has to go. Even the logo.

              But such suicide rates, like going zombie, seem to come from somewhere deeper than leftists go. Such despair is simply beyond my ken. Maybe ask a theologian.

      • Well put.

        I have avoided the inside baseball of US politics to the extent that I can at the gossip level. But what Trump has said about Islam recently not only is factually and doctrinally correct, but brave as hell to say. Hard not to get behind the only man on your team who speaks a little truth.

        • Very hard, I have given up on hoping Curz gets the nomination, now I am pushing him to be VP. By the time Donald’s 8 years are over events will have pushed the world into a situation where the only thing his successor can do is follow through on Donald’s plans.

  2. I sure as hell could protect women in the town. I would not require weapons but would require someone to clean up the numerous corpses of adult Moslem males in the morning each day…

  3. Mr. Stephen Jerand is a very professional chief of Police here. I’m sure he will find the perpetrators. One Iraqi asylum seeker was arrested when he tried to flee to Germany yesterday. Many girls are now equipped with peppar spray and alarm. Our local fotboll team and others are patrolling the streets during weekends and a motor club offers free ride home in the nigths.
    My only hope now is more sane politicians in Sweden.

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