Moderate muslims busted for funding jihad, more and more and more: Links 1 on March 6 – 2016

1. Muslim adviser to UK on Islamic terrorism arrested for funding jihad.

(For the moderate muslim files)

A notorious Islamic extremist who went on to advise Labour Ministers as a ‘reformed jihadi’ has been arrested on suspicion of funding terrorism after allegedly running a £1.2 million scam on eBay.

Hassan Butt, who once boasted of recruiting hundreds of Britons for the Taliban, is accused of conning thousands of customers out of money, after advertising and taking money for iPhones and iPads via the online auction site but never delivering the products. […] However, police suspicion that Butt was an extremist and terrorist sympathiser never went away, and before the latest arrest, Butt had been detained by anti-terrorist detectives five times on suspicion of terrorism.

2. Australia: A Radical Muslim group has been found guilty of discriminating against women after making them sit at the back of public meetings.

(I guess they will just have to declare all public meeting are actually in mosques and then make all the women sit in the back. Problem solved. Force Australia to sharia a little faster.)

3. “War must be waged on Germany to force them to pay taxes to the Muslims” -Jodanian cleric, Feb. 2 – 2012

(Video is very low quality. Will try and track down one which is at least 360)

(Its quite interesting to see this 4-years-or-more old video in light of the actual Islamic war on Germany being waged now by Muslims)

4. Italian city bans Kebab shops to preserve decorum of city

(I’m willing to bet that this same woman with her same objections would be eerily and uncharacteristically silent when cities ban KFC’s, McDonalds, Burger Kings and so on in order to preserve the cultural heritage of their towns, cities and architecture)

5. Muslims redefine the term, ‘border town’ at the Greek border with Macedonia

6. Russia: Smetlivy warship departs Sevastopol for Syrian coast

(Hopefully someone who understands a deeper significance of this will post to the comments)

7. Germany sets up explicit website telling Muslims (and other North African immigrants presumably) how to have sex etc. with german women. Some of the explicit drawings are not in this article but should be available on German govt. site once I find it)

8. Muslim procession in the UK

9. Warrant issued for Ismael Habib under suspicion of terrorism

(Be interesting to find a real picture of this guy. I suspect CBC is indulging in a little racist pink painting)

Thank you M., Richard, Shabnam, Nash Montana, Buck, Gates of Vienna and all who sent links in. More to come. In fact a great deal. A fantastic 25 minute speech by Geert Wilders ready tonight!

Here is a worthy comment about the steady diet of excreta we are fed by the political elites and media from Daffers.

Palestinian Media Watch had their Youtube account terminated for the usual reasons. Exposure of threats and hate speech can be turned around thanks to moral relativism and called hate speech and prosecuted and convicted while the speech it exposed goes on unmolested. Here is the link to the article on this. PMW asks you, and instructs on how, to go to the YT main page and complain about this.

Altogether this should take under 90 seconds and is well worth the effort and costs nothing. MEMRI had its channel shut a couple of times and they got it restored. So we can win this and need to as well.



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5 Replies to “Moderate muslims busted for funding jihad, more and more and more: Links 1 on March 6 – 2016”

  1. 3. “War must be waged on Germany to force them to pay taxes to the Muslims” -Jordanian cleric, Feb. 2 – 2012

    That has got to be one of the most closed minds I have ever seen. That guy is so biased in the direction of war that no compromise or treaty would ever be possible with him. If anybody thinks they’d be able to sit down and negotiate anything with that spitting tyrant they are delusional. He is so filled with hatred you’d be lucky if he didn’t pull out a gun and shoot you where you sat. And you know what? That’s exactly what Muhammad and his sock puppet “Allah” would be like if they could bring them back to do an interview. That is the face of the true Islam…

  2. I am not in any way a military expert but, I can say that these ships are very lethal based on the ship my son was deployed on recently. They may look like small ships but, looks can deceive someone that knows nothing. These ships can take out small cities.
    Example: Libya where they fired off shore and decimated their cities.

  3. This is from Wikipedia so some of it may be wrong.

    Smetlivy (Russian: ?????????, (translate: ‘resourceful’) is a Kashin-class guided missile destroyer of the Russian Navy. Entering service in 1969, the ship served until 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. She returned to service in 1995 after a refit and is now a part of the Black Sea Fleet.
    Service history

    Ordered by the Soviet Union in the early 1960s, Smetlivy was laid down in July 1966 and commissioned into the Soviet Black Sea Fleet in 1969. In 1990 the ship was laid up for repairs and modification. She became part of the Russian Navy after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The ship returned to service in 1995, now armed with the more modern SS-N-25 Switchblade missile system.[2]

    In August 2008 the ship took part in the Russo-Georgian War, and was part of task force from a Black Sea Fleet enforcing de facto blockade of the Republic of Georgia. In 2009 the ship was again laid up for repairs, returning to service in mid-2011 and being involved in Russian-Italian naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.[3][4][5] As of 2013 Smetlivy is the last Kashin-class destroyer in service with the Russian Navy.[6]

    In 2013, she was sent off the coast of Syria in response to military tensions and a build up of Western naval forces.[7] Smetlivy returned to Syria in September 2015.[8] During the Syrian deployment, Smetlivy fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing vessel on 13 December 2015 after the Turkish ship reportedly didn’t respond to radio calls or signal flares to turn away from the destroyer.[9]The Turkish fishing vessel Geçiciler-1 in its own accord has reported to the Turkish Coast Guard that no shots were detected from Smetlivy and that they passed the static Russian ship from a mile distance and continued with their fishing undisturbed. Video material from Geçiciler-1 has been handed over to the Turkish Coast Guard.[10][11]

    • The deployment of a guided missile destroyer off of Syria is probably a normal deployment and it would be interesting to see if this is part of a rotation of ships to give the crews some rest. Colliers (supply ships) will have kept supplied with missiles and food while the on ship distillation units will keep them in fresh water.

      It this isn’t a routine replacement of a previously deployed ship there are two possible reasons (which are not mutually exclusive) 1) Russia is getting ready for a major offensive against ISIS and wants more naval firepower for support. 2) Russia thinks they are going to be able to goad Turkey into shooting at them and starting a war. In this case having more naval forces in the Med where they don’t have to pass through the straits from the black sea or make the long trip down from the upper north sea/lower arctic ocean makes sense.

      Since many people are predicting that the major fighting in WWIII will start some time this spring or summer it is probably a combination of the two reasons listed above. Russia isn’t really worried about a conflict with NATO if the conflict can be kept small, short and non nuclear. But they would rather not have to waste time, money and munitions on a fight with Europe or the US. This is why they want Turkey to start the war with Russia so they can’t force NATO into the fight.

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